Subscriber Offer Follow Up

I just checked and I’m really pleased to say that the subscriber offer I put up yesterday is converting at just 6% – actually 6.38% to be precise.

It really makes my day when I see so many people who “get it” and know that this will make a big difference to their internet business.

Interestingly I had to do one refund as someone thought I was selling a small course on using your list as an affiliate program.  Well that was part of the learning, but all the learning was really free to read on that page.

What I’m selling there is the opportunity to use the same copy on that page, plus all the products.  Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough and so I’ll go tweak the copy tomorrow when the price goes up to its permanent $67.

I’ve also been asked if there’s any technical help on setting up the offer similar to mine.  Well, no there isn’t, at least not for $27 anyway.

It’s a fact that if you’re going to have any success online, then it’s a good idea to learn some of the technical aspects.  Yes I know some people who have little technical ability and who’ve farmed almost everything out from day one, but I wouldn’t really recommend that.  If you don’t have an inkling on how to do it yourself, how do you know when you’re being ripped off?

So that’s two very interesting points that have been raised there.

#1 – There’s a need for a short course on how to turn your list into an affiliate program.
#2 – There’s a need to help people set things up, or better still show people how they can set things up themselves.

So maybe I’ll do those at some point, or maybe you can beat me to it.  😉

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Gareth@ Buying & Selling Children’s Books on Ebay

Hi Frank,
If I read it right, you ask affiliates to forward people to you sign up page and after they sign up, they are offered a “cannot refuse” bargain at a discount price. I assume that the affiliates only get a commission for the visitors that buy that offer.

(Otherwise I could just go to [removed] and pay £20 for 2.7 million emails to be sent out and offer everybody a free bundle of software to sign on your list! AHA, thinking quicker than I can write, should I have kept quiet about that just in case? okay I will leave that idea in)

What sort of affiliate software do you use? If I want to copy this method on my own website,I do not think I can use clickbank because the landing page link I give affiliates would have to be the opt-in page where I want the visitors to sign up first and not the sales page where they buy the “offer”.
Any advice gratefully accepted.

Yes, Two please.

best wishes
I would like to personally recommend the latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is great, as long as you do not think out loud, talk to yourself or pets and have nobody nearby to engage you in conversation.

Frank Haywood

Hi Gareth,

I had to remove the URL you put in your comments because this plugin causes the entire comment to display as blank if any URLs are included – even my own. It’s an old plugin, and it may be clashing with another plugin I’m using, so maybe I’ll just have to disable it which is a shame. When I disable it, I’ll edit your comment to include the URL.

To answer your questions in order.

#1 – Yes.

#2 – Hmm, you sure about that service? I know it goes through PayDotCom, but it looks a bit… If you were going to use it, take out a brand new domain, put up your own offer and get people to double opt-in to your list. *Then* send them to other places. 😉

#3 – I was thinking of using the not yet released SDD v3, and then using the free sign up offer first and then sending them to an OTO of the subscriber offer. I’d probably set it so that the affiliate link would be to /blog (and then maybe do a redirect to the main page). By then they’d already be cookied.

I guess you could do this with any affiliate software, you don’t need to wait for SDD v3.

I’ll test it out myself first to see if I can do what I want to do.


I thought your sales copy was very persuasive Frank and bang on. It is a ready-made solution with good products and good sales page so it won’t take long to tweak and set up. Another thing people can do is add a OTO on the download page to make even more money.

Frank Haywood

Hi Terence,

Thanks for that. Well the good news is that I’ll be adding to that offer over time and refining it, and anyone that’s bought it will just be able to go pick up the new items. 🙂

The way I intend to use that offer is to give something else in return for a sign up to my blog mailing list, and then provide the upsell. I may even do as you’ve suggested and offer it at a discounted price for anyone buying there and then.


Great post as always Frank. I’m at the beginning of my IM career and your advice is surely helpful. My niche is ebay info products and the same tactics you use here also work a treat there too! It started quite slowly for me, but my list is now growing nicely and I’ve got a collection of loyal followers.

I think subscribers prefer the honest and upfront approach instead of the “me too” Internet Marketers out there.

My 2c


Frank Haywood

Hi DesDrec,

I’m glad to know that you’re finding that, and yes it was slow to begin with for me to begin with, but persistence almost always pays off.

I think we all know what you’re talking about being straight with people. I still read some sales pages and cringe when I see them, especially the ones that are just plain lying to the readers. I like to think that people can see straight through them, but I know that’s not always the case and sadly only bitter experience will make it easier to do.


Hi Frank. Great post and what a cracking idea and a superb offer. My blog is only a fledgling as yet but I’m hoping to be able to promote it using the subscriber offer approach as suggested in your blog. Like DesDrec I’m also at the beginning of my IM career and feel really heartened to see someone giving a leg up to us new guys.

I don’t want to move into the realms of sycophancy but I’ve become so disenfranchised with all the slick marketing now going on in the IM world (mostly all hot air and no substance) that it is very refreshing to find someone who doesn’t just sell products but provides the tools to use them.

I’m sure you are pleased that this offer is “converting at just 6% – actually 6.38%” but it’s hardly surprising as you’d have to be brain dead not to see the value in the products offered coupled with a really neat, slightly-outside-the-box strategy to use them.

Frank Haywood

Hi Ray,

I know exactly what you mean. I’ve bought more than my fair share of junk, but I can pretty well much tell the difference now between something that is nonsense vs something useful.

Even so, occasionally I do buy something that doesn’t do what it says “on the tin”. It’s always a disappointment and a note to never buy from them again.

The good bit about my offer isn’t so much the products, but the methodology behind it. Put the page up, tweak it a bit to suit you and watch your conversion rate. 😉

Tweak, wait and compare results. Rinse and repeat until you get better and better conversions.


Jan Evensen

Yet another “Frank Special” it’s almost impossible to turn down. This is a “must-have” for me.

How do you come up with all your good ideas?

By the way…
What’s happening with SmartDD version 3.
Just around the corner?
Can’t wait!

Cheers, Frank


Olivier @ 7 laws of attraction

Wow, 6%, that is awesome! I’m already very happy if I get 1%, but I’m just starting out in the business. Still a lot to learn.

Frank,You did a good job to have 6%.You mentioned the technical aspects in this post.I was wondering do you have any basic tips on these aspects for newbies like me?

Dang! Go on holiday for a short break, and I missed a great offer 🙁

P.S. I hope SmartDD 3 is out soon, and has inventory management to limit how many products for special offers.