While doing the docs for v3, I’ve come up against a full stop.

#1 – I’ve had a new bug reported by someone who got v3 early (sorry Ray) that’s now being looked at. It’s fairly obscure but annoying, as a customer can’t currently order the same item twice. If they do, the second order just doesn’t register.

#2 – While trying to manually add an order, the saleable items aren’t being pulled back correctly. There’s some corruption getting in there somehow.

My own installation of SmartDD here on this blog works perfectly – both of these are brand new and must be a result of Paul’s recent tweaking. 😉

I’m sure they’re easily fixable and I’m just waiting for Paul to get back to me. But take this is as a warning that SmartDD v3 might *not* be released on Thursday after all.

-Frank Haywood