SmartDD v3 – Houston We Have A Problem

While doing the docs for v3, I’ve come up against a full stop.

#1 – I’ve had a new bug reported by someone who got v3 early (sorry Ray) that’s now being looked at. It’s fairly obscure but annoying, as a customer can’t currently order the same item twice. If they do, the second order just doesn’t register.

#2 – While trying to manually add an order, the saleable items aren’t being pulled back correctly. There’s some corruption getting in there somehow.

My own installation of SmartDD here on this blog works perfectly – both of these are brand new and must be a result of Paul’s recent tweaking. 😉

I’m sure they’re easily fixable and I’m just waiting for Paul to get back to me. But take this is as a warning that SmartDD v3 might *not* be released on Thursday after all.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hello Frank,

better to fix this bug now you know about it, than release it a day or so sooner just to hit a target date. I can’t imagine anyone would thank you for being a day early and two bugs behind!

And I promise not to come round to your house after all, as I jokingly intimated I would!

By the way, I think the actual phrase was ‘Houston, we have a situation’. They knew the amateur radio guys were listening in and they didn’t want the whole world to know about the problem before it was solved.

Gareth@ You Should Read More

Best you found out sooner, rather than later.
Anyway, the good things in life are always worth waiting for.
best wishes

Frank Haywood


“Situation”… right, I’ll remember that. 🙂

The most worrying thing about reporting this was you coming to get me, so that’s a weight off my mind. 😉

It’s pretty frustrating though to get this close and find two bugs that weren’t there before. *sigh*

I can use my own installation to do screen dumps of the two pages I need to, but it’ll look a little inconsistent. Oh well.


Yes, that’s what I say.

V2 is pretty damn good as it is, but there lots of little things in v3 that are nice to have once you have them, like the ability to copy templates rather than have two tabs open. I don’t know why we didn’t do that the first time round.

And then of course v3 also has the free sign up and OTO, as well as Kunaki. And Paul said last night he wanted to add in simple membership, so we’ll probably do that between now and Christmas. It will only be a “basic auth” type membership, but still better than nothing I think.

The basic auth method pops up an alert box with userid and password boxes, but Paul reckons he knows how to bypass that so it goes to a custom log in screen. And that means most people won’t know it’s only using basic auth.

When we release the CMS, that will have “proper” membership functionality with subscription support etc.

(He’s also just recently written in a blog and a forum which is all part of the CMS, and he’s also fixing it so that you can create social networking sites like for example Facebook – that’s the plan anyway. All that’ll be left then is for me to get my hands on it and put in all the stuff that us marketers want.)