Sorry for not getting back here sooner, as you can imagine it’s been a little busy…

I”ve decided to take the evening off to spend some time with the family, so I’m going to let this “24 hour” offer run until 6pm Saturday.

Hopefully, by mid-day tomorrow we should have upgraded everyone that qualifies, or answered their support ticket.

Lots of the same questions, and maybe even a bug, but we’ll sort that one out after the excitement has died down.

Answers to the same questions then, as a series of points.

#1 – If you purchased after 1st March 2008, we will upgrade you manually. A lot of people have already been done, but there are still plenty to go. If you fall into this category, please don’t raise a support ticket yet, be patient, we’ll get there.

#2 – If you’ve taken one of my special offers to upgrade to v2 since 1st March 2008, then you *will* be upgraded to v3.

#3 – If a few days have passed and you believe you should have been upgraded but you haven’t, THEN raise a support ticket. 🙂 If you fall into one of the two categories above, ie you have v2 and it happened since the 1st March 2008, then there’s no argument, you’ll get v3.

(I never argue with people anyway, I only discuss or back off and don’t get involved. You can never win an argument, ever.)

#4 – If you have either a PRO1 or PAID or EBAY or WSO similar special offer membership and you purchased before 1st March 2008, then the upgrade is $17 and you can find a link to get it by logging on and clicking “Membership Downloads”.

#5 – If you have a FREE membership, then the full price stands which you can find inside the members area by clicking “Membership Downloads”. There is no $17 upgrade for FREE members.

Okay, I think that pretty much covers it and the bulk of the questions I’ve seen so far.


I’ve had quite a few people ask if there will be a special deal for FREE members to upgrade.  I did this for V2 and it seemed to go down well.  It won’t be quite as straight forward as just paying for the upgrade, I’ll be asking for a *little* more than that, but nothing too difficult.

Watch out for that in the next few days.

-Frank Haywood