SmartDD v3 is released. I hope you feel it was worth the wait.

But before you go racing off to the members area to upgrade, make sure to READ THIS first so you understand the implications.

#1 – If you purchased SmartDD on or since 1st March 2008, then you get the upgrade for free. Hopefully I can upgrade everybody over the next day or so. Please be patient.

#2 – If you purchased SmartDD before 1st March 2008, then for 24 hours it’s just $17.00, let’s say until 11.59pm GMT (6.59pm EST) Friday night.

#3 – After the time in #2, the price goes up to $27 to upgrade.

#4 – I’ve tried the most common possible combinations of purchasing and upgrading, and they work for me. It’s possible that someone will run into a problem. Please raise a support ticket at if you run into any issues. Again, please be patient.

Okay, now I know that one of the burning questions will be “what feature did you add in that delayed release by yet another week?”

Answer – ClickBank!

The four most requested features were free sign ups, one time offers,, and ClickBank support, and we’ve done all four. A close fifth was memberships and subscription functionality – we’re going to try and get those in before Christmas. It will be a 3.x release, so any V3 members / owners will get those for free.

Finally, and I know I’m going to get panned for this…

Because we added in ClickBank support at the 11th hour, I suspended the docs as things look a little different now. I’ve had to junk a lot of my screen shots, and it means I’ll have to do them all again. Please be patient while I finish off the docs.

YES, I will do them this time!

Over the next 72 hours, I’ll create a decent set of videos running over each of the main new areas of functionality that have been missing up to now, or are new.

So that’s:-

#1 – The web store and the three built in templates.
#2 – Using and creating templates.
#3 – Kunaki.
#4 – Free sign ups with Aweber as the example.
#5 – One time offers.
#6 – ClickBank – easy that one.

In fact, using ClickBank is as simple as adding a new publisher ID, creating an item and then selecting ClickBank on the button code generator screen, and finally copying and pasting the code onto your sales page.

SmartDD does the rest as usual.

You know what? I think you should be able to work out how some of it works just by taking a guess at it. Only the web store and the templates aren’t so obvious, although it’s easy to get to grips with once you’ve been shown how.

Okay, that’s it for now. You have until this time (ish) tomorrow to upgrade to V3 at the reduced price of $17.

-Frank Haywood