Site Builder Now Live

After a few 20 hour days, the Site Builder which currently comes as part of the Price Comparison Service is now live.

Personally I think it’s a stunning bit of software and will cut your creation time of IPK style sites dramatically. My wife has started using it and has given it a double thumbs up which believe me, is no mean award. 😉

Until last week she’d never built a web site in her life.

We have plans to add in some other little bits and pieces too, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.

The price of the unlimited price comparisons and sites has now gone up to $30 / month as I said it would do. Congrats to those people who took it at the early bird reduced price.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Is there any info on the site builder to help me decide if it is worth the subscription?
i.e. Screen shots, features, etc..

Re last ‘comment..
As a follower of your blog for quiet sometime and a purchaser of a few of your scripts etc… I decided to place my trust in you (again) and since the price was rising tomorrow(great sales pitch by the way!) i went ahead and purchased the unlimited subscription. Although I havn’t had time to try it out yet.. all looks good.
Thank you Frank… keep up the great work.
PS.. My wife has never been interested in anything ‘computer or internet’ related but I have mentioned your wife getting involved with IPK and I think she is slowly coming around to the idea that the net can be profitable… maybe its the female connection.. i have no idea but it definately “broke the ice”.

Frank Haywood

Hi Darren,

You may have already found it in the forum, but I’ve put some videos here:-

My wife’s been interested for quite a while now, but she’s not found anything she could really get to grips with until IPK came along. It’s easy to understand and it’s easy to take action on – I think those are its biggest selling points.