Send In The Bulldozers

Here’s an idea for you, something I’ve wanted to do myself but haven’t had the time to do it.

First, scour your hard drive and put together a mega package of products, something like the subscriber offer I make to everybody when they sign up to my blog notify list.

Create a regular sales page for the mega-package at $47 or $67. Next, create a nickel sale (I’m assuming you have the Nickel Script) for the same deal, in a sub-directory of the site, and keep a local copy of the entire set up on your PC to use as a template that you can use to quickly upload.

On the download page, put a sign up form and use the words “To register your purchase, enter your name and email address in the boxes below. This is currently the only way I can keep you informed of updates to this package.”

95% of people will signup after their purchase, and this will build your mailing list.

Finally, write to other marketers offering to set the sale up with their name as the directory, and with their PayPal address in the config so that they get 100% of the sale paid directly into their PayPal account.


Explain that nickel sales are dynamite and that you will start it at $0.07 and increase the price by 5 cents with each sale. Give them 2 carefully worded emails that they can send to their lists to warm them up before the sale, and a 3rd email to give them the link.

If they make a typical 300 sales, the final price will be $15.07 and they will make $2,263.50 in about a day.

No average marketer (non-guru) in the IM niche is going to refuse that as long as they haven’t already done too many similar offers to their lists. (I think I may have done too many recently, and I’m trying to rectify that…)

You will have nearly 300 brand new buyers on your mailing list per JV partner.

Have a game plan to offer them some useful freebies, maybe a video or two and a report you’ve created yourself, as well as some useful blog posts to enamour them with you.

Then after you’ve given them some very useful and valuable free info, send them an email to a product you’re promoting to make your money from the deal. Ideally, it would be a product that you’ve created of course, but if you’re in a hurry you can promote someone else’s.

Make sure it’s a good one!

Set all this up as an autoresponder series.

Then all you need do is find people who are willing to promote the deal for you, one at a time. Set up a brand new directory for each marketer, and leave it in place permanently.

You now have a system you can just plug in and run. This method of running a promotion with one JV partner at a time is called a bulldozer launch, and is an immensely powerful way of building a list (your list is your internet business), and making some back end money yourself.

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If anybody wants to do something like this with me for the Nickel Script itself, just raise a support ticket on my help desk at in the “Personal Message” department.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Chris Arhot

Thank you Frank,

You give us (visitors/clients) good Info/Links/Codes and you are not a very agresive marketer.
Chris Arhot

Hi Frank

You know I never thought of any thing like that but I do love the sound of it.

In fact, I have 1000’s of info products just laying around my computer.

I have the nickel script so I’m ready to go and give it a try. Do you think I should offer the same thing for my current list?


Thanks Frank, this was a great ‘copy and paste’, ‘how-to’ and just plain great gift. There is no way anyone can miss with the strategies you’ve laid out here.
Concise, to the point, excellent ideas, not just for beginners, but all of us who can use a ‘helping hand’.
I love the phrase “Bulldozer Launch”, can I use it?? Might start a ‘trend’?

That is really good information Frank. You could also do something similar to build your list using a fixed price. This would make things a lot easier as only one website would be needed if you used the Rapid Action Profits script (or similar) to pay 100% commissions to affiliates.

I can see why a nickel sale would probably get more buyers and build your list quicker though because of the low starting price.

Frank Haywood


Thanks for that. I’ve realised I’ve been doing a few too many promotions recently, while not providing enough of this kind of material. That’s not fair, and that’s not a good balance.

I’ve written truckloads of this kind of info as sets of notes, and I need to start releasing it all.

There’s nothing wrong with doing promotions for good products like IPK for instance, but I like to provide good value and interesting information as well. Things have been a little strange for me this year and I’ve been distracted, but I’m putting it right now.


I was thinking of a mega-package of say 300 products, a list that just goes on and on. The first buyers to hit your site seeing it go for under a dollar are going to impulse buy up to about $5. Then you have the effect of social proof kick in, and that carries it up to $10-$12.

If the list that comes your way is particularly big, it will go on and on, but 300 sales is a good upper target to aim for, and it’s 300 buyers you’re getting. Just make sure you have something special held back to offer them a few days later to make your money out of the deal. IPK for instance (what a fabulous product) – if they don’t know about it, there’s a good chance you’ll do well from it. Or SmartDD or TicketDesk Pro. 😉

And yeah, why not give it a whirl with your list too? Build it the launch up a bit and let it go.

I’ve seen my own nickel sales sell the first 20-30 copies after making a blog post, and even before I’ve had chance to send the email out about it.

People like great bargains.


I’ve got loads more of these. I guess I should write a book. 😉

I didn’t coin the phrase “bulldozer launch”, I think it was Mike Filsaime told me about it, and he’d got it from someone else. But by all means go ahead and use it…


Yep, the low price of a nickel sale will definitely get people to take out their credit cards, and once they have them out for you, they’re likely to do it again. So even though you don’t make any money while building your list, so what?

You’re getting *buyers*. 😉


Clive Praed

A terrific idea Frank. I have thousands of useless Resell and PLR e-Books on a spare 160gig HDD – it’s nearly full of them.

What a pity I’ll never be able to install a script and I have no contact with any marketers. LOL

I don’t think they’d appreciate people writing them begging letters anyway.

There’s always a catch.

Never mind. The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.