As promised yesterday, here are a couple of screenshots of the first sales page design of five that I’m offering Private Label Rights to, together with PLR to the Redirection plugin for WordPress.

The PLR membership opens Friday.

Note that the bulk of the text on these demo images is in fact plain text that you can edit with Notepad, Dreamweaver, Front Page etc – you don’t need a graphics program to amend it.  Even though some of the text looks as if it’s graphical in nature, that effect has been achieved by the clever use of CSS styling.

Okay, first a general overview of the first sales page design.  The “thumbnail” image has been heavily compressed and is at 75% to save bandwidth, but it should give you good idea of what’s going on with the design.

Right Click and choose “View Image” to open it full size.

And now a clip from the top of the page to show the CSS styled drop shadow effect.

No, the text and drop shadow aren’t graphical, it’s all done via CSS.  Cool huh?


When you join the new PLR membership on Friday, you’ll get Private Label Rights to FIVE of these sales page designs, plus as a sweetener, PLR to the Redirection plugin I included with the Multiple Streams Theme 003 last week.

Each month you’ll get PLR to either a five-pack sales page bundle, a WordPress plugin, or a WordPress theme.  If I get workable suggestions for other product types, I’ll do those too.

I’m sure you can see it’s an extremely good deal.

More news tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood