Screenshots For Sales Page Design PLR

As promised yesterday, here are a couple of screenshots of the first sales page design of five that I’m offering Private Label Rights to, together with PLR to the Redirection plugin for WordPress.

The PLR membership opens Friday.

Note that the bulk of the text on these demo images is in fact plain text that you can edit with Notepad, Dreamweaver, Front Page etc – you don’t need a graphics program to amend it.  Even though some of the text looks as if it’s graphical in nature, that effect has been achieved by the clever use of CSS styling.

Okay, first a general overview of the first sales page design.  The “thumbnail” image has been heavily compressed and is at 75% to save bandwidth, but it should give you good idea of what’s going on with the design.

Right Click and choose “View Image” to open it full size.

And now a clip from the top of the page to show the CSS styled drop shadow effect.

No, the text and drop shadow aren’t graphical, it’s all done via CSS.  Cool huh?


When you join the new PLR membership on Friday, you’ll get Private Label Rights to FIVE of these sales page designs, plus as a sweetener, PLR to the Redirection plugin I included with the Multiple Streams Theme 003 last week.

Each month you’ll get PLR to either a five-pack sales page bundle, a WordPress plugin, or a WordPress theme.  If I get workable suggestions for other product types, I’ll do those too.

I’m sure you can see it’s an extremely good deal.

More news tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello Frank…

    As reported sometime earlier already, on some (not all – but this one and the page of MST3) the page always disappears to a white screen whenever the browser finished loading it. So in order to see the page I must stop the loading before it is completed.
    What kind of load-ending bug is that?



    • Frank Haywood says:


      Please raise a support ticket at with the URL of the site you’re having problems with. It’s entirely possible it’s a clash with a plugin causing the problem.

      What you could try is disabling some of the plugins that you think might be causing the problem. Likely suspects are any that use javascript to add pop-ups or tracking code or something like that, but sometimes it’s the ones you don’t expect that can cause a problem.


    • Roberto Delgato says:


      Are you using Internet Explorer 8.x? I’ve noticed that because of it’s heightened ‘security’ it will sometimes load a page and then immediately the page will appear blanked out (white). Other times, it will show a message that ‘IE cannot display page contents’.

      In firefox, the same pages load fine.

  2. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello Frank…

    … It’s only with your blog, this page right here.
    I never experienced this anywhere else.


  3. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello again Frank…
    It looks I know what it is.
    When I sent the previous post, a pop-up appeared asking to sign up for your newslwetter.
    I check the box “deactivate java scripts on this page”.
    And now the page stays.

    So your popup must have a blank out command at he end of loading, or so.


    • Frank Haywood says:


      It seems to work fine for everybody else, including me, so it may be a cookie issue at your end? Try clearing your cookies for this domain and see if the problem persists.


  4. FreeMaverix says:

    Hello Frank…

    Once again to that issue of the disappearing page.
    Deleting the cookies makes no difference.
    It loads until it is done and then poof… white screen.
    And as said, it never happened with any other site before – only with some of yours.


  5. Phil Cullum says:

    Frank, there is no link included in your description, i.e., no link to join the PLR membership you mention above. What is the link?


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Phil,

      Yeah I guess I should promote to my subscribers again. I’m thinking of changing the way it all works at the moment, but I’m still umming and ahhing over it.


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