Sale For SmartDD LITE Private Label Rights Now Live

Just a short post to say that the sale for SmartDD LITE PLR is now live at:-

The sale will last 48 hours and ends at 3,00pm GMT (10.00am EST) on Saturday 27th September.

There are just 30 copies available, and the price is low enough for anyone to afford.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Jamie Ratliff


Is the php code changeable, or is it encoded?


Am Confused?
You are selling the PLR’s to SmartDD LITE but this only allows for 3 items to be sold. The ‘regular’ SmartDD Lite is basically a trial or “mini version” of the regular SmartDD with unlimited items.
The PLR version states …”#1 – You MUST rebrand SmartDD LITE.
#2 – You MUST NOT use my name or mention SmartDD or SmartDD LITE. ”
So, The PLR version is only the trial or mini version (3 item) of SmartDD.
Am I correct so far?
So if i buy the PLR version, rebrand, modify etc… can the end user upgrade to a full version? if so this rases even more questions. How is this done while sticking to the conditions stated above?…
If the PLR version can not be upgraded, what use is it?
Maybe you should look at selling the PLR version of SmartDD? You would obviously ask more $$$ but I would imagine it would be much more in demand… I would buy it!
Can you please reply and let me know if I am understanding this correcly.
Kind regards and keep up your good work!

Frank Haywood

Hi Darren,

The PLR rights for SmartDD LITE are intended so that you have to rebrand it. It then becomes YOUR product, and what you do with it then is your business as long as you don’t try to sell PLR for it with a different name.

I think that’s the fairest for you and me.

Amin is spot on with what he’s saying about the global credit crunch in an earlier post. This is going to become a golden time for marketers as ever increasing amounts of people come online to look to earn a living.

If you can supply the tools and information that people need, then it’s a case of almost limitless opportunity for you.

I’m already looking closely at some of the niche markets and thinking about what products I can put together or have made. And without giving too much away, my wife is becoming excited at the possibilities from an offline course she’s doing in a niche that she’s interested in. She’s already mapping out what she needs to do to create her own online courses and ebooks. 😉

As long as the media keep reporting doom and gloom, it will just get better for us…

To answer your questions about SmartDD LITE, yes it’s effectively the original version of SmartDD we released two years ago. Don’t let that put you off – it’s still a great tool.

As for PLR for SmartDD, I really don’t know how much we’d have to charge for that when you consider the development time that has gone into it. Maybe white labelling would be the answer, but we’re not going to think about that any time soon.

In both cases, the potential is great, and I can share with you now that we’ve just this last month seen an amazing spike in sales of SmartDD. Times are definitely changing for the better if you sell online tools.


Frank Haywood

Hi Jamie,

It’s all in plain text waiting to be amended.