Running SmartDD v3 From A Single Site

Going on from my previous post, I realised I had a few things to say about SmartDD that maybe aren’t as obvious as I thought they were from the new videos. Somebody asked me a question the other day that made me wonder and then my memory was jogged while writing that last post.

So here we go.

You’ve always been able to run all your sites from a single installation of SmartDD if you wanted to. But it’s also fine if you want to install it on each site, and that’s what I tended to do myself so I suppose things weren’t quite right for using it on a single site and managing all your other sites through it.

But with v3 we’ve made it so that it’s really to your advantage to do so. Now you can keep all your customer details and all your order details in one big database, and easily export the data into a spreadsheet to do some analysis. (Well, just customers for now, but I’ve made a note to add orders too.)

There’s now not one but FOUR ways to get customers and orders into SmartDD.

#1 – PayPal
#2 – ClickBank
#3 – Free sign up to a mailing list
#4 – Manually

That means you can have one site (or eBay) selling goods by PayPal, another by ClickBank, and another where you can give products away in return for an email address. (You ALWAYS use double opt-in right? Let’s be responsible folks.)

It also means you can easily give your products to your Joint Venture partners *securely* by manually creating an order. It takes about 30 seconds or less to add a customer (depending on how fast you can type or copy and paste), and then a few seconds more to create an order and tell SmartDD to send out an email to them.

You also have a choice of two different affiliate schemes you can run.

#1 – PayPal email address
#2 – ClickBank

Up until the introduction of the PayPal email address method with the release of the 7 Dollar Script, I’d only ever seen something called “split pay” using PayPal. The split pay method is a nightmare and involved your customer making TWO payments, one to your affiliate and one to you before they got your product. There were too many things that could go wrong (refunds – erk!), and needless to say, no-one was happy with that and it wasn’t long before PayPal said no more.

But the 7 Dollar Method was a good ‘un and works on the principle of rotating the full amount of the payment between the site owner and the affiliate. It all averages out over a few sales.

Your affiliates simply create a URL that looks like this:-

and then depending on the percentage commission being paid, they get some of the sales paid directly into their PayPal account. If a refund is required and it happens to be the affiliate who received that payment, it’s tough, but they’re the ones who have to refund it – PayPal is quite definite about that. They’re not going to chase someone who hasn’t received any money, they’re going to chase the person who did.

Since then there have been a few scripts that use this method, and we introduced it into SmartDD v3, with a slight modification. Even if the commission payment is set to 100%, the admin gets all of the first payment, and the affiliate gets all the rest. We did that to stop people from getting a product for free by buying from their own business account with their personal account.

Using ClickBank is even easier. First you copy and paste the return code from SmartDD into your ClickBank sellers account(s).

Then all you need do is create the publisher name in SmartDD and add the secret key that ClickBank supply you with. Next, go to the saleable items panel in SmartDD and create or amend an item, select the publisher and enter the number of the product you’re selling via ClickBank – usually number 1.

Lastly, go to the code generator for that item, and generate the code to add to your sales button on your sales page.


Your affiliates then use a normal CB hoplink and get paid by ClickBank as usual a couple of weeks after the sale.

At sale time, ClickBank sends SmartDD the transaction details and SmartDD generates an order. On your customers return from ClickBank (via the return code you pasted into your sellers account), SmartDD redirects them to the download page and also sends them an email with the transaction details and a link to the download page for future reference.

Job done.

The download pages in all cases can be on your single site installation of SmartDD, with the payment buttons etc being on all your satellite sites. The download pages themselves are all held within the SmartDD database, and can be created to look just like your original sales page on the satellite site.

All you need to do is create the download page with an HTML editor (I prefer Dreamweaver) using your satellite site template and make sure that all the links to objects such as graphics and CSS files are direct URLs rather than relative one. So you *wouldn’t* use:-


to refer to your header graphic, you’d use:-

That way the main site with SmartDD installed on it would be able to display the graphics correctly from your satellite site. And of course the same applies for the CSS files.

Once that download template is created in SmartDD, it doesn’t matter where the order has come from, the generated download page will work perfectly.

As you can see, we’ve put a lot of thought into making SmartDD as flexible as possible, and we’ve got some more goodies to come.

Let’s not forget the existing eBay functionality too, and of course Kunaki integration.

The next minor release of SmartDD will contain membership abilities and subscriptions support.

Then we’ll be able to truly say that SmartDD is a cross between the Butterfly Marketing script, JV Manager / Fantasos, the 7 Dollar Script, RAPS, Auction Acrobat and Disc Mojo all rolled into one, and all usable from a single site.

Is that good value for money or what?

Is it? Then go promote it as such. 🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Frank – Yo da Man

Appreciate these upgrades and improvements
Very much look forward to the membership

Going to implement the Kunaki feature shortly

A bug free membership script would certainly be a joy to work with…….

Info Killer update – no sales yet but the clicks per day is steadily increasing – implementing my back link strategies a,b,and c this week


PS – I big thanks to the writer of that email – I could not have said it better – kudos to you – Thanks!

Charles Burleigh


Wow, SmartDD is really growing into a fantastic script.

Now I just need to find the perfect domain and set it up so I can compare ease of use to the other script I’m using.

I’m really looking forward to the membership and subscription upgrades.

Keep up the Great Work!

Charles Burleigh

Frank Haywood


Bug free – hmm, well we try to make sure everything is working well before we release but there’s always something slips through. I spotted something funny the other night on my own installation of SDD, but I’m not sure if that’s not because mine has been tweaked and messed around with while we were developing v3. I’ll have to install v3 on another domain to check it out when I get 5 minutes.

IPK – I’m getting about 10 people a day through the example Jumperoo site via natural search, so it’s just a matter of time before I get another converted sale. The site sucks at the moment and at some point I’ll revisit it and use more compelling calls to action. What it really needs is price comparisons – there’ll be some news on that in January.

I’m flattered about the email copy… 😉


It’s true. SDD is getting really good now. What I need is for people to start raving about it in forums. That’ll come as people realise how powerful it is now, and especially when we add memberships.

We’re also still debating as to what we’re going to put in the *BIG* script we’re working on which has all the SDD functionality built in, plus a whole lot more. We want strong basic functionality in SmartDD so it’s ideal for all platforms – mini-sites, eBay, memberships, Kunaki etc – but we have to hold some things back for the big one.

We see SDD as being the low cost product in our marketing funnel, leading into the almighty script we’re working on.

More on that in the new year. 😉


Tim Woodard

Hi Frank,
I have two seperate comments for you today. SmartDD 3 first:
The upgrade from SDD 2 to SDD 3 went perfectly! Thank you! I have been spending my free time working with the templates, etc. and I’m loving it. (Ha! “free time” is an oxymoron for me. More like a minute here, a minute there.) I believe the addition of a membership site feature would be awesome!
Is there a way to get SmartDD 3 to work with ClickBank but, have it redirect to page other than the download page? Here’s the thing: I can’t use SDD in the top folder on with my current web host. All of my download pages are password protected. I would like to have SDD redirect ClickBank customers to a custom page which lets them know to check their email for a message with the download link, user name and password to access their purchased product.
Next subject, IPK… I tried to post this previously but, I learned that copy / paste is a bad thing to do here. LOL
Your Jumperoo page is almost SEO perfect. It does validate on W3C however, there is no character set in the meta tags. This will cause Firefox to go into quirks mode even though the page is perfect. It will also, cause some search engines to give you lower page ranking than they would with the meta tag. I don’t know what character set your pages are using and with so many available, the following meta tag is merely for reference:

Add that to the head of you page and the search engines will love and all browser types will love you. Just be sure to replace “iso-8859-1” with the character set your page uses.
One final word about meta tags. I’ve read many times in the recent past that meta tags are dead. Don’t believe it. While search engines don’t put as much empasis on them as they used to, they are very helpful (or harmful if written incorrectly) in placing your page.
Enough said. I’m working on a SEO manual. I do want to have some information for sale when it comes out!

Frank Haywood

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that.

SDD v3 – Maybe?

Create a product where the file location is the URL to your custom page. Then link that custom page to the saleable item. Then create a new success email with the detail you want your customers to see.

After purchase, your customers will be directed to your custom page telling them to expect an email and to contact you if they don’t receive it.

When they get the email, it contains the instructions and the link to your download page together with the userid and password. It would have to be the same userid and password for everybody though.

So that sort of works but isn’t ideal.

Jumperoo site – I’ve made the changes you suggested and used UTF8 on the advice of Paul the SmartDD developer as he says it behaves itself the most. 😉


Hi Frank, thought you might be interested in some feedback on Smart DD 3.

I developed a product, including graphics, minisite, the works, back in March. It’s a physical product – a CD. Never did anything with it because at the time I was very busy with other things. But after getting Smart DD V3 installed recently I finally put up some ebay listings, as a test of your Kunaki integration, about a week ago.

The first 2 sales came in last night. Time to rinse and repeat.

So I’m happy that I finally got round to doing something with my product and I’ll keep promoting it now until I find the sweet spot to maximize the sales.

Smart DD did its job. That’s the cool part. I got the notification email of the sales – before Paypal even sent me a notification – so I logged into Kunaki to check that the orders had transferred correctly.

They had transferred beautifully, so all I had to do was pay the outstanding amount and the manufacturing and shipping process was started. I don’t think it could have been much easier – well, unless I had pre-funded Kunaki and then I wouldn’t even have had to login to pay! Once I’ve got a few more orders under my belt I’ll do exactly that – pre-fund Kunaki so the whole process is hands free.

Because I got early notification from SmartDD about the sales I was able to move the orders on very quickly, so there’ll be no delay for my customers this time round. They should have their CDs in less than a week, so nicely in time for Christmas. A happy customer is a repeat customer so I’m glad I was able to react quickly, to avoid any delays.

Given how slick the transfer of data is from Smart DD to Kunaki, I can see that this would handle huge numbers of orders for me very simply. Now all I have to do for that product is start building some serious traffic to it.

I’ve bought most membership, payment, IPN and download protection scripts going – I like to test them out – and this is certainly one of the best. The Kunaki integration makes it superbly easy to set up a physical shipment product.

Good product. Glad I bought it.


Hi Frank,
I think it would be great to have a viral refer a friend feature.
Mike Filsaime’s viralfriendgenerator seems to be lacking somewhat for me, as it allows gift givaways when people input fake friend email addresses.

The script will need the ability to confirm the referred emails before sending the gift, which also needs to use the protected download method (stored outside of /public_html/.

Hope you give it some thought.

Best wishes,

– Vince

P.S. Does the licensed version of SDD v3 need to ‘call home’ to verify every so often?

Hey Frank,

Great job w/ Smartdd v3!! I upgraded from my old one because of the Kunaki feature 🙂

A couple of questions though…

When will the release with subscription support come out?? I would like to offer a Kunaki product for FREE (plus shipping) and automatically enroll people into fixed term continuity program with a 14-day trial.

Can Smartdd handle that? Looking forward to your response…

Many thanks,