Offer Closed


Today (Saturday) at 6.00pm GMT I’ll be running a 48 hour special for a great new plugin called the Promo Tools plugin.

I know it’s unusual for me to run a pre-launch sale like this at the weekend, but I won’t be around until Friday afternoon (possibly evening), as I have a scheduled hospital visit.

(The same goes for the affiliate scheme – I’ll have some news for you about that too.)

I then want to release the plugin officially and immediately when the sale is over.

As part of the scheme, I’ll be using the new Promo Tools plugin – it seems to be perfect for our needs.

In case you don’t know what a promo tools page is, it’s usually a page dedicated to supplying an affiliate with a set of promotional tools together with their affiliate link embedded in them.

And that’s exactly what the Promo Tools plugin can help you with.

It will allow you to create pages that you can fill with promo tools you create for your affiliates such as pre-written blog posts, articles, emails, forum signatures and banners.

With this plugin, once you’ve set up the tools, all an affiliate has to do is paste their aff link into the box at the top and every single promo tool on the page gets auto-populated with their affiliate link.

Then they can copy the code for banners etc and paste it directly into their web site.

It makes the whole process a lot easier for affiliates, and the easier you can make it, the more attractive it becomes.

And while I know this is contrary to the 80:20 rule I live by, experience tells me it’s the many little things like this that make the BIG difference.

Many apologies for these changes, I know it will all be worth the wait.

-Frank Haywood