Project Email Part 6

A lot of people are enjoying this series and I’d just like to say thank you for the positive feedback and questions so far. There have been some good comments that have prompted me to make notes and make this series better. Please keep it up as it prompts me to keep going.  🙂

Eventually I’ll move on to the bit that I know some people are waiting for and that’s broadcast email and autoresponders, and getting your email through the filters and delivered into inboxes.

But for today, I’ve created a short video that shows a small tweak to ThunderBird which I think is crucial, and I also show off the same concept that has made FireFox so popular – addons.

There are a couple which I believe are most useful and that you’ll want to add to ThunderBird when you see them. If there are any that you find that you think are worth sharing then please let me know by leaving a comment.

-Frank Haywood  <== Click this for a list of all Project Email posts.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,

Great email series. I hadn’t looked at Thunderbird for some years, but I’m thinking it maybe time to take another look at it. I have 3 hosting accounts with 3 different host providers, and several email accounts on each. Checking the mail on each would be just crazy trying to do it manually, so a good local mail client is way more important than most people realize.


Vince Andrews

Hi, Frank

All i can say is Wowwwww! I did not realise that Thunderbird could use addons as I have not been using it long. The two plugins that you suggest here on part six are amazing.

I hated the way that thunderbird put all my email addresses and now i can put them how i want them.

The calendar addon is a real bonus as I have been having to use a calendar outside the program and sometimes i forget to add stuff into it. Now i can do it as soon has i want without flicking to an outside program.

This Project email is a brilliant piece of information and would i expect have been a saleable course, so i thank you for this free advice and cannot wait for more on this subject.

5 Stars.

Frank Haywood

Hi Vince,

Thank you.

Guess what? It *will* eventually be a course. I’m finding it useful to do it all in bits like this because as I complete each part, I can easily see what needs to be covered next without having to actually plan it all out in advance.

The course itself will be bigger than this (and I’ll probably redo the videos with more information in them) and will be another paid product in my inventory, but you’re getting a good chunk of core information through this series for free anyway. 😉

What I’m also doing by taking this path is I’m building a “how-to” create your own info product in stages. All you have to do is watch what I’ve been doing to see my method of approaching it all. Then you can duplicate it.

So really this is a double whammy of learning and information. 🙂


Karen Estes

Frank – thanks for the great instruction in using webmail! I’ve been needing to use it, but uncomfortable with how to do so. I’ve gone step by step as you showed it in the videos and am happy to finally be getting up and running.

Thanks for the great training!