You can create a new email account in cPanel in just a few clicks, and once that account is created you can access it either by web mail or with an email client of your choice.

Today in the short video above I show you how to do these two things.

#1 – Create a new email account in cPanel.
#2 – Access one of the standard web mail tools that come with cPanel.

The web mail software I like to use is RoundCube. To begin with it’s not very friendly by default, but with a couple of tweaks I show you in the video, it looks *much* better and is far easier to use.

And… Did you know that with cPanel hosting you can easily access your web mail just by going to:-


Isn’t that cool? It auto-redirects you to the correct place so you don’t have to remember a complicated URL in order to access your email anywhere that has internet access.

Armed with that first piece of information you can begin to wean yourself of free web based email and begin to use email off your own domain instead.

Coming shortly is how to use a free Windows client to access multiple email accounts and keep everything in one neat place – and still be able to take it with you wherever you go. 😉

-Frank Haywood <== Click this for a list of all Project Email posts.