I’ve just had Michael Pryor or someone acting on his behalf spam my blog about a product launch on Tuesday. But it looks like he may well have been spamming lots of other blogs too, as Akismet caught it. So he must now be in the Akismet blog spam database.

Not wanting to give him any publicity, he (or someone else) is spamming his product launch of Google n*em-es*is.net (URL obsfuscated).

His sign up form goes to another of his sites which may mean he can’t get an autoresponder service to take him. When you sign up, you get an email from Bob Smith, so it doesn’t seem he wants people to know his real name. But if you do a WHOIS at GoDaddy you can see it for yourself.

It gets sillier as because his domain is hosted with GoDaddy, who are rumoured to suspend domains on a single complaint of spam, it could mean that domain will be closed down if someone actually *does* go and complain to GoDaddy (hopefully his web site isn’t hosted with them too, for his sake).

I’m not going to do that as I’m not that kind of a person. In fact I’m not going to complain at all other than this blog post.

Everybody should get a chance to fix their mistakes and apologise.

The moral of this story?


-Frank Haywood

It’s particularly ironic that on his sign up form it says:-
“We hate spam as much as you do.”