Here’s a little tip that I’ve found works wonders for me, and I was talking about it to a friend the other night.  In fact it works so well I could probably pad it out and sell it as a product in its own right and people would be glad to pay for it.

It’s really mind bogglingly simple, and is extremely effective.  It came about almost by accident, and this is GOLDEN.  You’ll have one of those “Aha!” moments when it sinks in.  It’s one of those things that most people leave until last, when it should be done before most everything else.

Are you ready?

Once you know what your product is going to be, and it’s all taking shape in your mind…  here it is…

Write the sales copy FIRST.

“WTH?” I can hear you say.  “But the product isn’t ready, why would I write the sales copy if I don’t even have a product?”

Three golden reasons, and when you’ve done this once you’ll realise how strong they are.

#1 – It clarifies exactly what the product is going to be.  You’ll find yourself coming up with additional ideas and bulleting them in.

#2 – It absolutely COMMITS you to a course of action because you’ve done what would for many people be the last thing first, and no-one likes to think they’ve wasted their time.  You’ve made an investment.  It motivates you (trust me on this) because you want to join all the dots and get to the end point you’ve already put in place.

#3 – Probably the hardest job to have to do is writing the sales copy – it can be a real struggle and is one of the reasons so many people outsource it.  When you’ve done everything else and you’re as good as ready to launch your product, then if you’re anything like me, by that time you’re running out of steam.  There is NOTHING so hard to face in the product creation process that is so difficult as having to write up the sales copy when you have no enthusiasm for it.

Think about that last sentence.  At the beginning of a project, your enthusiasm is on a high, you feel very motivated, and it’s easier to write your sales copy because your mind is buzzing with ideas.

Four years ago when I started on all this, my first product was SmartDD.  It had been completed, the sales script was in place, and everything was done apart from the sales copy itself.  It took me nearly two months to write before I even had the guts to launch it.

I found myself going round in circles, removing bits, adding new stuff, removing it again, and generally putting it off.  I procrastinated a lot.  I finally decided it was ready when somebody told me I was being a jerk and just to “Get the damn thing out there!” but I wasn’t happy with the copy until months afterwards, and I still tweak it here and there even now.

Nowadays I move a lot faster simply because I do the sales copy FIRST.  And I don’t agonise over it either.  I make it good enough and tweak it later.

Everything else is a lot easier to do once the sales copy is done.

Try it, you’ll be amazed.

-Frank Haywood