Private Comments Available Today

Update: The Private Comments plugin sale is now LIVE and you can purchase a discounted licence for the plugin by clicking the button below. There are 50 copies available at just $7 and the plugin itself will be updated shortly with some additional features. 🙂

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This is a quick reminder that just 50 copies of the Private Comments plugin will be released at 5.00pm GMT (12.00 midday EST) for only $7 and it’s a case of first come, first served.

Now as I write this, my developer is testing out some additions to the plugin that I’ve asked for.

IF she doesn’t think she can get these changes in, then I’m not going to hold up the sale, as when I do that I get told off.

It’s true.

In the past when I’ve delayed a sale for any reason, I’ve always had complaints that people can’t now make the new time and that I shouldn’t have changed it.

So “come hell or high water” I’m going to release the 50 licences at 5.00pm GMT today.

IF the changes aren’t done and tested by that time, it will turn into a PRE-ORDER SALE and when the changes are done (probably tomorrow) I’ll update your download page with the plugin.



The Private Comments plugin sale is now LIVE and you can purchase a discounted licence for the plugin by clicking the button below. There are 50 copies available at just $7 and the plugin itself will be updated shortly with some additional features. 🙂

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-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Your Killing me 4:00 A.M my time.

Frank Haywood

@Rob Paris:

Oh I’m so sorry Rob. I just can’t do anything about it though and still be fair. It’s one of the downsides to having customers all over the world.

I’ll have a serious think about this and see if I can’t come up with some idea.


G’day Frank,

Not to worry Frank it is a price you have to pay my end when your so far ahead of the rest of the world. (tounge in cheek)
Already having a play with the comment plugin nearly worked it out as fully intergrated support desk using the script manager as well what a bonus little plugin it has been it is my new number 1 plugin. The freedom and versatilty it has allowed me with scripts has far exceeded my expectations.

Back to it.

Have A Nice 1

Anthony Harris

Hello Frank,

I think the problem youand Rob Paris are referring to was taken care of long ago by the first version of a product called Go Try This, marketed by a Canadian programmer called John Reel (;

John mentioned the time zone solution in one of his promotional videos at least two years ago. I suggest you go try it.

– Anthony

Frank Haywood

@Anthony Harris:

I took a look and couldn’t see the information you were referring to, so I guess the sites have changed?


Hi Frank.

I wonder if I was the first one through to get my copy of the new Private Comments WordPress plugin. That was bang on 5 pm gmt Friday.

“Private Comments” WP plugin sounds like a really useful imternet marketing tool.

I cant wait to see it in operation.

Good luck, Colm.

Frank Haywood


I just checked and yes you were! Your sale came in at 17:00:15 with the next two orders coming in at 17:00:50 and 17:00:56. 😉


Donna Maher

Hey Frank,

He just gave you an idea for a fantastic product – a plugin or software that would release specials in the person’s daytime or business hours regardless of location.

It sounds impossible, yet it IS the age of the internet. And it surely would make a bunch of marketers really happy (along with their customers).

Hope you’re doing well and staying well.

Take care my friend,

Frank Haywood

@Donna Maher:

Yeah… I think I know how it could work, but it couldn’t be 100% reliable.

It could be done by using a geographic location to IP database to show where the person is located, but the problem I’ve seen with these databases is they aren’t always accurate. So sometimes I’ve been shown as unknown or US or Europe even though I’m UK and GMT.

We could get round it by asking people to pre-register their location, but it’s always going to add an extra layer of potential problems whichever way it’s done.

Until I find a method of being able to do it reliably without some method of pre-registration I think it might cause more upset to people than if I just left well alone.



Donna Maher

Hi Frank,

Robs problem is not unique… it’s happened to all of us at some point when someone releases something elsewhere and it’s the middle of our night. 🙂

I tried to leave a comment earlier and it didn’t work. This time I’m going to try the private link just to test it.

Love your time of day under your picture – helps others know what time it is in the UK (since it’s only 4:33PM where I am, it’s nice to know it’s your bedtime approaching. 🙂


Frank Haywood

@Donna Maher:

Yeah, it’s happened to me too…

And yep, I thought having the time on the blog would be a good idea too. 😉

It’s generated using an iframe that links back to using this code:-

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="58" height="18"></iframe>

and you can go get your own time snippet from there too. 🙂



Hello Frank…

As much as I like the Multiple Themes from You, I always become unsure, whenever there is another one of those big launches. Just recently, Authority Pro and JVPress.
How do You compete against them? What makes your MST stand out against them?
Or… how much can they be integrated with each other. Like all your Plugins – can I use them with those themes/systems as well ?



Frank Haywood


Well for starters, you can’t have more than one active theme on a blog, so my themes aren’t going to work with any other themes as WordPress just doesn’t let you do that. 😉

As I see it, when someone releases an all-singing all-dancing “magic” THEME, they’re locking you into a particular site design or style. If there’s a theme you really like, but you want the functionality of the “magic” theme, then you just can’t do it. That’s why I try to do the clever stuff with plugins wherever possible, and try to stick to the core WordPress principles to give you the most flexibility.

No-one can say with 100% certainty that *any* plugin (let alone mine) will work with all other plugins and themes. Sometimes there’s a clash where the functionality is similar, or hooks into the WP system and is trying to do the same thing.

So what I try to do is release themes with some nice features that are compliant with the way that WordPress works and add nothing too “over the top” to the functionality. Then if any other functionality for the theme is required, I do a plugin for it. Some of the plugins are free and some are included with the theme itself.

I feel that by doing that, it’s going to cause the least amount of issues for people, while still offering flexibility and added functionality while not going outside the main WordPress core.



Hello Frank…

I just tried to order your plugin… tried, because the PP button links to this URL:

with this message in a box:

After purchase, please wait a few moments before clicking the orange Return To Merchant button to give PayPal a chance to update your order. Thanks…

Powered by SmartDD

Then nothing more happens.

What’s wrong?


Frank Haywood


I’m not sure. I know PayPal have been doing some changes recently, and I’ve just tried it again and it seems to be working okay…