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Update: The sale for the nice and useful PopScroll plugin is now live at just $10.00 for the first 36 hours.

It will then rise to $12.50 for the duration of the sale.

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In this sale only it includes full developer (client/flipper) licences, plus a RESALE RIGHTS licence. This additional licencing will be removed when the sale is over and will be an optional purchase.


Call Attention To Memberships, Reviews, Affiliate Schemes, Whatever You Want…

The story behind this plugin is I wanted something that would easily allow me to add a simple alert when a visitor scrolled down the page, and that would point them in the direction of the affiliate program for a site I’m working on. And I wanted it to work on only certain pages.



The plugin that now does that has actually ended up being a lot bigger than my first simple requirement.  😉

You can now:-

  • Create as many alerts as you want
  • Set border styles and colours
  • Set background styles and colours
  • Include images (calls to action)
  • Set alerts to trigger globally
  • Set alerts to trigger on posts
  • Set alerts to trigger on pages
  • Set alerts to trigger on special pages
  • Set individual alerts for posts and page
  • Disable alerts for individual posts and pages



It’s now tremendously useful – far more than I needed – and I’m very pleased with it.

You can also get as much fun out of it as I am in this sale today.

For example you can use it to highlight a new daily offer, or direct people to another site, or a product review, or a payment link, or…

Whatever.  😉

As I said, in my case I wanted to highlight the affiliate scheme for a site, but of course the PopScroll plugin will do a whole lot more than that.

The sale starts today Friday 7th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at just $10 including the additional licencing for the first 36 hours. The price will then go up.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,
nice piece of software.

If I understood correctly – in case I want to show pops on *only* a few specific pages or only one category of a site that already has a lot of content I would have to go and turn this off *manually* on all the pages I do NOT want it to show. Is that so?


Frank Haywood

Hi Detlev,

Yes that’s correct. 🙂


is it possible to turn the popouts off for site members.
I am thinking about using it to promote to non members, and not members. Ie reminding non members to sign up and become members.

There might be a possibility of running a promotion of members and non members. is this possible.


Sorry, I really should have ready the post before pressing the send button. What I wanted to say was…..
is it possible to turn popscroll on or off depening on the level of membership of a membership site. (paidmembership pro)
I am thinking about using it to promote the benefits of joining a membership site to non members, naturally, when they are members, we don’t want to bug them with pop ups suggesting they join. Like wise, we might have a range of offers to promote to certain levels of membership that we wouldn’t want to show to non members.


Frank Haywood

Hi Andrew,

With the current version no it isn’t possible, but I guess it’s something we could do in the next version. We could only really do it by WP roles (member levels – admin, moderator, etc), so whatever plugin you were using you’d have to make sure it was able to use the WP roles, and that it also created new ones in WP too (or allowed you to link to them). This is because different membership plugins do things in different ways and the only way of making sure it works for everyone is to use roles.



Do you have a demo page to see the pop up in live action?

please bring your mic down towards your mouth I have it on full volume can hardly hear you!
have said this and others a few times to you….
Thanks Jenny

Frank Haywood

Hi Jenny,

Yeah I’m not sure what the problem is, but I have an idea. I play it back after recording and the volume levels are high, but I get that you’re having a problem with it because I used to have the same problem (and other sound issues too). After researching that it’s a common issue with built in to the motherboard Realtek sound chips, what I did to fix it was buy a USB Sound dongle. It cost me all of £1.50 (about $2.00) and it’s excellent – completely plug and play and no drivers to install. I now have full control of the volume instead of the Realtek audio deck having it permanently turned right down.

I’m not sure if it’s the same issue for you, but there’s always a chance.

If I bring the microphone down to my mouth, it’s so sensitive you end up with an awful noise in your ears which is why I keep it well away. 😉