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Of all the emails I get from people, questions about my WordPress PLR membership re-opening top the lot.

Well, it’s about to re-open on Sunday 28th April. Hurrah!

I know that there will be plenty of people reading this that will punch the air and shout “Yes!

My PLR membership has been responsible for a whole swathe of plugins being released. In fact I’ve released over 24 plugins with PLR, and I believe I was the first to be able to offer this kind of service as a membership.

Every so often I see them turning up in resale rights bundles, or being given away in return for people signing up to a mailing list, given away as bonuses, or tucked away in member areas.

People love these plugins. Even some of my own plugins I sell have made it into the PLR membership too.

And some members have even told me they only buy the plugins for their own use.

So what happened?

The membership had to go into a temporary closed state due to problems with PayPal (now resolved) and I hoped I’d have it re-opened by now, but other things have been going on and I didn’t have the time to do it as it does take quite a while to get everything ready.

But at last it’s time to kick it all off again.

And this time round I’ve decided to change the format a little with the re-opening.

For 2 years I supplied a plugin each month (sometimes late, ahem) with documentation and a sales page, and instructions on how to rebrand everything.

What I didn’t do was write any sales copy, and I did this for the very good reason that if you write your own sales pages, then you’re not competing with everyone else all selling the same thing.

All the smart marketers do this, me included.

YES! I love and buy PLR from time to time, spend a few hours working on it and release it all bright and shiny (and UNIQUE) as my own. If anyone has ever spotted that occasionally I’ve released a PLR product, then no-one in nearly 4 years of me doing this has ever said a word to me about it.

I put that down to the work I put into making enough change for it to be unique – there’s that word again. (And often I make the product better by adding value to it that wasn’t there.)

The trick is to move quickly and not overthink things.

Yes we all do that, me included, but I *try* to keep things as simple as I can.

With the old membership I didn’t write any sales copy and that was the one thing that I got criticised about most.

And so I resisted and insisted to everyone that brought it up that it was most important they do their own thing with the sales copy. But in the end I’ve realised that you have to give people what they want and it was dumb of me not to come to that conclusion in the first place.

I thought (and still think) I was doing the right thing, but okay…

Yes I WILL be supplying a sales page with the plugins in the new membership.

I figure that those people who want to write their own sales copy or heavily modify what I supply will do so, and those that don’t will just use what I give them, and that way everybody’s happy.

I’ll also be giving every plugin its own name and creating the documentation using that name. Again if you want to rename it and modify the docs you can do so, and everybody’s still happy.

So here’s the new membership deal.

Tomorrow and for 24 hours ONLY you can join for just $20/month. This will make a lot of people happy.

When that 24 hours is up, the price goes up by another $7 for another 48 hours and then AFTER THAT I’ll be changing the pricing structure of the membership for all new members. (Yes it will cost new members more money.)

Look, just don’t worry about it okay? Do not sweat it.

Join tomorrow when the membership re-opens and it’s all nice and simple (and cheap) for you. You’ll be a special founder member and won’t have to do what everyone else does afterwards. 😉

You can cancel your membership any time, but there won’t be any refunds because this is PLR.


So what’s the first plugin at relaunch?

It’s the brand new and very cool “Time Sensitive Widgets” plugin.

This plugin puts a set of time in and out drop-downs on EVERY single widget and allows you to set a date and time for a widget to go active and inactive.

In other words you can set a date and time for ANY widget to show on your blog, and also set a date and time for it to disappear.

The possibilities of this plugin are MASSIVE. 🙂

Here are some examples plus that GREAT IDEA I mentioned at the beginning of this email.

You could use the Time Sensitive Widgets plugin to sell ad space, give away coupon codes, run daily video tutorials, do launch announcements and make EVENT NOTIFICATIONS. I know there are some people reading this that would be very interested in the posibilities of that last one.

In essence you could use the plugin to make your blog that extra little bit “stickier” and keep people coming back every day to see what’s happening.

>> For example, the video tutorials idea is a really sweet one. <<

It’s very cheap now to create quality desktop recordings. Where you once had to spend hundreds on expensive software, you can now pay something like $15/year to use a really cool tool to record and edit your desktop and webcam.

(Why don’t I do a video tutorial on that!?)

This is what you could do, and what I’m going to do too.

Create a series of short (less than 10 minutes each) desktop video recordings that show how to do something useful.

Show a new one in the series each day, and then remove it and replace it with the next one. You can set all these up in advance using the “Time Sensitive Widgets” plugin.

Your readers have to turn up every day in order to see the next one.

If they miss one that’s really too bad, but you could make an offer to them of joining your membership where they get new videos every month and get to see all of the other videos you’ve ever released, all tucked away for members eyes only.

You start with a low price each month and as the library grows in size and value you increase your price.

Is that a GOOD idea or what?

ANYONE could do this, why not you?  😉

It all starts with joining my PLR membership when it reopens on Sunday.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Allan Martin

Hi Frank,

Sounds like a fantastic offer. A few questions for you, if you please.

I am aware that this is PLR and that I am ultimately responsible for my customers, but what about updates and tech questions? If I or my customers encounter any issues or compatibility with the plugins am I able to ask you a question regarding the issue? If you update any of the plugins, will the updates be passed along to me?

Thanks for your time.

Take Care,

Frank Haywood

Hi Allan,

Yep is the simple answer.

The plugins are easy to rebrand (2-3 minutes), so if something breaks we’ll get it fixed and issue a new version. If you’ve made lots of changes via a third party programmer then you’ll be responsible for the fix, but if it’s our vanilla version rebranded, then no problem. 🙂

And the nice thing is you can pretty much do what you like with them, there’s only a couple of provisos over usage.

#1 – You can’t sell or offer PLR to any of them.
#2 – You can’t offer them as part of a mass product membership, paid or otherwise.

Other than that you’re pretty much in the clear.


Terry Jett

I think you are crazy Frank… Well, crazy in a good way:)

Offering WordPress plugins at only $20 a month is unheard of! Even at $27 still way too low. I say $47 would be in-line with the market.

Without hesitation will want to tell my Family of subscribers about it.

Thanks for being a great value to us.


Frank Haywood

Hi Terry,

Well thank you.

I always like to give my subscribers a good opening deal and then put the price up to something more realistic. And if you want to send some people along during this discounted period that’s okay with me and I’ll announce the affiliate scheme at the same time. 🙂


Hey Frank,

Great to hear that you resolved your paypal issue. Congratulations!

Even more great news that you re-open up the membership! Hooray!

I will definitely be looking for the email tomorrow to sign up again. For the price of the membership, it is a steal.


Ken Sar

Frank Haywood

Hi Ken,

Thank you. I think that too, and I hope you enjoy it as much this time round. 🙂


Pol vanRhee

Yippee! My birthday today and this is a great present! So happy that I can start getting these again. Loved it before and will love it even more now! Thanks, Frank!

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Well happy birthday yesterday and I’m really glad you like this so much. 🙂


Hi Frank,

nice to hear about this and i can see ” I am in ” 😉
like i was befor also in

i will wait for your email

best regards

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

That’s cool thank you, I’ll keep you updated with what’s happening. 🙂



Hi Frank

I joined the PLR membership a while back, so was just wondering if you will be releasing fresh PLR plugins, and not the older ones.


Frank Haywood

Hi Navindeer,

Yes, all new stuff to the membership. 🙂

I may occasionally release one of my own library of plugins from time to time too, for example Keith Yates has asked for Scripts Manager and/or Big ed to be added as PLR and so I *may* release one of those as PLR at some point.

As time passes I’ll also add in the previous PLR products to the membership so that brand new members will be able to pick those up too as one off purchases. These will need updating with sales copy writing for each product so it will take a little time to re-jig each bundle.