PL Ahh Membership Now Open…

My new PLR membership site PL Ahh is now open. 😉

If you’re one of the first 50 members, you’ll get access at just $20 per month and you’ll get TWO products each and every month.

That’s just $10 per brand new never before released product, and in anyone’s books that’s a BARGAIN.

You can find out more details and join up here.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Jeffrey S. Wyrick

Hey Frank,

As a veteran in this business for many years now I know how challenging it can be to get things going from the start, even with good help things can quickly and easily steer off the beaten course as unpredictable events happen in each of our lives. In this case though, it appears you’re doing a pretty good job here so far, but I have two questions or pieces of advice, which you’re welcome to answer or act upon as you see fit.

1.) The WP Sales Pages are static templates. While I realize nothing special was promised on this, there was mention of WordPress themes and I have to admit (a bit sheepishly…) that I’m a WordPress nut myself, so this is the X factor that drew me in. However, when downloading I noticed the HTML template and PSD, but no WP theme and was a bit curious about the title “WP Sales Pages” when there really wan’t anything WordPress related that I could see about them.

2.) While the generic online marketing style web-latin text seems to have become the industry standard in PLR, MRR and RR style website templates I’d like to point out your certificate on the sales page, which is signed by someone other than yourself. I’m not sure if this was a part of the sample images, as the name also shows up in the templates randomly if memory serves me correctly, or if it’s just an oversight and one of your new outsource graphics guys put his name there and it was missed during launch.

Again, please don’t take these as complains, as I’m only trying to be helpful. I’ve been doing this quite some time, had a few really good launches of my own and had the great pleasure of working with some of the best mind in the industry over the last decade.

Jeffrey S. Wyrick

Frank Haywood

@Jeffrey S. Wyrick:

Hi Jeffrey,

#1 – Well, it’s okay, and I understand where you’re coming from. I’m just waiting for the WP versions of the templates to be sent to me before updating the zip.

You guessed correctly as it was my intention that these sales pages work both as static templates and also as WordPress page templates too.

I didn’t mention this as I knew they weren’t quite ready, but left the names of the templates with WP in front of them. 🙂

This means that once you have these you’ll be able to use them directly with WordPress by first creating a new page and then selecting the page template. It’s not quite as straight forward as that (yet) because of the way that WordPress works, but if you’re used to using WordPress, it’s not too hard.

#2 – The reason that Juan Cruz is being used is because my designer is from the Philippines. 😉

According to WikiPedia:-

“Juan de la Cruz is symbolically used in the Philippines to represent the ‘Filipino’. The name is roughly the equivalent of the American Uncle Sam and John Doe.”

In actual fact it was never my intention that my name should be used on the sales templates, but I didn’t correct it when I saw it there as I don’t think it really matters that much. 😉

I hope that’s okay.


Geoff Robertson

Hello Frank,

What assurances do we have that this wont go the same way as PLR CodeMine?

regards, Geoff

Frank Haywood

@Geoff Robertson:

Hi Geoff, is 100% owned by me.

The products are created by my employees as there’s no longer room in my business for people who are going to consistently let me down and leave me to suffer the complaints from customers.

With staff it’s very simple isn’t it?

If the work isn’t done on time and in a consistent manner, then new staff are found that will.

That’s it.


Hi Frank – I’m confused.

I purchased PL Ahh and got the membership redirection plugin – Is the plug in I just got an email about “We now have a full blown affiliate link cloaker for WordPress” a NEW plugin, or the same one that came with my PL ahhh membership?


Frank Haywood


The Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin is brand new.

The Redirection plugin is useful and fine for general use. I’ll probably use it as a giveaway at some point, or include it with something else I plan to release for free in the next month.

(This freebie will help you make lots of money, believe me. Start looking forward to it…)

The new Affiliate Link Cloaker will also track stats and store login details for affiliate schemes and also cloak links, making it appear to your visitors as if the link they’re looking at is still on your site.

So they click a link that looks like this:-


and end up on a different domain using your affiliate link, but in the address bar it still holds the link above. It’s done with an iframe.

It counts the click through and stores it in the database.

If a sale is made, then you’ll get notified by the affiliate scheme you’re part of and you can compare it against your click through stats to work out what percentage fo sales are made per click through. After a while you’ll find out if a particular product converts well and you you’ll know it’s worth doing some more promotions for it, or giving it more prominence on your site.

It’s all about knowing your numbers and not working in the dark the whole time. 😉

Once you know your numbers you can make some educated business decisions. Without them, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.


Sent in a request to support couple of days ago:
Are you going to be including your cloaking plugin in your monthly PLR offerings?
I don’t want to pay for it twice, like I did with the redirect plugin.
I understand that you would like to get your products out to the public first, but could you let us know your policy, if you have one, so that we don’t end up getting the same product twice.


BTW your captcha support really sucks, I have to keep entering the code in numerous times and I finally gave up

Frank Haywood


The redirect plugin was a freebie (included as part of another product) and so you didn’t pay anything for it. I then included PLR to it as part of PL Ahh, which you *did* pay for. 😉

I don’t intend to make a habit of that, I just thought it was a nice little product to include as part of the membership.

Decembers plugin which should be ready in about 3 weeks will make you flip. I don’t want to say any more about it than that right now, but I *will* keep you updated with what’s going on.

There’s lots of great stuff coming your way. 😉


Hi there Frank, just to let you know that I joined the Plahh membership as soon as the doors opened.
I am looking forward to a new array of WordPress plugins and other toys 🙂

I have only recently realised what a great platform WP is and I intend to run all my websites that I am developing for WP. Hence I have been doing a lot of reading and research about WP as I would like to try and run a membership site off wordpress and have been looking for a WP membership script. Anyways today I came across this article that I thought your plugin developer might be interested in. Apparently some plugins can slow down your WP blog but this can be avoided by changing a line of code if the pluging developer has coded a certain way. Not sure if this is useful to you guys, but I found it interesting:

Looking forward to next months product.