Personal Coaching Programme

The focus will be on market research, product creation, traffic, list building and earning lots of money. Due to the very personal nature of the coaching, you will be one of only 10 other people that I'll be working with. I don't believe I can offer the kind of attention you need to succeed with any more than that.

After many requests for help I’ve received from people over the last few months about how to set up their sites, how to create a product etc., I’m finally able to offer a coaching programme.

On Friday 14th December I’ll make a further announcement as to how you can sign up for coaching with me.

This will be a little different to the usual “run-of-the-mill” progammes as you’ll be getting direct access to me via Skype or phone. And I’ll also expect you to be open to doing other projects with me under my guidance.

It will be a 12 month programme, although you will have at least one product and web site at the end of the first 60 days intensive coaching. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have at least two products and web sites, and you’ll soon learn how you can create one per week with ease.

The focus will be on market research, product creation, traffic, list building and earning lots of money.

Due to the very personal nature of the coaching, you will be one of only 10 other people that I’ll be working with. I don’t believe I can offer the kind of attention you need to succeed with any more than that.

More details will be announced on Friday.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Great News,

It sound like it is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

Look forward to it Frank.



Looking forward to the announcement Frank.

Sally 🙂

Frank Graham

I hope I can afford this.It would be a honor to work with you. Can’t wait for the rest of the details.

I will be interested Frank, dependent on costings of course.
No website yet, as I’m relocating my daughters website from to
I’m hoping to launch an affiliate site shortly, which will possibly be
Many thanks for all your help and guidance so far,

Hi Frank,

This sounds very interesting and may be what I am looking for.

I do have a few questions:

a) Will we be targeting the IM niche or will it be for other markets?

b) Will there be a 12 part payment plan? 🙂



Frank Haywood

The cost won’t be as much as you think it will, and certainly not as much as it should be.

The bulk of the work and learning will be done within the first 60 days, and I’ll be giving up two months of my life to get you to the point where you know what to do from then on.

The remainder of your year will be spent working within a single team with smaller mastermind groups within that team.

During the 60 days, there will be weekly webinars, a private forum, and we’ll be going through all the essential concepts you need to research, create and market your new products. Essentially you’ll be learning how to run a sausage machine – set it up and crank the handle.

Later you get someone else to crank the handle.

It’s not hard, but it’s not easy – that’s the real world truth. A lot of people have romantic notions of instantly earning tons of cash (sounds great doesn’t it?), but back in the real world it takes a few weeks to get the ball rolling depending on your capabilities.

Yes, you can make money almost straight away, but that can be hard to maintain. It’s better to build automated assets that need just a little tending while you build others.

Yes, I’ve considered a 2 part payment plan, although the amount you’ll be putting on your credit card isn’t that much for what you’ll be getting back in return.

You WILL NOT FAIL to make many times what you invest in this programme if you have the right level of committment. Not everyone does. Many people choose slavery to a job as it seems safer.


Wait until Friday, I’ve already written here more than I intended to.

Hi Frank,

I am Brian here from Singapore, and it is exciting to know that you will be providing a one-to-one coaching session, which i have been seeking all these while to kick start and earn substantial income for my online business. I had currently a website, but not a complete product yet, and so it will be my pleasure to be able to work with you to make this happen.

I believe this will be a wonderful and great coaching program for everyone who wish to succeed online.

This is just what I need to iron out the creases,
and to help increase sales and improve traffic to my first website that I have up and running at present,I look forward with interest.

Best Regards
John Wood.

Mike Rogers

Hi Frank,

Just a couple of quick questions:

1) How many hours per week will be required?

2) What skills should the student bring to the party? ie: will this be suitable for a total newbie or geared more toward the intermediate marketer?

Sounds like a very good proposition with a lot of potential.

Warmest Regards,


You have finally come to your senses Frank:-)

Honestly speaking, This can be the breakthrough that I needed!

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

There’ll be a lot more detail in the announcement on Friday, but I think it’s worth answering your questions here and now, and in reverse order.

#2 – If you’re a newbie (I hate that word) but bright with it, you’ll pick up what you need to know *technically* very quickly as for instance I’ll put together some videos showing how you to edit a web page to put your sales copy in it.

If you’re a newbie (Gah! Anybody got a better word?) but “technically challenged” then it’s going to be harder for you.

If you consider yourself as I did about 18 months ago, where you think you know what’s what but need a good kicking to get you to do something about it, then this is really going to benefit you.

(As an aside, I had a friend tell me he bought IM products for 10 years, and didn’t make a single penny from it. Then he started doing things [or “taking action” as I see it written everywhere] and things changed rapidly for him.

He’s now making more money part-time than he does in his day time job. The only thing that’s stopping him from giving up his day time job is his legal status! That’s another story…)

Even if you only consider the networking connections and the close friends you’re going to make who will support you and cover your back when you need it, then this is the turning point you’ve been looking for. I know, I’ve been there and bought the T-shirt.

#1 – I can’t say how long you will need to put aside as I don’t know what you’re capable of yet (see #2). When you’ve signed up and we’ve had our first chat, I’ll ask you some questions that will enable us both to decide what it is you personally need to do, and what you *want* to do.

I would say generally that you’ll need to put aside about 90 minutes a day Monday to Friday and 3 hours on Saturdays / Sundays but it’s really up to you. You may already be spending this much time working without focus.

Although I’ll be making sure you create a new product and get your site up and running (it’s not hard), the benefits you’ll get out of this are directly related to the effort you put in.

Now there’s a bit of a wishy-washy answer if ever I gave one, but how long is a piece of string?

Every person that joins the programme *will* benefit, some more than others.



Serf Modina

I hope this will not be very expensive for people who are just starting out in online business…At last a non-hyped mentorship needed by anyone wanting to start an online business…

Steve Roberts

Hi Frank,
Sounds great, I am looking forward to seeing the details on Friday.
I don’t know how your selection process will work, but if it is time based can you please take into account your friends from down under.
When you are releasing the details on Friday it will be the middle of the night down here.
I would love the opportunity to have a “real person” as a tutor / mentor.
Hope you all have a great day.

Jan Evensen

Hi Frank!

Sounds ***very*** exiting.

Can’t wait until Friday…

Laurie Lacey

Hello Frank,

This sounds interesting. I’ll watch
how things unfold on Friday.

All the best,

Katie Finazzo

Hello Frank,

Thanks so much for all you do. I look forward to hearing what you have to say on Friday. Cheers to a fun, meaningful and prosperous remainder to 2007 and more of the same for 2008.

Ismail Jassat

I look forward to more details
I hope it will be affordable.