Perfect eBook Nickel Sale now LIVE

The nickel sale for Perfect eBook is now LIVE and has started at just $2.97.  The price is increasing by 5 cents with each sale and the first 20 buyers will get it at under $4.

Make sure to bookmark your download page!

You can get to it here:-

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Vern Brown says:

    Looks like I was the [or one of] first to get this ‘great’ product.
    Thanks for all your hard work, Frank.

    One thing: Your “title” still reads “WordPress AutoBlog Plugin”…


  2. Jan Evensen says:

    Hi Frank!

    I must have been the very first to click on the “buy now” link.

    $2.97 – not bad…

    I’m looking forward to studying your recipee for the perfect ebook, and I may be able to start “cooking” my own ebooks in the near future.

    As a guy somewhere in between a “newbee” and an “oldbee” (…is that a word?)…
    I would like to suggest that you make another recipee – namely for CSS.

    I’m probably not alone in being a little short on knowledge about the mysterious CSS!

    Just an idea!

    Thanks, and keep up your efforts, Frank!
    You’re helping a lot of people – including me!


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