This weekend just gone I formally handed over the domain and running of PLR Code Mine (PLRCM) to James Cunnington the lead developer.  James has pretty much been running the site since the end of May / beginning of June and will continue to do so.

As part of this I cancelled all the subscription payments so that members wouldn’t be rebilled to me.

I now have no ties or affiliation with PLRCM, James is the man who will look after you from now on, and if you were a member, he’ll contact you soon if you wish to resubscribe.  He tells me that last months product will be with you shortly, and deeply apologises for the delay.



Well that’s one bit of news, and here’s another.

More than a few people have told me they really liked what PLRCM was doing for them as the products weren’t the usual run of the mill ebooks or article packs.  The PLRCM membership entitled everyone to a new Private Label Rights PHP script or WordPress plugin (often both) each month, so it hit the right chord for many.

And from a personal point of view, I learned a lot about memberships and what does and what doesn’t work.  (Especially about membership scripts.  Some of it painful.)

The core idea is sound.  Supply nice little products to the members for a fraction of the price it would take a member to have them developed individually, and also remove the pain of getting them created in the first place.

As a member, you can then give away (or sell) the products in return for a name and email address and build your mailing list.

In case you were in any doubt about this, a decent mailing list is core to your online business.  Many people say (and I agree) that no mailing list means no business.

This got me thinking about what other Private Label Rights material might be popular with people who were interested in building (or starting to build) a mailing list.

Yes, ebooks and short reports are okay if the material is good, but there’s a lot of those given away already by lots of other people.

It works.  It could work better.  And it does work better if it’s something a little different.  And if the product changes regularly.

People always want something new.  I know I do.  And I’m people too.  😉

I figured it would be good if I could come up with a membership that rotated the type of product each month to offer something new.

These are the (first) product ideas I came up with as I already know these are popular.

  • Web design / sales page / squeeze page templates.
  • WordPress themes.
  • WordPress plugins.

I’m sure that with a bit of head scratching and some feedback I can come up with some other product ideas too.


So what I’ve done is I’ve asked my graphics guru (he creates the Multiple Streams Themes) to come up with a sales / squeeze page five-pack.  And I asked one of my plugin developers to write the Redirection plugin which I included in the recent sale of the latest Multiple Streams Theme.

Two things.  Two products.

#1 – I’ve seen the first two sales page designs from the five pack, and they’re gorgeous.  No exaggeration.  They are beautiful.  The other three are being finalised now.

#2 – Version 1.1 of the Redirection plugin has just completed testing with a couple of extra little features, and it’s great.

This coming Friday 22nd October, it’s my intention to open up a new PLR membership where I’ll be including BOTH of the above products at an incredible knock down price as a sweetener for the introduction of the new site.

If you already have a mailing list and you sell just the first product to it for a giveaway $5, you’ll make a killing.  Even one of this five-pack of sales page designs is easily at least a $17 product on its own.

In fact you could give one away as a list building “taster”, and upsell to the other four and make money on the deal that way, or in fact any other way you can imagine.

AND you get Private Label Rights to the Redirection plugin too as an introductory bonus.

Sounds good?

More news and screenshots tomorrow.  🙂

-Frank Haywood