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Posted on by Frank Haywood

I’ve uploaded three videos to the Nickel Script web site that show you how to install, set up and use the Nickel Script. You can view them here:-

On Friday, if all goes well, I’ll also upload the latest version of the Nickel Script to the download page, and add a fourth video to explain the additional changes.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Eric says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for the videos. Unfortunately they’re not working in my browser. The 28 min config vid has been sitting on 7mins for hours and the data just doesn’t seem to want to transfer. Can you please provide download links so I can watch them. I know how much work that is but I can’t watch them otherwise. Thanks.

  2. I checked for a new version of the Nickel Script before I went live with todays offering to my list….

    Didn’t find a new version of the script, but once again the Nickel Script worked flawlessly, processing over 40 sales in 8 hours.

    I pay totalmarketer a monthly fee for their robust services, but every 4th or 5th sale somehow gets lost on the return from Paypal…. and I have to resend download information by hand.

    Ditto on JVManager2 when I was using it on

    Bot of those services have a monthly fee greater than the one time price I paid for your awesome Nickel Script.

    Thank you for making such an excellent product at an incredible price.

    If you ever wanted to pump it up a little bit by adding an adjustable affiliate program, and making the setup done from one install, you could easily charge 10 – 20 times your asking price and still have customers lined up around the corner.

    I can’t wait to see what you have updated .

    - John Derrick

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