Okay, knowing how popular my recent nickel sales have been, I’ve decided to do another one tomorrow for an amazingly popular product that has bought in sales of $100,000 since launch.

The nickel sale I’m doing tomorrow is for RESALE RIGHTS for the very VERY useful ClickBank Niche Builder.

What is it, and what does it do?

ClickBank Niche Builder is a Windows application that allows you to connect to and download ClickBank databases either by category, or the entire database if you want.

It will then let you browse through it, search by key word and $$$ earned by sale, and filter down to the niche products you’re interested in, saving you a ton of time in the process.

But BETTER than that is you can also get it to build the framework for an entire web site for you, and automatically generate cloaked links to every ClickBank product you’ve selected to be included.

It’s really cool and dead easy to use.

The icing on the cake (as I like to say) is that you get it with resale rights. Not MASTER resale rights, as I’m not allowed to convey that, but you CAN turn it round yourself and resell it for a profit.

Your alternative is to go buy it for $97 from the official site.

The nickel sale will start tomorrow at 3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST) at just $5.02 and will rise by 5 cents with every purchase.

So if you’re quick, you can resell it for three times that amount, but please remember you can’t convey resale rights yourself as my licence currently doesn’t allow me to pass that on.

If the licencing terms ever change, I’ll pass on master resale rights to you directly.

At this price, if you sell just one copy you’ve made a profit and also have a great new tool you can use wisely to make even more money.

In another post later this week (perhaps early next week), I’ll show you how I intend to use this great tool myself to both build my list and my bank account.

Maybe I’ll do a video…

Yeah, I think that will work well with what I want to show you.

In fact, what I WILL show you will blow your socks off if you haven’t seen anything like this before. It will be a password protected blog post, so if you’re not a subscriber to this blog, go to the home page and near the top right are two boxes to fill in your name end email address.

As usual, I won’t hand out the password for free after the event, you’ll have to buy it, so sign up now if you want it for free.

But before we get there, get ready for the nickel sale tomorrow.

3.00pm GMT (10.00am EST) starting at just $5.02.

Frank Haywood

P.S. Here are the links to my other two nickel sales in case you missed them…

Pre-launch for SmartDD LITE with resale rights:-


Pre-launch for Ticket Desk Pro for personal use only:-


Just to remind you, those two products will be $27 and $47 (rising to $97) respectively at their official launches.