Multiple Streams Themes TEN plus TEN Templates

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o Multiple Streams Themes TEN
o TEN Sales and Squeeze Page Templates and plugin
o THREE Bonus Plugins

Every time I release a new WordPress theme bundle, I do my best to make it even better than the last one.

We do, we learn, we make better.  🙂

This latest theme is chock full of our learning and the package we’ve put together is the best ever.  If you miss this, you’ll kick yourself when it’s too late.

Here’s a reduced size image of the theme, you can click it for a larger (60% of full size) image, or better still you can go see the theme in all it’s glory here:-

Note the careful use of pastel colours – isn’t it gorgeous?

There’s just too much packed into this to adequately describe it all – all I can do here is give you a flavour of it.

To celebrate the pre-release of our tenth theme, I’m also including TEN new page templates – FIVE brand new SALES page designs and FIVE brand new SQUEEZE page designs.

You can see 60% of full size images of the templates on the following links:-

All of them come as HTML as well as in WordPress Page Template Plugin format (v1.0.4).

In case you didn’t know, the Page Template Plugin is another step towards turning any WordPress blog into a total marketing machine.  It enables you to add sales and squeeze pages to your WordPress blogs that survive theme updates and changes.  Just upload the plugin and activate, and then upload the templates – it’s a doddle.


I’m only releasing these BONUS templates as part of this pre-launch sale.

(When the inital sale is over then they’ll only be available separately and will join the others on the Page Template Plugin site at $7 apiece.)

As well as the bonus templates in this sale, you also get THREE BONUS plugins, Comment Reward, Ads Manager and Redirection.

A quick feature rundown of the theme bundle includes:-

o Custom Drop-down Menus.
o Options to globally hide or display sections of your site just by checking and unchecking boxes.
o Options to add footer text such as a footer menu and copyright content.
o Options to add site analytics code if you don’t already own the Scripts Manager plugin.
o Multiple page template styles.
o LOTS of sidebars (widgetised areas).
o 5 NEW sales page templates powered by the Page Template Plugin.
o 5 NEW squeeze page templates powered by the Page Template Plugin.
o Ads Manager plugin.
o Redirection plugin.
o Comment Reward plugin.


Madness I know to include all this, but what the heck.  😉

The sale starts Wednesday 18th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) with the first 50 copies at just $10.00 – unbeatable value I’m sure you’ll agree.

The pricing works like this:-

1-50 = $10.00
51-100 = $12.50
100-??? = $17.00
Site live = $27.00 but no bonus templates and no plugins.

See you Wednesday at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) – don’t get here too late and miss out on the lowest price.

I’ll drop you a line to remind you before the sale.  😉

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,

Very nice indeed!
I’ll be on the lookout for your email.

A while back I purchased the “Christmas Sales Page Templates Plugin”
That’s the template plugin your referring to…..correct?


Frank Haywood

Hi Dave,

Thanks for that.

Yes it is and we’ll get those templates updated soon if someone here hasn’t already done them. I know some have been done, but I’m not sure which ones yet and I have to go through them all to make sure which ones work with the new version of the plugin – I have big pile of them to be converted, around about 60-ish or more I reckon so watch out for those. 😉


O.K. thanks Frank

Don’t rush for me
Wasn’t thinking of Christmas quite yet

Be back tomorrow


Hi Frank,

nice to hear about the new MST, i think i will take it, and i hope it will work ?? because you know the last parts i have the problem that it was not work, i have lost now 20 bugs for this mst006 and mst009,
but i will see, because i have all of the mst themes,



ps. have you think for the wordpress auto updater plugin what i have sent to you last time by email

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

I’m sorry about not replying sooner, I lost my internet connection at the place I was staying right after approving your comment and only now have it back since I got home.

I *thought* everything had been sorted with the problems you’d had with the previous themes as Ronald had logged into your test blog and made the changes? If not, then please go raise support tickets for each theme here (I’ve merged all support desks into one – should have done it from the start):-

Yes, I’ve been having a think about the WP Updater and the best way to approach it. I see the need myself and I also see there only seem to be expensive services that do it – there may be a reason for that which I’ll only uncover when we look closely at it.


Ken Brese

Has anyone bought this today?

I purchased thru Paypal and after payment was sent to “thank you page” saying I would receive
product access details by email.

It’s been 4 hours and no email; can’t find anywhere to request help
from Frank Haywood…


Frank Haywood

Hi Ken,

Sorry about the delay in replying – I lost my connection just after the sale start and it looks like my support desk guy has had similar problems otherwise you’d have had an answer back before now. 🙁

I believe your ticket has now been responded to and you should have a link to your download page? Go check your support ticket.


Hey Frank,

so now i have buy it, but i dont become any download link where i can download the theme 🙁
is there some problem with it or what is happend??
paypal Transaktionscode: 1CA02577HE432231K


Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

I’ve just re-sent your order email, I’m sorry I couldn’t get online to do so before now.


Hi Frank,

oh bad part to lost the conections 😉 ,
yes i have become the order email, but in the order email it was not the mst0010 theme, there was only the new version from PG Page Templates v1.x, :,-((
it will be good to become also the theme what i have buy 😉


P.S.: yea you see self what it is to have this kind of wp-updater plugin when you have 10 or more blogs, when you have it or you will start it please let me know it maybe i can test my idee than ;-))

P.P.S.: yes i think i will open a new ticket for my problem with the theme because it is still not working

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

I’m sorry about that.

I think Howard has answered your ticket now. It confused me a little until I realised it looks like there had been a PayPal IPN failure and so no order generated. I’d told Howard to just re-send the most recent order email, but of course it was the wrong one… 🙄

He now knows how to create an order manually and tells me he’s done that.