Update: The sale for Multiple Streams Theme 5 is now running priced at $27.00.

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Apart from the beautiful and well thought out design, the theme itself includes the following WordPress 3.x features.

o Custom Headers
o Custom Backgrounds including colour picker
o Custom Menus

We’ve also included a set of options with this theme.

Just go to “Appearance >> MST Options” and there you’ll see you can do things like globally hide or display sections of your site just by checking and unchecking boxes. So you have global control of the header, top boxes, and top and bottom ads. This is very useful when you’re building a site and trying to decide which appearance you want it all to have.

On the options page, you can also easily add footer text such as menu and copyright content, and also any site analytics code in the footer if you don’t already own the Scripts Manager plugin.

You can even change the appearance of your blog posts as we’ve included an alternative “single.php” file which is the bit of code responsible for displaying single blog posts. Just swap the original one out and replace it with the alternative to alter the look and feel of your blog posts.

Next up is the appearance of pages. We’ve included 4 page templates rather than just the one that most themes supply.

#1 – Default Template.
#2 – One column page, no sidebar.
#3 – One column page, no sidebar, no three top boxes.
#4 – No top widgets.

So now when you create a new page on your site, you can decide which of the above formats (on a case by case basis) you want it to appear as.

And speaking of pages, we’ve also included the 5 squeeze page templates plugin that we released with the last theme. This plugin enables you to easily add autoresponder “squeeze pages” to your blog to assist you in building your mailing lists.

Other plugins included are the Ads Manager and Redirection plugins to help you place ads on your site, and redirect pages (via your affiliate links if you wish) respectively.

Finally (?) we’ve included blank PNGs and JPEGs of all the ad graphics, banners and header used in the theme, as well as Adobe Photoshop PSDs.

This means that if you don’t have Adobe PhotoShop, you can still use the blanks and a free program like The GIMP to edit the banners etc to your own needs.

I hope you’ll think this carefully thought out bundle is well worth the discounted price we’re offering for the first people to purchase today.

The pricing will work like this…

1-50 = $10.00
51-75 = $12.50
76-100 = $15.00
100+ = $27.00 until offical launch of the Multiple Streams Themes site.

Offering these low prices to you is my way of saying thank you for being a subscriber.

You can see an installation of the theme on the link below.


-Frank Haywood