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Today Friday 13th January at 6.00pm I’m running a final sale for Multiple Streams Themes ONE.

This has come about because in the last two weeks I’ve been asked by several people how the Ads Manager plugin works, and that’s then lead onto the videos I did for the original Multiple Streams Theme.

I’ve then had emails come back saying something along the lines of “Oooh!  That’s NICE!  I want that theme!”

Well okay.  I have to say that looking at it again, this first one is secretly my all time favourite.

It just looks really good.  😉

Anyway, as I said this is the original theme that first introduced the idea of owning a site that you could quickly set up to pull in Multiple Streams of income.  Hence the name.

The interesting thing is (and I’ve never tried to hide this), I *stole* the original idea from Jimmy Brown after he closed his site down and moved onto different things.  I thought it was a great idea (and still is) and I’ve pursued it ever since.

The theme has umpteen widgetised areas (sidebars) and supports WP 3.x custom menus, and included with the theme are the Ads Manager and Redirection plugins.

It comes with 8 small ads and 3 wider ads, and included are the Photoshop PSDs and also no-text PNG versions of them so you can add your own text to the ads with your favourite graphics editor or one of the online graphics services.

It really is a cool looking theme.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for MST001 available for just $10.

You can see the theme in action here:-

and see some videos of how to set it all up here:-

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Seems to be a great theme. I hope I can grab my copy today


Frank Haywood

Hi Frank,

(Great name BTW.)

It’s the original, and I think it’s pretty cool too. 😉


Hey Frank,

that look pretty cool, and maybe i think i will take this, because then i have near all of the MST versions 😉 ,

but hey i still wait for some answer about the mst007, i have no answer from your support desk, it will be nice when i can start useing the theme now, because we have wait so long time, and also i have some people who want buy it, but so i can not sell it,
please take a look for this


p.s.: this is my TICKET (#0BD849) id

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

Sorry about that, all sorted now I hope. I’ve left my designer with the details of your test blog, hopefully he’ll take a look at that other problem today.


Hi Frank

is this in any way related to the theme sold last week?

Bought it..Looks great and promising ..Thanks


Pol vanRhee

Oh. No widgetsinit plugin. I was thinking since the video showed it, it would be included. I should have read the copy first. Oh, well. Still a nice theme.

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Ah! Sorry. I only included that video as it complements Ads Manager so well. There’s also another plugin called Contextual Widgets that is the third of the “control” plugins. Between the three of them they pretty much give you complete control over where and when your widgets appear on your blogs.


Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,
Great looking Theme. I’ve got it installed already, but still have some re-arranging around to do. Its installed here,, but I can’t seem to get the footer to look like yours. How did you do that?


Chris Arhot webmaster

It really is a cool looking theme.

Frank Haywood


Hi Frank

Is this different to last weeks one?

Frank Haywood

Hi Lynley,

Yes, it’s a different design with some different features. And as usual the PSDs and no-text PNGs for the ad banners are included. Even if you look at it just from that perspective, those are well worth owning. Get all the themes and you also get a hefty collection of banners to use across all your sites. 🙂


Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,
The Template is working just great now. My hosting company was moving my account and it made the template look strange.
But, that’s all over now, and everything is falling into place.
Now the only problem I have is to decide which template to use on this blog M007 or M001.

Frank Haywood

Hi Gary,

I always think blue is a pretty good choice (perceived as business-like), but it depends on what the site is all about. MST007 being green will have a very calming effect on your visitors, and if that’s what you want then use that. You can then include splashes of other colours in the sidebars and the slider and ad areas.

The guy who designs these for me is very aware of good colour usage, so you’ll often find that banners with other primary colours go well with all of the themes.


Adam Cadell

Hello Frank, I know yiou mention that the theme is final, I missed it with being away until Monday evening of this week, nevertheless, is there any chance you may offer it again sometime this year? I don’t expect you to resell when odd enquiries are made, but wondered if you had plans to re-package it or sell at a higher price?

Rather than bother you initially with the above enquiry, I came across a website that sold the theme with widgets supplied for $27, the problem is the product was not delivered and I’ve had no response from ‘support’ so I’ve had to reluctantly ask for a refund from Clickbank.

Seeing as I can’t find any other way of obtaining it, I thought to myself ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ – so sent this post.

Needless to say, I fully understand if the theme has gone and there’s no intention of bringing it back in any way shape or form, it was my problem to have missed it, and it’s not the end of the world, that said, if you don’t ask…

Whatever the answer, best wishes. Adam Cadell

Frank Haywood

Hi Adam,

I’m sorry you missed it. I tell you what. The site is being gradually updated and it will soon be open with all products being sold with an affiliate scheme. I’ll do one last weekend sale for all themes and give plenty of notice so you should be able to take your pick of the ones you like.

As for the other site you mentioned and the sale through ClickBank, I think that was probably a different theme that was released with PLR by Jimmy Brown, and you bought it from someone who had the rights to sell it. Jimmy did it as a one-off and I thought the concept was such a good one that I had my own similar theme created and I’ve been releasing new ones every 2-3 months – there’s another one in the pipeline right now.