The first multiple income streams theme for WordPress is now available on pre-order for just $10 – the completed theme itself won’t be available for a couple of weeks.

Here are the key points:-

o Designed to provide you multiple income streams.
o Carefully placed subscriber sign up box in the “Golden Triangle”.
o Latest posts at a glance.
o Featured freebie.
o Product spotlight.
o Time sensitive offers.
o New releases.
o Themed sidebar ads for your affiliate links.
o Sidebar ad graphics are editable.
o Ideal for use with the “Subscribers Only” plugin.
o Multi-site usage licence for sites you personally own.
o Only 50 copies (was going to be 75, now limited further).

In case you missed my email yesterday, you can see an annotated JPEG of the design here:-

The theme has been designed with you in mind and allows you to create a blog where you can build your mailing list (vital), review products, and promote multiple products as an affiliate.

In other words it’s been designed to make your life easier.

I’ve had some GREAT comments from people, and just a single negative comment from someone I wasn’t sure “got it” (hi Rain), but I know this is a common misconception amongst non-marketers and newbies.

He suggested this was a web template – it isn’t, it’s a full blown WordPress theme – and that “templates” like this were available for free.  Well, after several years of searching I have yet to find a good one, which is the whole point I had this one built.

He then suggested an expensive site which I’ve used a couple of times in the past.  The problem with templates from that site is they’re designed by designers who think they know what businesses want, but they don’t address the real needs of people like you and me – the marketer and professional bloggers.

Okay, enough dwelling on the negative.  Most people see the benefits and can’t wait to get it.

In fact I had a very good suggestion (hi Maury) to list some plugins that would be useful with this theme and also come up with some scenarios to use them.

I’ll go away and have a good think about that.

First thoughts though are the fact that this THEME is designed to help you build multiple income streams, and when used in conjunction with the two list building plugins I released recently, will help you do just that.

And as I said yesterday, at the moment it’s just a design, but it’s currently being sliced and developed into a WordPress 2.9 theme (and planned to be converted later into a WP 3.0 theme with custom menu support).

My estimate is it will be a couple of weeks before it’s complete.

This is your chance to pre-order for just $10.

Once the theme is complete and the official site is live, it will be available for $27 for a short time before I set the final price.

Today it’s just $10 on pre-order.

But only for the first 50 people to get there.  (It was going to be 75, but I decided to limit it further to retain the product value – I will only ever sell 200 copies in total.)

Ah, one more thing as someone asked about this.  It’s a multi-site usage licence which means you can use it on as many sites as you personally own.

UPDATE:  Okay, I’m happy to say this has been quite popular (which is a relief when you’ve hired someone to make WP themes for you) and so I’m making a final TEN copies available for pre-order.  It looks like I’m going to be out and about for most of the day, but it’s likely that they’ll be gone by the time I get back and I’ll close it down.  (It’s not the end of the world, the theme will still be available at $27 for a short time when it’s released before I set the final price.)


-Frank Haywood