Multiple Income Streams Theme Pre-Order

The first multiple income streams theme for WordPress is now available on pre-order for just $10 – the completed theme itself won’t be available for a couple of weeks.

Here are the key points:-

o Designed to provide you multiple income streams.
o Carefully placed subscriber sign up box in the “Golden Triangle”.
o Latest posts at a glance.
o Featured freebie.
o Product spotlight.
o Time sensitive offers.
o New releases.
o Themed sidebar ads for your affiliate links.
o Sidebar ad graphics are editable.
o Ideal for use with the “Subscribers Only” plugin.
o Multi-site usage licence for sites you personally own.
o Only 50 copies (was going to be 75, now limited further).

In case you missed my email yesterday, you can see an annotated JPEG of the design here:-

The theme has been designed with you in mind and allows you to create a blog where you can build your mailing list (vital), review products, and promote multiple products as an affiliate.

In other words it’s been designed to make your life easier.

I’ve had some GREAT comments from people, and just a single negative comment from someone I wasn’t sure “got it” (hi Rain), but I know this is a common misconception amongst non-marketers and newbies.

He suggested this was a web template – it isn’t, it’s a full blown WordPress theme – and that “templates” like this were available for free.  Well, after several years of searching I have yet to find a good one, which is the whole point I had this one built.

He then suggested an expensive site which I’ve used a couple of times in the past.  The problem with templates from that site is they’re designed by designers who think they know what businesses want, but they don’t address the real needs of people like you and me – the marketer and professional bloggers.

Okay, enough dwelling on the negative.  Most people see the benefits and can’t wait to get it.

In fact I had a very good suggestion (hi Maury) to list some plugins that would be useful with this theme and also come up with some scenarios to use them.

I’ll go away and have a good think about that.

First thoughts though are the fact that this THEME is designed to help you build multiple income streams, and when used in conjunction with the two list building plugins I released recently, will help you do just that.

And as I said yesterday, at the moment it’s just a design, but it’s currently being sliced and developed into a WordPress 2.9 theme (and planned to be converted later into a WP 3.0 theme with custom menu support).

My estimate is it will be a couple of weeks before it’s complete.

This is your chance to pre-order for just $10.

Once the theme is complete and the official site is live, it will be available for $27 for a short time before I set the final price.

Today it’s just $10 on pre-order.

But only for the first 50 people to get there.  (It was going to be 75, but I decided to limit it further to retain the product value – I will only ever sell 200 copies in total.)

Ah, one more thing as someone asked about this.  It’s a multi-site usage licence which means you can use it on as many sites as you personally own.

UPDATE:  Okay, I’m happy to say this has been quite popular (which is a relief when you’ve hired someone to make WP themes for you) and so I’m making a final TEN copies available for pre-order.  It looks like I’m going to be out and about for most of the day, but it’s likely that they’ll be gone by the time I get back and I’ll close it down.  (It’s not the end of the world, the theme will still be available at $27 for a short time when it’s released before I set the final price.)


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Michael Pedzotti

Thanks Frank. Here I was thinking it would be midday my time tomorrow and it ends up being midnight here. It is just as well I can’t sleep tonight 🙂

Hi Frank,
this theme looks very promising. So I am in.
A suggestion: will we have some choices whane it comes to color and backgrounds?
would be great if we not all had the same “red” for subscriptions, “green” for latest posts and blue for freebie…

looking forward to test the theme…


Frank Haywood


Ah yes, I see your point. I’ll have a think about this – I hadn’t intended for that part of the theme to be anything other than what it is, but I *have* asked for the sidebar ads to be editable.

The designer is a very smart cookie, so I’m waiting to see what he sends me as a first revision. I’d asked that the ebook in the sign up box be easily editable so that it can be replaced with your own, and he’d already thought of it. So he may have adopted that approach to all the boxes too.

Let’s see.

Thanks for your suggestion.


Hi Frank,
About the only time that I managed to see your email when I am not suppose to be sleeping as I live on GMT +8 🙂
Don’t forget to include instructions on how to customise the theme as I am sure some people like me would like to switch things around and take out bits here and there, change graphics, background colours etc.

Thanks for the great offer,


Frank Haywood


Shh, don’t tell anyone this. 😉

I’m having a plugin developed that will allow you to manage ads in all your WordPress themes via a sidebar widget. My intention is to give it away to everybody with this theme. It *should* help with ad placement and moving things around, but we’ll see.

I’ve not done anything like this before so it’s new territory for me. I know what I want, but things don’t always turn out the way you want them.

Now I’m not saying we can make things flawless at day one, but at the very least I want you to be able to move the sidebar ads around without any kind of problems, just by dragging widgets.

I think it would be nice if we can do the same with the the three boxes at the top too.

I can’t promise anything because I don’t know what’s possible yet, but the more I can do to make it easier to use for ME, the more you benefit.



Hi Frank, this is a great looking theme and I’ve just pre-ordered it!!
With the estimated release date being around the 15th June, this ties in well with me coming back from my holiday in Spain… a well deserved break and a break for me to properly recover and unwind. In fact it’s my first holiday that I’ve had in 13 years!!
So I shall have something to look forward to when I get back as I have a domain sitting idle, it’s been on the back burner to set it up as an IM review site so hand-in-hand my domain and your theme will be perfect.

Take care

Frank Haywood


Well isn’t that just perfect? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the designer will have completed it by then (especially if I’m going to be asking him about ad editing and placement in the next few hours).



Hi Frank,
Looks like you thought of everything. Is it possible to eliminate or hide some of the features you list in the sample image? And can the look of the site be customized with my own header banner?

Hey Frank,

The template looks like a beauty, I am sure you are very proud of it.

Any chance of real demo site so we can have a proper peek at it in action?

Sally 🙂

Frank Haywood


Thanks Sal!

I’ve just seen a first cut version of it live on a test site, and I’m told that there’s now a more up to date version of it which will be uploaded ASAP. There’s still quite a bit of work to be done on the sidebars as we’re trying to make it as flexible as possible.

When the almost final version is ready, I’ll install it and ask for comments. 😉


Frank – I understand that its for personal use only……but my business is building and selling websites….so how about a price for a developer licence?

Frank Haywood


I’m still thinking about this whole reseller thing and have a couple of ideas in my head. Leave it with me.


I missed the discount. How about a special for customers that have purchased multiple products?

Frank Haywood


I completely understand, but this WAS the special. 😉

When the theme launches officially in a couple of weeks, it will be $27 for a short time (before we set it to $47), and I might even throw in an additional one day special at $17. I also have some other thoughts about the site I’ll be releasing this theme on, so things might change a little in your favour in between now and then.


I missed out on the pre-order. When will the theme be released for purchase? It looks great!

Frank Haywood


Around about the 15th-ish is the target. Most of the theme conversion from the design to a working theme has been done, but like anything it’s all the little tweaks that will make it that much better that will take most of the time.


Johnathan Hayes

Hey Frank,

I got this from you almost as soon as you put it up. What is really cool is that your theme is kind of like the UBT and I am just amazed that you let it go for $10 with a multi-site license. Your a real cookie yourself! I mean $197 for the UBT and yours – well ours now 🙂 looks just as well. I just hope the customization is kind of like UBT.

On another note about ad placements. If you use Adrotate, you can customize your ads for placement on your blogs as well. It is an already released plugin and I must say it works great. There is a bit of php editing to get your ads where you want them, but once it is set up there is no more editing. You just click the plugin admin area and add ads or change them or whatever and it also keeps track of CTR and impressions and all that jazzy stuff. Not only does it give you statistics in the plugin admin section it gives them on the dashboard as well. I don’t see Adrotate being to hard to implement to this theme, but if the programmer adds this functionality then I give him an A+++!

Again, thanks for this awesome wp theme Frank. I look forward to using it on my blog soon.

Your Marketing Comrade,

Johnathan Hayes

Frank Haywood

@Johnathan Hayes:

Well, thanks for that. I’m afraid though that the customisation won’t be anything like UBT. You’ll be able to move stuff around like the ad blocks, and create your own custom menus when WP3.0 is officially released (free upgrade to WP3 verson of the theme), but that’s about it.

Maybe you don’t know this, but my personal preference in WP themes has long been Semiologic Pro (SLP), which is what this blog runs on (and many of my others). What I’ve always liked about SLP is its standard usage of WordPress – all the clever stuff is done with plugins – and the theme itself is free.

UBT is like a poor man’s version of SLP I reckon, and I’d be concerned that it would break with the release of a new release of WP.



Now this first theme I’m releasing is all about the pro blogger who wants a nice looking site or three that he or she can quickly get up and running, and subsequent themes will all be in the same vein.

I’ve just this evening been playing with the widgets that are created when the theme is activated, and I’ve compiled a list of changes that need making to it before release. Hopefully by the end of the week it should all be done and dusted and you’ll have a copy.




I would love to get this Mulit stream template. PLEASE contact me and let me know where I can purchase it.

Frank Haywood


As soon as it’s done I’ll launch the site and let everyone know where to get it that missed this special.


John Miller

We were looking at having another website built but with the present economic climate our budget is very tight. The website design company that originally designed our main website, suggested we visit your website.

I am very impressed with you new wordpress theme. I already run a personal blog using wordpress and although this may sound stupid, it never occured to me that I could adapt WordPress for a commercial website.

I have being led to believe that this can be adapted to my needs for a fraction of the price I have been quoted by other web design companies in by area around the South Coast. I may add that most of these other designs fall well short of the standard you have set.

I must also say that the webdesign company I am dealing with speak very highly of you, and have been completely up front with us about the costs of buying the web theme and developing it.

In these increasingly hard times for small businesses, it must be very gratifying for you to provide such useful information, services and inspire that sort of confidence and loyalty in your customers.

John Miller

Frank Haywood

@John Miller:

Well thanks for that John, I’ve just been staying for a few days in your neck of the woods in Swanage, and I’m very sorry to be back…

I’ve just done a quick bit of online detective work and I can see it’s Gareth who’s been extremely kind to me (thank you Gareth).

You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head there about using WordPress for your business web site, and there are an increasing number of small businesses that are being introduced to it (I actually have a product idea around that), and why not?

Instead of having to pay the original design company for their time to add more pages of content, you can just nip in and do it yourself. And I see this as a win-win for both parties.

You’re happy because you have control and it’s relatively easy to make changes, and the chances are good that because the original design company “saw you right”, that you’ll go back to them for major changes later on and most importantly that you’ll also tell other businesses, which brings in additional work for the design company and makes them happy.

-Frank Haywood

Hi Frank

I’ve bought from you in the past, I’m late getting to this offer as I’ve had a long stay in hospital.

Anyway, I saw your theme, and thought… just what I need, but it looked so familiar… indeed it is a replica of Jimmy Brown’s site! I like what you did though, convincing your email list you paid $499 for a developer, when you most probably just cut a deal with Jimmy to sell it! Great idea though, I admire your initiative, I guess you saw he was selling of all his products, and figured it would fit with your current products, and made a deal… WOW!!

So I’m wondering, for me being a bit cheeky and so so ill… will you do me a massive favour and let me have it for $10 please, I promise not to tell anyone or announce it on this blog!! Thank you 🙂

Frank Haywood


Lol! Well, that’s a good assumption that I did a deal with Jimmy, but it’s incorrect. As I said in my introductory post about this theme, I outright *stole* the idea from Jimmy who as you probably know has now retired his product.

And yes, I’ve hired a designer/developer to work (almost) full time on creating themes for me. Not only is he an excellent designer as you’ve already seen, but he’s also a very competent WordPress developer and has built in widget support for some aspects of the theme to improve usability, as well as numerous sidebars (8 at the moment). Now that WP 3.0 is out, once we have the 2.9 version out to everybody, work will start on the WP 3 version specifically to add custom menu support.

My intention is not to build just a single theme, but many of them, all aimed at the marketer/pro-blogger. I’ve yet to decide on the sales model for the site yet, but it’s likely it will be a combination of a single sale of a theme at $47 or a low-cost monthly membership at $17-$27. Once the site is established, maybe the initial months membership would be the same price as a single theme, with recurring billing at the lower price.

And then I’ve also had a few requests from blog flippers and people who set up blogs for clients to ask about a developers licence, so I need to come up with something for that. I don’t want to charge the earth, but I have to balance the limited quantity nature of the availability of the themes with the thought that there will also be people out there who are also distributing the themes (albeit on a limited basis).

Something like that anyway. 🙄

Look, a deals a deal. I said it was $10 pre-order for a limited number of people, and that’s done and dusted – I’m sorry you’ve been stuck in hospital and missed it. But I will do a 24 hour one-day special with at least 48 hours warning sometime in the next week or so, and I’ll let it go for just that one day at $17. After that it will be $27 for a short time and then finally $47.

Make sure you’re a subscriber and you’ll get notice of the release date. 😉


I like the ideas and inspiration your site gives frank. I always get great ideas from reading your posts. Keep inspiring your readers.

Hey Frank

I recently bought your WordPress Affiliate Pages Offer. Wow…..impressive information! Just to show what can be done I thought I might show you what I did with it. Take a look:


John Wagner

I was one of the people who ordered the theme for $10 and I was wondering when it will be done?

I tried Vendiva but I have a problem with Captcha everytime I cannot figure out what it wants all caps, spaces between the letters or what, It takes me an hour to get it to go thru and by then I forgot what I did.

Gary Thompson

HI Frank,

I’m not sure if I’ve missed something, but i thought the MST theme was going to be out last weekend? I haven’t seen any email updates or info or anything on the download page?

Hi Frank

Been looking for the download link, since 15th June.
Nothing there yet, contacted support twice now but no response.

Just when can we expect the download link to be active.
As all i get it the pre-order info in the zip file with eta 15th june.


Hiya Frank, hope you are keeping well.
Frank have you got any news when we can dowload the Multiple Income Streams Theme?
I have a new website that I’d like to set this theme up on.

Tim Hicks

I’m very anxious to see this in action. Any word on when it shall be released?

Frank Haywood

I’m sorry for the delay, but we just couldn’t resist tweaking and testing, tweaking and testing, just so we could get it to the condition we’d like to have received it in if we were buying.

And then we decided to delay it just a little longer so we could get the WP 3.0 version with Custom Menu support done. While this was going on, we also tweaked the Ads Manager plugin we’re giving away as a bonus with the theme. 😉

The theme is now officially released and you can download it from your personal download page.