Offer Closed – Mascot Mojo Launches January 3rd 2013


This is a VERY time limited deal and you’ll need to do something about it right away if it lights you up, so please pay attention. If you’ve been on my list any length of time then you probably know you need to jump in and get it now.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Mascot Creator Toolkit and I had a great response – lots of emails saying thank you.Β  It was something that really appealed to me – that you could go in and edit some graphics and end up with something fairly original – there are lots of combinations of mascots you can create.

It’s a very good solution for you to be able to create mascots for your website or for clients.

But I gradually realised that its limitations were that it was only a single male model and that you really needed PhotoShop to get the best out of it.

If you know anything about me, then it’s that I can make good ideas better. While I live my life by the 80:20 rule, I also know that attention to detail when it counts is something that’s just as important.

And while Prian’s toolkit is very good, I believed that I could do something better.

And I have.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’d like to show you what we have so far and what my intentions are, and also give you details of a killer deal I’m offering you over the next 2 days.

I think you may end up telling everyone it’s the best deal you ever bought into.

I’m doing this early bird deal because:-

#1 – I *like* to give you the best deals ahead of anyone else – I like to look after my subscribers, you’re important to me.

#2 – I want to show my new illustrator the kind of response we can expect to get when we open the doors on launch day. She’s a lovely person and is very excited at the prospect of being paid for doing exactly the kind of illustrations she loves to do.

So here’s a few details of how it will work.

  • The mascots will be generated onsite – no need for PhotoShop.
  • The site will be membership based.
  • On the opening day there will be a minimum of one male and one female model plus costumes and accessories.
  • Planned costumes are dentist, construction worker, general tradesman, chauffeur, chef, beautician and so on, with any suggestions gladly accepted.
  • There will be new models, styles or accessories added every few days as they’re created.
  • Planned models will be people, animals, and “humanised” objects such as trees, vehicles and buildings with faces.
  • The price to the public will start at $10 per month for 20 generated mascots or a 1-day pass at $5 for 3.
  • The site will officially open on the 21st August but may be available before then as an “alpha” for you to try out.

The price I’m offering to you over this next 48 hours is $27 for 6 months access or $47 for 12 months with no limits on the number of mascots generated, and with your membership period starting on the 21st August.Β  After your initial membership is up, you’ll automatically go onto a special $5/month “access all areas” rate so you’ll continue to be able to generate as many mascots as you like as long as you continue to be a member.

This is a huge saving if you buy in immediately.

Why am I pushing for payment up front, right now?

The answer is #2 above.Β  I want to show my new illustrator how good a response we’re going to get and I want to prove to her that she has a full time position doing this.

By offering you a killer deal for acting quickly, I have that proof.

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) at 2.00pm GMT (9.00am EST) and for 2 days afterwards (closing on Tuesday lunchtime) you can pick up this one-off deal – there won’t be a better one than this.

-Frank Haywood