Marketing Seminar in the UK

Last night I signed up for a marketing seminar here in the UK at Aston University in Birmingham.

I’ve often looked at the US seminars and thought I’d quite like to go to some of them, but being a "homebody" I’ve always thought it’s a bit of a jaunt for just a couple of days.  But I promised myself that if ever I got wind of a decent UK one, with some of the big names in marketing, then I’d go to it.

And here we are, in three weeks time on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd September (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), there’s a big seminar right on my doorstep less than 10 miles away.  And the names don’t get much bigger than this.

I’ll get to meet and learn from:-

Mike Filsaime –

Joel Comm –

Craig Perrine –

Marc Harty –

Michel Fortin and Sylvie Charrier –

John Taylor –

Joe Robson –

Martin Avis –

The amazing thing is the price – just $450.00 for all three days.  This translated to £244.30 after conversion through PayPal.  The reason for the rock bottom price is to attract and then get people hooked on these seminars, so that’s my bit of good fortune. 

They’re a fairly big thing in the US, but they really need a kick in the pants here in the UK.  I’ve no doubt that over the next few years they’ll get bigger and more expensive, but I’ll still attend as the benefits will far outweigh the cost.

I’m really looking forward to it, and I’ll be taking my camera with me for a few shots with these big names.

Posted by Frank Haywood