I’ve just found out about a new service Pawan Agrawal is doing for all us WordPress blog owners.

As WordPress updates the software (currently 2.8.1 as I write this), then inevitably, some older plugins fail. This can be really annoying, and it’s probably happened to you like it has to me.

What Pawan has announced he will do is take on development of older plugins.


This is pure Marketing GENIUS on the level of X-Factor and Pop Idol.

Think about this for a moment.

People will tell him what their favourite plugins are, and that they are no longer being developed. As the licences for many plugins are open source of one kind or another, he can safely and legally take on the development of those older (but popular) plugins, and in doing so they become HIS.

Think a bit more, and you’ll realise that just like the X-Factor (people vote by phone), other people are doing the market research for him, and finding popular plugins he can easily make his own. And he’s building a network of people who have committed to use the plugins they’ve asked to be revived – they’re pre-sold.

Better still, there’s no new development work to be done. Most of the code is already written, and it’s likely that in most cases it’s just a minor fix to revitalise the plugin again.

In doing so, Pawan becomes the owner of the working version of the plugin.

Because most of these failed plugins are likely to be small amendments in order to get them to work again, it’s almost a case of products and advertising for free.

And of course, Pawan gets to pick and choose the ones he wants to do and we ALL reap the benefits.

But especially Pawan. 😉

Now THAT is a true win-win, which is just the kind of thing I love.

You can go “vote” for your failed plugin below.


-Frank Haywood