Make A Suggestion, Get a Web Site

On Wednesday 9th January Amin Motin (a fellow Brit) and I are going to build a niche web site powered by WordPress and we’re going to broadcast it live online via Google Hangouts.

Then we’re going to give it away.

While I build the site, Amin is going to create the content and we’re aiming to do the whole thing in a couple of hours.

It’s an experiment.

What we need though is a suggestion from you as to what the web site should be about. Amin has already had a couple of suggestions in the health niche, but the site can be about anything really. (If we don’t get any further suggestions then the likelihood is it will be in the health niche as that’s Amins field of expertise.)

We have no idea if we can do this or if we’ll fall flat on our faces with it – which is a distinct possibility. Having said that I’m sure I’d quite like my own web site built for me if someone was offering to do it and all I needed to do was make a suggestion about the topic.

Like I said, it’s an experiment.

But what we WILL end up with is a new WordPress driven niche site and it could be yours.

If you want to stand a chance of getting it, all you need to do is put forward your suggestion as to what the site could be about. There are no “wrong answers”, the site could be about anything at all, but we’ll make the final decision about the topic.

If you’re unsure about how to go about this whole process, then this is a golden opportunity for you to find out how it’s done from beginning to end and our hope is we’ll leave nothing out.

Why are we doing this?

Simple. It’s because we’re about to start several levels of coaching and we want to show you what we can do.

We know that we can take a complete newbie and eventually turn them into a confident online entrepreneur. But we know that before anyone will consider this, we need to show that we can do what we can do.

This little exercise should prove that, and we intend to later provide the video in return for signing up to our mailing list. (You could do something like this too.)


Now leave your suggestion, I’m sure you’ll have at least one.  :roll:

-Frank Haywood


  1. Bob Harris says:

    How about Mens’ incontinence and products to help? I looked this up yesterday and if you don’t produce one I will anyway I think. Seems like an unexploited market as it is a major source of discomfort and embarrassment to one in 20 men. A nice discreet site would do very well.

    Interesting experiment!

    Good Luck.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Bob,

      Amin said to me that health was evergreen and of course it’s definitely mass market. This sounds like a really nice niche you’ve come up with, and you’re right while most people don’t want to talk about it, they’re always going to want to know about it when it affects them. We used to get a lot of wrong numbers from senior ladies quite prepared to leave messages on our answering machine about incontinence pants as they’d been given the wrong number by their visiting nurse, so I know it’s a big deal for a lot of people. One in twenty? That’s definitely mass market.


  2. Phil Cullum says:

    Several sub-niches of the health niche would make good candidates. For example,
    * Arthritis is a wide-spread problem and a site about it would attract visitors.
    * Obesity is another big problem and a site would attract a lot of visitors.
    * Heart health would also be a popular topic, as would cancer.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Phil,

      And here we go. Health again. It really is a massive market isn’t it? If you can tap into a tiny portion of that it could make you very wealthy. :-)

      Thanks for the suggestions.


  3. Alex says:

    How about motorized model planes? They’re a lot of fun to fly, and you could populate the site with affiliate links to buying the actual planes, or kits.

    Thanks for the opportunity…Alex

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yeah… I like the sound of that one too. Gadgets and toys always appeal to men don’t they? :roll:


  4. andre arnett says:

    I would love to see you set up a golf website. I am a big golf fan so would love to see a golf site that I could profit from.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Andre,

      Golf is such a massive topic (like health) that it needs to be broken down a little. Any suggestions for a sub-niche or sub-sub-niche or sub-sub-sub-niche? ;-)


  5. Mort says:

    Greetings Frank.

    I would actually like the WP site to be about “building muscle to lose weight” which would match a project where I am falling behind.

    Good luck with it, Mort.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mort,

      Thank you and Yep that’s a good one. There’s another project I’m working on with Michael Busch (another regular here) that I think you’ll be VERY interested in. News on that another time. ;-)


  6. Paul says:

    I would like to see you create a content filled site for the Paleo diet/ smoothie market.

    Best to you!

  7. joseph sorkin says:

    A website that would be helpful would feature videos showing non drug ways to treat diabetics or pre-diabetics, It would include ads for products such as from Amazon and ask for for readers to provide first person experience in maintaining or curing diabetes without drugs.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Good one! Videos would be a problem for us I think, but I’m not ruling that out, and it depends on how much Amin knows (or can find out about) diabetes. But I really like your thinking.

      The site we produce will be a starting platform for anyone to continue posting content to, so if you’re not averse to doing some videos then it’s something you can do yourself later.


  8. Bernie Stetson says:

    I see a tremendous need in information related to issues facing the elderly and in particular the care of our aging parents. There seems to be an unnecessary ‘re-inventing of the wheel’ for many folks when it’s their turn to face these difficulties.

    There are numerous informational products and physical aids that could be well presented along with general information that would be greatly appreciated by those affected. That’s my suggestion, while I can remember it!

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Bernie,

      Good idea and without wanting to get into politics, I certainly don’t think we can trust most government organisations not to do exactly what you’ve mentioned in the health niches. (Let’s not go there.) Over the years when I worked for a medium-large company, I saw problems getting re-solved incorrectly when we’d already fixed them properly years ago and it was just down to people being unaware of the history of the subject. This must happen over and over, with history repeating itself.

      If you have any more detail or examples, that would be appreciated. :-)


  9. Francis Moss says:

    Mental health. Specifically teens or young adults. With all the upset in the US over disturbed young men with guns, this could be helpful. Warning signs, treatments, parenting advice, resources, etc.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Francis,

      Thank you. Mental health is another one that’s close to my heart and I always think that people don’t take it seriously. I had depression 10-ish years ago and it never really goes away.


  10. Walking for health….What are walking shoes? How to pick them. A good diet for walking. Relationship between your ability to walk and fitness – life expentency… lots of info and a variety of info…written, video, audio…. go for it.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Claude,

      Walking is another one that’s close to my heart – it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing as I don’t like formal exercise so walking really suits me. We live right on the edge of the countryside with plenty of fields, farmland and walks as well as a canal so it’s easy to pull on my boots and be in the woods or up a quiet lane in 5 minutes.

      I’ve said for years that walking is seriously underestimated – do we really need to jog or run everywhere just to get some exercise? When I was in my twenties I went for a walk one Saturday morning about 9.30 and didn’t get back until the evening, I reckon I must have covered about 20 miles. I don’t do that now, but I still enjoy a walk even over a swim. :-)


  11. Raymond Johnson says:

    I like the elderly idea stated above. This could be anything from safety devices and procedures, re-tooling a home for elderly use by contractors, to what else, health supplements and diet

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Yes and thinking ahead we’re all going to be in that bracket one day so anything done on this subject is going to be useful for a very long time – it’s definitely an evergreen.


  12. Lee Asher says:

    Hi Frank,

    With the world focused on climate change and renewable energy sources I can’t see any better topic than renewable energy especially solar powered. A great site dedicated to this would be very popular I think.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Lee,

      Ah, good one. Yes I’d be interested in that too, and I think solar might really come into its own over the next decade. I’ve always liked the idea of solar energy and rechargeable batteries, and I know there’s some nice little foldable solar packs that can be used to charge cell phones and laptops etc. I just like gadgets. :-)

      And we don’t hear much about geothermal do we? And without wanting to upset a load of people I remember reading there’s enough nuclear power potential to last the whole planet several thousands of years (I believe most of France’s energy is nuclear). And we can’t be far off fusion either, with cold fusion promised about 2-3 years ago on BBC Horizon to have the first commercial prototype ready by 2014. Now that’s something I’d like to see! Truly renewable energy as you can run it all from water.


  13. Hi Frank,

    I would love to see a site devoted to helping writers get there books published on Amazon. I’m a publisher that does this already. And my site is lacking a bit. As I see it this site would allow writers to sign up and they would be able to create there own profiles. There would be a section for books that they have written are are writing and they link to the publishers. Then there is sections that teach formatting, cover design, and the aspects of publishing.

    That’s my idea.

    Good luck with your experiment.

    Glen Barnhardt
    Blue Mountain Publishing

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Glen,

      I’m getting lots of suggestions about things I’m interested in myself. I’ve believed for a long time that there’s a novel or several inside of me and as I enjoy writing I wouldn’t mind going through the whole process and then publishing it on Amazon.

      Do YOU have any suggestions about this? ;-)


      • Hi Frank,

        Yes my first suggestion is to put the pen to the paper or fingers to the keyboard, in today’s terms. Depending on what you want to write there are some good methods to help layout your book and to also keep you on track. Depending on the type of book you want to write (fiction, non-fiction) there are some differences in the marketing of the book.

        Much like you Frank I’m an internet marketer who works full time. I’m not real sure of your background but I’m very technical. So When it comes to the publishing and promoting of books I’m great. The publishing to the Kindle platform is not as easy as many make it out to be. They don’t know of the secret details that make it work best with kindle. I had to learn the writing aspects which took a little bit of studying.

        I would be happy to discuss this with you at more length. You can contact me directly at the email address of this forum.

        Since I became a publisher for local writers it has exploded. I would love to tell you all about it. We look to be in the same age bracket with a bit of wisdom under our belts ;-)

        • Frank Haywood says:

          Hi Glen,

          It’s a deal. After tomorrow is done I’ll get in touch with you as I’d love to talk to you about this. :-)


  14. OK. I got THREE suggestions for you.

    1. Finding a New Love (552,000.000 Hits on Google -Jan 2013

    2. Confidence (444,000.000 Hits on Google Jan 2013)

    3, Anxiety (130,000,00-0 Hits on Google 2013)

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi John,

      TRULY mass market topics if ever I saw them. ;-) Any suggestions for sub-niches within those huge areas?


    • Donna says:

      A sub-niche (but a growing one because of us ‘boomers’) would be finding a new love after 65. One would be seeking a healthy as possible partner, best friend & companion for the long haul. I would imagine lots of those “enhancement” products can be advertised on the site, along with healthy living tips, etc.

  15. Laura says:

    Hi Frank,

    This topic comes to mind because I have to take serious measures, so I’ve been researching alternatives to surgical procedures.

    The benefits of a plant based diet – to halt the progress of coronary artery disease or reverse it altogether. It’s much more than just a vegetarian or vegan diet Two of the leaders in that field are Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Eddlestyne, and there must be others.

    A stroke is referred to as being a “heart attack in the brain,” so of course the brain is benefited as well since it’s all one arterial system.

    I wanted to say that how to stop or reverse heart disease through diet is information that truly needs to be “out there,” and besides protecting our bodies would protect our planet too.

    Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ~Albert Einstein

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Laura,

      Wouldnt it be great if there was something that could work its way through your blood system eating all the bad gunk from your arterial walls? But if there are certain plants that supply chemicals that dissolve it, then I’d love to know more too.


  16. Karen Corey says:

    Hello as usual I am excited to see this. May need a bit of instructions to use Hangouts? Never used this.
    My suggestion is:” Children’s Audiobooks or Podcasts”
    thanks, Happy New Year, by the way.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Karen,

      Good suggestion. :-)

      Well I really hope we can do it justice and don’t fall flat on our faces with it. We had the idea about a month ago and we’ve put it off for one reason or another but felt we couldn’t put it off any longer. In “theory” it should be straight forward. While Amin writes the content, I set up the site. We’ll see.

      Hangouts Online are live streamed out to YouTube where you can watch them there, but we also swipe the embed code and put it on a web site we created just for the hangout videos.

      The only bad news might be that as we live in the UK we’ll be running it at 12.30pm GMT which is 7.30am EST if you want to turn up for the live session. ;-) But you do get to ask questions there in real time.

      The good news is the live stream gets converted to a video within about 15 minutes of completion so you can see it for a while until we take it down, which we might well do with this one as we’ve been talking about giving it away in return for a sign-up on the Idea Hear site. We’ll probably leave it up for a couple of days before removing it.


  17. John Vanse says:

    Hi Frank
    Depends on how deep a niche you want.
    I know you will be working against a time limit so will probably
    need a smaller well defined area.

    My current idea is to have broad topic [portal?] on senior health
    with a range of sub niches flowing from it.

    Possibly a good idea but to big for this present project of yours.

    BUT >>>>>
    For a more specific niche – with widespread sufferers – sleep apnea
    “Sleep apnea is prevalent in as many as an estimated 18 million Americans alone. This statistic denotes that approximately 1 in every 15 Americans, or 6.62% of the total American population have a case of sleep apnea”
    “According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 38,000 deaths occur on an annual basis that relate to cardiovascular problems that in one way or another are connected to sleep apnea”

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi John,

      I like the idea of a larger portal with lots of related sub-niches on it, but yes way too big for this. ;-)

      We intend to do the whole thing in about 2 hours just to prove (or disprove) how quickly you can put up a niche site with the right motivation. Our aim is to build the site and put content on it, we won’t be doing anything about monetising it as there just won’t be enough time and we’re doing a bare minimum of planning. It really is an experiment.

      And yes that’s another good one (scary stats) as I guess there are plenty of related long tail keywords that could be used to bring in search traffic.


  18. Paul Buelens says:

    I would like to see some alternatives to chemotherapy. Too many people get the dreadful cancer diagnose and follow their doctor suggestions and poison their system because they are afraid and not aware of alternatives and the 97% fail rate of chemotherapy

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yeah another scary subject and so probably very popular. My mom’s been through chemo twice and survived fortunately and has been clear for about 18 months now. She used to be a nurse before she retired and so knew what it was all about and opted for chemo from the point of an informed decision maker. She may just as easily have opted not to do that based on what she knew and her initial reaction was “cut it out” but she was told it wasn’t necessary and that chemo stood a better than average chance of working as they caught it so early.

      But yeah I’m sure some info on all the options would be appreciated by a lot of people.


  19. Edwin says:

    Hi Frank

    As our society are aging, any health niche that point to elderly and senior care as well as baby boomers would be a welcome. While people view these sectors as “taboo” , these are New Silver Dollars as it start of “Silver Tsunami” as they started to retire ==.> new opportunities for everyone.
    based on Family
    life cycle..

    Till then n cheers

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Edwin,

      Yep good point, we all start in the same place and we all end up in the same place eventually…

      This really does look like it’s going to be something in the health niche, but we won’t make a decision until tomorrow.


  20. Chris says:


    Before I read the comments, I was going to suggest either “Relief from Arthritis Pain” or “Healthy Diet for Type 2 Diabetes”. It looks like others were thinking along similar lines.



  21. Pol says:

    We should make Amin step outside his comfort zone if only to simulate what it would be like if one of us who have made no niches sites (or just a few) would be doing it. I suggest something I think neither of you have any experience with: Wedding dresses. A good evergreen niche. Someone is always having a wedding.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Pol,

      Well the comfort zone in the health niche is very relative as it’s so BIG. I believe he does plan to work outside his personal comfort zone so it will be doubly interesting to see the result.


  22. Deborah Mesa says:

    One topic that I think is building in momentum is the extreme weather conditions. The root causes and continued upsurge in both frequency and intensity are of interest. Especially, since nowadays places formerly undisturbed can be as likely a target as those that frequently experience dramatic weather. Patterns and the human element in the creation of these dramatic weather events would be fascinating reading.

    Another topic that is perhaps more popular here is the US is Personal Injury Law. The topic is diverse and can be discussed from a multi-faceted platform. It has spawned any number of legal “Judge ___ television programs, people are fascinated by the suffering of others, for example bottlenecks at traffic accidents. If presented in a generic form it might even present a template of sorts for marketing to any number of clients not limited to Law but fill in the blank professionals…, even if they already have a web presence.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Those are two really great suggestions, certainly I’d find the first very interesting but I definitely don’t like legal stuff and even get turned off by courtroom dramas. ;-)

      I can’t think of a way to monetise the first but I’m sure the second can most definitely be monetised. I know I didn’t say that was what we were trying to achieve, but it is. :roll:


  23. Isidro says:

    I believe I saw someone suggested arthritis as a niche. I thing that would be good for both information and real goods. I can see my copper bracelets being sold through affiliates. :)

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Isidro,

      Well aha! Amin’s checking through all of these so my guess is he’ll be clicking through to your site as I know he’s interested in this kind of thing. He was showing me a pain-relief “pen” that uses electro magnetism rather than acupuncture to achieve the same results without piercing the skin or having special skills – you just wave it over the area. I’m sure he’d have an opinion or some knowledge of copper bracelets.


  24. Stan Gore says:

    Here are three:
    Niche 1): Health Subniche: aging/anti-aging Sub-subniche: brain aging/memory loss
    Demographics: both genders age 45+
    Perceived problem/pain: “My brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Short-term memory is deteriorating. Difficulty finding the correct word”. Solutions offered: brain exercise software, supplements/vitamins, physical exercise programs. Benefit: feel youthful again. Restored confidence.

    Niche 2): Health Subniche: aging/anti-aging Sub-subniche: loss of muscle bulk & strength
    Demographics: both genders age 45+
    Perceived problem/pain: “Despite regular workouts, I’m losing my strength and muscle definition”. Solutions offered: Anti-aging online education courses, muscle-building supplements/vitamins, physical exercise programs. Benefit: feel youthful again, restored body image. Additional optional element: lead-gen optin form for gyms, personal trainers.

    Niche 3): Health Subniche: aging/anti-aging Sub-subniche: enlarged prostate
    Demographics: male age 45+
    Perceived problem/pain: “It takes me 2-5 minutes to pee (which is quite embarrassing standing at a urinal in a men’s washroom and then when I think my bladder is empty I dribble and wet my underpants”. Solutions offered: online education course (foods and drugs which aggravate the situation; exercises which help), prostate-shrinking supplements/vitamins. lead gen. for Benefit: feel youthful ( or at least not old & decrepit) again, restored body image. Additional optional element: lead-gen optin form for urologists.

  25. Neal Brown says:

    How about Baby designer clothes or garden ornaments.

  26. Terence Cipriani says:

    I think a site in the meditation or witchcraft niche could be interesting.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Terence,

      I think that would be fascinating as Witchcraft isn’t a generally accepted religion (I think) but enough is talked about the dark side of it in the movies and books. It would be nice to see a balanced and informative site about it.

      As for meditation I’ve always thought of it as really quiet, hard thinking, but I’m sure that I’m just as poorly informed there too. :roll:


  27. Pat says:

    Health is getting old with me. I suggest trying Forex for a change of pace. Still a huge, highly competitive market but smaller than Health. It’s also one of the article builder categories so there wouldn’t be a content problem.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Pat,

      Yep, I know abosutely nothing about the word, and just looking it up WordWeb Pro (nice little tool) tells me it’s short for Foreign Exchange. I didn’t know that, and when I’ve looked it up in the past all of the sites I could find didn’t say that – they all assumed that I should already know what Forex is. Hmm…


  28. Deborah Mesa says:

    Emergency Measures (you could turn this into a health topic)
    for Emergency Medicine or leave it more general for best practices for emergencies.

    Having a suitcase with supplies for 3 days use etc, maybe even detailing a list. How to make sure water is suitable to drink etc.

    Or for emergency medicine, practices for a person having a heart attack or stroke. Coughing hard or hugging oneself tightly are two remedies offered to help until medical help arrives. Saline solution to be kept on hand for rinsing out foreign objects from the eye or sealing a bleeding wound with a little table sugar (it forms a hard crust to keep bacteria out and the wound sealed).

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Deborah,

      I have to admit there’s a side of me that likes the idea of prepping. I *think* you’re talking about a less extreme version of that? Those are certainly good ideas though and I think I’d find putting together a site like that quite interesting.


  29. brad says:

    Hi Guys

    Great idea, my thoughts would be in the personal development area.
    Either way whatever you decide will be a great experience one I am looking forward to watching.

    Thanks Brad

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Brad,

      Personal development is yet another fairly big area, mostly because we all want different things. :-)

      For example even though I *know* a lot of people would like to do what I do, I feel that I have many failings (ask my wife) that would be good to get fixed, but then again I realised the other day how much I procrastinate over stuff I don’t really want to do. :roll: The upshot is, while I like the idea of changing that element of procrastination in myself I know I’m not really psyched up to do it and I’m always going to find something else to do instead. Catch 22.

      I ain’t perfect. ;-)


  30. Javier says:

    How about he something to do with better parenting.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Javier,

      My wife would be interested in that, no mistake. Erm… She tried to get me to read a book on it once and repeatedly “shared” with me what she saw as a problem with our boys when they were much younger and how I could fix it. I didn’t argue with her as I knew it was pointless, but I had no intention of making those changes she wanted as I didn’t believe in them. (I believe in lots of love and humour, fair discipline and clear lines our children shouldn’t cross.) The kids are happy as far as I can see, and we always spend time with them if we think they have a problem they don’t know how to handle. In other words, I’ve always thought we’ve done okay as parents especially when I look at how some of their friends have turned out. We’ve been lucky too I guess.

      Yep another good one. :-)


  31. Hi Frank,

    My suggestion is the baby niche, not only because that is my area of interest (wow i would love it) but also to see you guy’s create something that is outside your own personal area of interest/expertise, as you guy’s are the “experts” at this, and you are doing this to show us what is achievable so you can promote a training course, I think you should choose something that is outside your comfort zone. whether you choose the baby niche or not I still feel that you should choose an area that is outside your comfort zone, just to prove to us what can be done no matter what niche it is.
    hope it’s the baby niche.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Yep I like that. I think I could do something in the baby or children’s niches, but it’s going to be Amin who’s creating the content this time. (We might do this again some time.) So that would definitely be in my comfort zone. ;-)


  32. DigitalDave says:

    Hello Guys,

    Here is my suggestion…Digital Parenting – Keeping Kids Safe


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Dave,

      Okay you’ve lost me with that one unless you mean advice for parents on controlling their kids internet usage and teaching them not to believe that “online Johhny or Jenny” could be a 40 year old bloke. We did that and explained why they should be careful and also made a joke of it while afterwards putting on serious faces to get them to understand how careful they have to be.

      We’re a very computer literate family and we’ve also made them understand about privacy as most people growing up now in their teens and tweens just don’t get it at all. And. We’ve repeatedly told them “Once you put something on the internet, IT’S ON THE INTERNET” and can’t be removed – somewhere there’s a record of it, so be very careful about what you do and say. Our eldest (mid-teens) gets it and even he’s now completely fed up with FaceBook and the junk that people put on there. ;-)


  33. Ely Shemer says:

    Hi Frank,

    Health niches are great and it looks like everyone else on here is going for it :) So I thought I’d break the pattern and suggest a dog niche site. I know it’s a broad topic and most would normally go for dog training (which is fine with me) however, I think dog nutrition could work well too.


    • Ely Shemer says:

      Looks like by the time my comment will get approved, others have already suggested non-health niches so I’m not THAT unique :)

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Ely,

      I’ve sort of been surprised that no-one has mentioned pets yet as that’s a massive market too. Suggestion noted thank you. :-)


  34. Steve Gilligan says:

    Hello Frank

    One area I am looking at is sleep deprivation/apnea.

    There are some very good keywords with low to medium competition ratings. There are also some very good long tail keywords with variations.

    Sleep deprivation has a lot of causes/cures and you could easily see the site covering topics such as personal development, excercise, diets etc etc

    I would be interested to hear your views

    Best wishes


    • Steve Gilligan says:

      well so much for making a suggestion, eh!

      • Frank Haywood says:

        Hi Steve,

        Yeah, it looks like you have a lot of competition. ;-)

        I’m blown away by the response.


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Steve,

      Ah, you’re the second person to suggest that so I reckon there’s some milage there. Now I think about it a family friend was suffering and tried something different last year and it worked for him. I’ll ask again what it was.

      BTW I changed your spelling of the word deprivation as I don’t think you meant it spelled they way you did. ;-)


  35. Ian McKay says:

    Hi Frank
    With the advent of Amazon’s Direct Publishing Platform (KDP), it is causing lots of people to think seriously about that book that they have always wanted to write. The old saying, “Everyone has a book in them”, is now being made a reality with the birth of the e-book. It’s now possible to write a book, however big, or small, upload it to the KDP and publish it yourself. There is no cost whatsoever involved for the would be author, and your book will be on sale on the Amazon web site in a couple of days.

    Brilliant news for writers, (but not so good for agents and publishers); because, there is no more need now to have to go touting your work around publishers and agents, hoping that they might decide you’re worth taking a punt on: that’s the upside!

    However, the downside is that the job of formatting a writer’s work in the .mobi, epub or other file extensions is quite a steep learning curve. That’s why so many people have set up in business, offering to format and upload a writers work, for a fee: and, the fee isn’t cheap, around the £100 mark. I think that there will be a very big market in this field as, I am still struggling to master the dark arts of the Kindle formatting stuff.

    A web site containing clear, uncluttered, and accurately written books for sale might be worth considering.

    Best regards
    Ian McKay M A.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Ian,

      Yeah I want to write a novel or two – BIG science fiction (not science fantasy) is my bag as I enjoy “hard science” stories. (My favourite author is Larry Niven.) I would probably give away some short stories (it’s hard to write a good short) to begin with to get my name known. That’s what’s gone through my mind anyway.

      As for conversion, I’ve played with converting some text files to mobi format using Calibre and it seemed to work okay, but I admit I didn’t try to do anything clever. I’d need to spend some time learning how to use it properly. A few years ago I spent a lot of time working out how to correctly create a PDF template using OpenOffice with a linkable footer and a Table of Contents – I still use that base format today. So to do the same thing for mobi files and Calibre would be time well spent I think. I’ve seen some badly formatted books on Amazon with hard line breaks that don’t show properly on a Kindle so I know that’s a mistake at least some people make.

      I’ll think about this one hard.


  36. Mel Calaby says:

    On the golf theme, a very good niche would be on swing faults, and how to cure them.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Mel,

      Thank you for that more specific niche, but I’m *definitely* not the one to do a site about that as I know zero about golf and I’m not interested in it either. ;-)

      However, the point of all this is that with some research it should be possible for anyone to write content about anything, and I reckon I could write some good useful content on the topic if I really put my mind to it. Amin’s the one that’s doing it so let’s leave it up to him. :-)


  37. Vince Andrews says:

    Hi, Frank

    Looks like this is going to be quite a project to do live and i wish you and Amin
    the best of luck. Building sites can be a nightmare for many people and we
    often give up, without finishing any site, we wish to build.

    Whilst the Health niche is massive and evergreen and possibly will be the
    choice of many. I would like to suggest a site that i would dearly love to
    build myself, if i had the proper know how to complete the thing.

    My choice would be: Tobbaco and Trade card collecting.

    I have been an avid collector of this fascinating media for many years and
    have just completed my first book on the subject for beginners, which is
    now published on Amazon. The book took many months to complete and
    i have another in the works for American baseball cards.

    No matter what the winning choice of website and am confident in saying,
    that like all other things that you do. It will be stunning to see.

    Good luck with it all.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Vince,

      There’s no doubt the site won’t be complete when we’ve finished, but it will have all the necessary basics installed on it. Our intention is to create a site with some starter content and if possible some pre-scheduled content on it too. But it should be looked upon as a site to build on rather than a completed project.

      And oh yeah, trading cards are another evergreen. Let’s see a link to your book on Amazon. :-)


  38. Margaret says:

    Aren’t we all doing niche sites on wordpress already?

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Margaret,

      No is the nice and simple answer. :-)

      The thing is when you know how to do something, you instantly devalue the skill in your own mind. I know it may not feel like it but you’re probably one in a million with the skill set you have, but because you probably hang around with like minded people online you think it’s a skill that most people have. The fact is there are so many people out there who don’t know how to do what you and I do – but WANT to – it will blow your mind. And then even those who know what to do are looking for someone to show them.

      Hopefully, that’s what Amin and I are going to do. :roll:


  39. Adam Cadell says:

    DIY teeth whitening?

  40. Jorge says:

    Hi, what about beauty? is a big market, women and men are looking always to find products related to this niche, like creams, lotions, products for take care of the skin, etc.

    creams for dry skin women: 20,000,000 results on google

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Jorge,

      Yep that’s a really good one too. I hope that people reading this recognise the wealth of ideas that have been coming out in this thread. :-)


  41. Gordon Mutch says:

    Hi Frank

    For health: 1. Natural alternatives for dealing with high blood pressure. 2. OK, you’ve done the first 50 years, so what do you need to do to enjoy 51 to 100+? 3. For the families of ageing parents: How to help their parents to stay independent and enjoy life (and avoid spending their savings on care homes!).
    For others: 1. I like the model flight aeroplane idea. 2. Pastimes and learning toys for 8 to 12/14 year olds.

  42. Jim Barr says:

    Solar energy is good but why stop there?
    Why not include wind & wave energy plus geothermals.
    The possibilities are enormous.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Jim,

      Yep, and why stop there? I’m sure there are some more creative means that just don’t get the press they deserve.


  43. Annie says:

    Just the content of these comments is Pure Gold with a few exceptions which would be very difficult to monetise. BUT, I fancy Witchcraft. my husband says that I’m a witch so I have a besom by the front door. A close relative who is a police officer has her rank ‘Pips’ and official Police vehicle numbers on the handle.

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Annie,

      I came to the same conclusion as you earlier today. It’s taken a while to work my through them all. :-)

      A witch you say? One of the good ones I hope. :-)


  44. Pat says:

    Hmmm…..what better way to learn than by building a site about it………………..

    Thanks, Pat

  45. William says:

    Why not a WordPress plugin site. Everything in one location for you

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi William,

      Actually, how about a WordPress plugins recommendation site? I like it. :-)


  46. Vincent Dee says:

    Create a website about marketing tips for marketers of any niche.

    The site will cover the business end of any online business:

    website planning & creaton, web hosting, niche research,
    content research with tools-resourcesl how to, buying cheap domains,
    domain usage with main vs sud-domains vs sub-directores,
    IPs & what are they & why are they important, pc equipment & peripherals,

    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Vincent,

      Well we won’t use this for tomorrow, but we ARE going to do this exact thing, probably on the site. And Amin and I will be offering various levels of coaching very shortly.

      Part of the reason for us doing this exercise is to show that we know what we’re doing, and you’re going to see warts and all how we go about it and the fluff-ups we make as we go as it will be live. :roll:


  47. Ray Getz says:

    Anti – aging specifically the sub niche ant-aging SKIN (solutions … creams and/or other).
    With all due respect, the many reasons this would be a terrific choice should be obvious; includes demographic trends, is evergreen…

    Plus my wife and myself would be “all in” since we’re wrinkling fast — haaaaa!


  48. Paul Tuttle says:

    From personal experience (twice) anyone having a loved one in the hospital for more than a week in the USA can benefit from many things. A special accountant to monitor bills and insurance once they get over $100,000. Mabe a tort lawyer. Then there are services, prescriptions, equipment and agencies. Getting your home ready or surviving a nursing home is a major chore in itself.

  49. What about a site about mental health. But aimed at the caress such as partners who support them. What help is for them. To get though it. My partner has mental health issues. But at times when bad. It effects me. Yes I can read up what to do to the patient. But what about the careers them self. How to cope when the patient is co stanly pushing you to the limit how will u cope etc so it don’t effect you etc. Which I personally find it’s effecting me and fighting it as need to remain strong etc.

  50. Lynn says:

    A firend of mine has written some software that helps to cure or alleviate health problems by adjusting the diet. I would like to see a niche site built around the avoidance of drugs that would help to sell that software.

  51. Olaf says:

    Hi Frank,

    again a greet part from you here, ;-)

    i think it will be good some part about listbuilding, because i think many of us internet Marketers have problems with this part,
    and also so it will be good for some good Plugins about wordpress security, this can be some big part

    and i will be there on the live stream ;-)


    • Frank Haywood says:

      Hi Olaf,

      Okay, list building will be covered at some point with an overview and practical advice too. :-)


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