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Update: The sale for the Swiss army knife of plugins Magic Shortcodes for WordPress is now live and is currently $15.00. The price will rise in 24 hours to $17 and again 24 hours after that before closing, so why not snag it now at the lowest price? 🙂

Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a new plugin called Magic Shortcodes, and there’s no two ways about it, it’s a must-have. It does so much that I think a good description of it is that it’s like a Swiss army knife.

You just pull out the tool you want and use it.

It works by adding pre-made pre-defined shortcodes to your posts and pages. These shortcodes do different things such as adding Google maps, recent Tweets, and YouTube videos.

Plus a whole lot more. The available pre-set shortcodes are:-

  • Headline
  • Heading
  • Frame
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Spoilers
  • Service Box
  • Colour Box
  • Buttons
  • Quote
  • Pullquote
  • Simple Testimonial Box
  • Highlight
  • Labels
  • Fancy Links
  • Dropcaps
  • Colour Notes
  • Message box
  • Styled “Definition” List
  • Flexible Columns
  • YouTube Video Inserter
  • Google Maps
  • Recent Tweets

By that very long list I hope you can see why I’m thinking of it as an all-in-one tool. 😉

For many of the shortcodes you can choose different styles and colours too, so you’re not stuck with just one of each, there’s some flexibility built in there too.

It’s difficult to describe what all the shortcodes do but they’re easy enough to work out, so I created an overview video which shows you the kind of thing you can do with them.

The sale starts today 2nd October at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) at just $10 for the next 24 hours. Then the price starts to increase every 6 hours after that. This is your opportunity to get the Magic Shortcodes plugin today at the lowest price it will ever be.  🙂 [br][br]

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Pol vanRhee

I like it already. Got one request for you, though. Is there any way for those of us that own BigEd and PG Magic Styles (and now this one) to integrate them so we only need to install one? Or at least put them under the same sidebar in Dashboard.

BTW, I am using this and there is some cool stuff in here! Another must have on a site.

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Thank you. I get it, just one big humongous monster of a plugin? 😉

Okay that’s definitely something to think about. 🙂


love shortcodes. and since you’re thinking about that monster idea, how about a “graphic library” that we can add our own graphics to choose from?

Frank Haywood

Hi Susan,

Would you mind elaborating a little?

There are two approaches that come to mind with a little thought.

#1 – Something along the lines of you being able to add a new directory and fill it full of your own images before uploading the plugin. Then the plugin could show thumbnails of the images all ready for insertion into posts and pages.

#2 – Create a directory as in #1, but when the plugin is uploaded and activated, it auto-adds all the images to the WP library.

Either one of those would work really well I think, and maybe even a combination of them.

Your thoughts please? 😉


Hi Frank – I have your Magic Styles plugin, and I don’t see a lot of difference in function between that one and Magic Shortcodes – could you maybe elaborate the main differences?


Frank Haywood

Hi Maury,

Okay, well as you know Magic Styles gives you a nice selection of boxes, buttons and bullets, and you can swipe across text and apply those styles to it. Magic Shortcodes does *some* of that (no bullets or buttons), but a whole lot more in other respects such as the ability to insert YouTube videos, Google maps, recent Tweets and a slew of nice little effects that can jazz a page up.

I think there’s a whole lot more in Magic Shortcodes, and it’s all nicely complementary to Magic Styles. 🙂


Hi Frank – Ignore my first question – there is a big difference in features, Magic Shortcodes has a LOT more – so much more that I had to buy (dang it). 😉


Frank Haywood