Update: The sale for the time saving Magic Content Blocks plugin is live at just $10.00.

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It allows you to create standard content that you want to place in lots of posts and pages all over your blog.

(Link to test page used in the video above.)

So for example, let’s say you have a well performing ad that you like to insert into lots of posts and pages. (Or it might be an opt in form, or social media buttons, or a disclaimer, or a signature graphic, etc – any standard content.)

What you would do is create your ad using Magic Content Blocks and then you can insert this content block into your posts and pages as you create them.

You do this by selecting the block from a new drop-down selector in the TinyMCE editor which shows all the content blocks you’ve created.

The HUGE benefit of doing it like this is that if you have to change this standard content across your site (maybe you have a better ad, or you want to promote something else), then all you have to do is change your content block ONCE.

It will then cascade across ALL the posts and pages where you’ve used that content block across your entire site.

Isn’t that VERY cool and a massive time saver?

Also included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client / flipper) licence. When the sale is over that licence will be a separate purchase, so this is a great deal allowing you to install the plugin on client sites and on sites you intend to sell for profit.

-Frank Haywood