OK… Who’s the wise guy that got in before me? $2.07 is WAY over what I wanted to pay here!

Bang goes my hot dinner tonight 😉


Frank Haywood


I have NEVER ever managed to get in first on a nickel sale, at best I’m about two hundred and something, and usually in the 400s…


Really LOL…

Bang goes your hot dinner? Guess I’ll have to starve for a whole week then with my $2.82 purchase…. There’s lots of sealth purchasers here!

– Tim

Richard Bousseau

Hello Frank,

There is a concern regardging digital delivery through eBay. I was told by their email that they don’t accept any E-Book listing on the store nor at the auction.

So, can the E-Book be transfered into a CD or DVD? In order it can be listed for sale either on the eBay Store or at Auction.

I dont know how to convert E-Book to CD or DVD. Do you know how- can you help with your knowledge’s, please?

Thanks a lot. Richard- 4/13/08 9:55AM ET USA

Frank Haywood


Go here for more info.