List Building – Building A List From Scratch

This is an update to my previous post where I gained 125 new subscribers in 12 hours and made $80 profit while doing so.

The new sign up activity has been gently slowing down and now seems to have stopped at 171 subscribers as the WSO has now moved to the bottom of page 3. Other than the welcome email I’ve not yet sent any broadcasts out to this new list, so we’ll see what the unsubcribe activity is like when I do so.

Still, at 171 new highly targetted subscribers for a $20 outlay, that’s pretty good.  However, as I said I’ve also made at least $80, and I’ve not yet analysed the sales to find out if I’ve made more than that.

I’ll “bump” the WSO to the top again in a few hours time for another $20 and it will generate some more sign ups.  I’ll repeat this until the return becomes poor and then close the WSO altogether.  I may also re-write the WSO from a different angle to attract more interest.

Next, I’ll send some useful information to them in the form of two emails, and maybe also a simple survey, and finally try out a low cost offer.  If that goes down well, then I have a third party product I want to test out a promotion of, and by that time anyone who was going to unsubscribe will have done so by then.

That means the list I will have built (hopefully at least 500 subscribers) will be a strong one who are interested in what I have to offer.  ie, we’ll be a good match for each other, which is really what we’re all striving for isn’t it?

It’s all very well to have a huge list, but if 95% of them aren’t engaged by what you have to say, then it’s pointless them being there.

I’d rather have a good list of 500 than a poor one of 5,000 any day.

Now as I said in my previous post, depending on who you believe, a single subscriber in the internet marketing niche can be worth anything from 10 cents to $1 in income per month.  I believe that discrepancy is all down to copywriting and understanding what your list wants.

Of course it varies from individual to individual, but in this niche it will always come down to making money, and it’s a good assumption that most people on such a list will be warm to any related topic.

So for this list it will be my job as a copywriter to always emphasise the make money angle for any product I promote.

That’s a big tip, please take it on board when writing your own copy.

Of course I’ll also write about other non-money-related products too, such as useful tools I find and use myself, and I’ll try to steer some of that new list to come sign up to this blog too, as it holds more of the same.

I’d be pleased to make a couple of hundred dollars a month from that list, but I know the potential is there to earn a lot more than that if I do things correctly.  And of course some products naturally sell better than others do.

For instance I find I get a far higher response to my own products than I do to third party products.

After I’ve bumped the WSO a couple of times, then I have something else I’ve been working on that I intend as a giveaway product to you and everyone else that’s on any of my mailing lists.  For a short time at least.  Eventually that product will become a $10 list builder at 100% commission rather than a free one.

So what I’ll do is set up another list building free WSO and a brand new mailing list for just that product.  By segmenting all my lists in this way, I always know where people came from originally, and I also know which product it is that got them interested and so I’ll have an idea of what kind of product to target them with.

Okay, that’s what I’ve done, and that’s my plan forward for this list building method.

Now it’s your turn to go away and have a think about how you can run a similar exercise to build yourself a brand new list using the same methods.  I hope that if you go and do this and benefit from it, that one day you’ll thank me by promoting one of my 100% commission products.  😉

By the way, I think it’s worth mentioning the new autoresponder service I’m using to build these new lists.

The service is called ImnicaMail and in my opinion is going to be THE number 1 autoresponder service – this is the company that the big boys are now betting on, purely down to the benefits of using it, not just the price.  Speaking of which, it’s actually less expensive than the current #1.

If you’re as fed up as I’ve been with the “know-it-all” dictatorial service I’ve been using then you’ll really appreciate what ImnicaMail has to offer.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hey Frank.

I commented in your previous post and find this post equally inspiring. Thank you. I’m just venturing out into the IM world and there’s very few REAL IM’ers you can truly follow and believe what they say. I can honestly say that your honesty is a breath of fresh air.

I’ve just produced my second product since the first flopped really bad and will give the WSO a try since it has worked so well for you.

I’m also open to trying new autoresponders and would ask if the open rate and general stats are the same as the (AW)?



Frank Haywood

Hi DesDrec,

Hey thanks for that.

I haven’t tested with a broadcast email myself yet, but from what I’ve read the deliverability is every bit as good as AW. In fact someone told me that after migrating their mailing lists and sending out a broadcast, he received emails from people saying they hadn’t heard from him in a while.

I know that ImnicaMail are making some changes, and when they’re complete I’ll do a video walkround.


Just signed up and I’ll let you know how I get on.