I’ve now added the KeywordLuv plugin to make your comment enjoyment much more satisfying.

What this means is you can now make a comment with a link to your web site, and also add your keywords to your name in this format:-

Frank Haywood@internet business

Your name will then appear as:-

Frank Haywood from internet business

Now is that cool or what?

If you run a WordPress blog (if not, WHY not?) I strongly suggest you go get this plugin and install it.

Why? Because it will encourage more people to make comments on your blog, and comments mean content, and we all love that don’t we?

You’ll also need to install a dofollow plugin too if you haven’t done so already, but you’ll find details of where to get one of those on the download page.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. Frank, I love that little plugin.

    I’m off to get one of my own! I think that’s a very good idea for encouraging comments (much as it has already done with me now).

    I hadn’t heard of it before so that was a useful post for me. Thanks.


  2. Great idea Frank, I must admit I don’t recall seeing this plugin before (or maybe that’s just my dogy memory!)

    You might want to increase the maxlength attribute of the name field above 20 thought, otherwise it has strictly limited utility.

  3. Frank,

    You have a knack for finding all these useful plug-ins. Thanks for the tip. Yes, I agree, WordPress is the way to go for blogs.


  4. Jan Evensen says:

    Good one, Frank!

    I just would like to know how you manage to find all the useful information you share with us.

    Are you online 24 hours a day?



  5. Thanks for this very cool plugin Frank.

    Another good plugin is CommentLuv which I have on my blog. It displays the title of the commenters latest blog post into their comment. But the Keyword linking is a killer app.

    Btw, is their a limit on the number of letters you can have using this format?
    Instead of Graham@Marketing Tips I had to put GCox because it wouldn’t let me type any further. Maybe it was just a glitch on my pc though?


  6. Frank Haywood says:

    Aha! The 20 character limit – that was hard coded into my WordPress theme in a file called comment.php.

    I’ve now increased that to 100 characters for the name, email address and URL, so that should solve that problem. You may have to do something similar when you install this plugin.

    Don’t ask me how I find these plugins, it’s usually by accident.

    In this case I was using a new search tool I’m going to hand out as a freebie to find some additional suitable blogs to comment on, and I came across a blog that was using KeywordLuv.

    “What a good idea” I thought, and went and snagged a copy. :-)


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