Just In Case You Were Wondering…

…about the power of blogging.

Today (18th January 2008) Michael Cheah linked to one of my blog posts.

I know that because WordPress has been designed to tell you when incoming links are coming from other blogs, and also where they’re coming from.

So of course, I took a quick look at Michael’s blog, and immediately found something I liked.

Here’s a link to his post about left brain / right brain usage. Very interesting, it looks like I’m a right brainer although it flipped a couple of times to left brain.

In case you wonder if the image changes direction every so often, my wife stood next to me and insisted it was going anti-clockwise most of the time, even though I could see it going clockwise most of the time.

But that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, if you blog regularly (at least once a day), and link to other peoples blogs, then you will almost certainly get the owner coming to take a look, and even links back and mentions like the ones above.

And what do links mean? Altogether now…


Next, advertise your own products in the sidebar by linking to them, just like I’ve done, and you’ll either get sales or sign-ups or both.

Stop wondering, and start blogging.

(BTW, anyone want to know how to set up a blog properly? Coming soon…)

-Frank Haywood

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  1. It is interesting that you bring up the right/left brain aspect today. My partner and I tend to work from different sides of the brain and the results are starting to pay off. She is great at coming up with the ideas, I am great at making things get done. She finds the JV partner, hmm, again I make things work.
    Traffic ends up being the same, I see things differently than she does so any way that I would use to generate new traffic would never enter her mind and when she comes up with an idea there is a chance that I won’t even enderstand it!

    FYI, James D. Brausch posted a link to your site, that is how I got here. Thanks James.

  2. Frank Haywood says:

    Richard, I hadn’t noticed that link until you pointed it out! But it proves my point perfectly, so thanks for that.

    I’m subscribed to James blog myself, and I’ve recommended my own subscribers to sign up there too, it’s a great resource. I’ve also bought a few of his products.

    Do *you* have a blog? ;-)

  3. Frank, thanks for featuring me in your post and glad you like my 2-brains post! lol

    I love the traffic coming from blog links and people could end up talking the whole week and following comments and you could end up having plenty of loyal subscribers.

    Richard, now that I found your website, I’ll ask you a question. :)

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