The other day, I realised with slow horror (and a feeling of extreme stupidity) that I wasn’t making the most of many of my email lists.

Because I tend to do things as quickly as possible now in my internet business, rather than spend time tweaking them to be perfect (I found that in that process, I was never completing anything), I realised I didn’t have a crucial element in my autoresponder sign up for this blog.

There’s no offer.

Think about that.

Let’s take this blogs notification list as an example.

Every time I make a post, I get new subscribers. Just because of the sheer number of posts now, I get search traffic to the site for all sorts of terms. So I get new subscribers on an almost daily basis now. I’ve found I might get 10 or 15 new subscribers over a day or so after a post, and then the odd one or two for a few days unless I post again.

If I could be bothered to check, I think it would probably average out about 3 or 4 subscribers per day.

Just for doing a bit of writing about stuff I’m interested in. Not bad is it really?

Don’t get me wrong , it’s taken about 12 months to get to this point, and I can see it greatly improving over the next 12 months. So if you’re not doing this yet, start today and see the benefits slowly start to appear. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. Simple really isn’t it?

But don’t make the blunder I’ve just realised I’ve made, learn from my mistake and get it right first time.

I don’t have an offer, or didn’t have. I do now. Or at least I will have by the end of this week.

If I had an offer from the beginning, then I would likely be better off by at least a few hundred dollars – probably a lot more but I tend to be conservative about these estimates.

So the change I’ve made is, from about Thursday or Friday (when I get the chance to finish it all off), those people who join will now get to see my offer, and I’ll be using two of the new features in (the shortly to be released) SmartDD v3 to apply it.

Free Sign Ups and One Time Offers.

From that point, when people sign up to this blogs subscriber list, they’ll also get a very nice offer.

If I allow for 1% of people to take me up on that offer, then for every 100 subscribers, I’ll make some extra cash for doing nothing. Up to now, I’ve been making zero for getting subscribers to my blog, so that’s a HUGE improvement. 😉

Over the next 12 months as my list grows, my internet business will make more money, just for doing a bit of writing that I’m already doing and that I enjoy. No extra work.

The page consists of some very useful (and FREE) learning which you’ll get just by reading the page, and the offer itself, which consists of a large collection of excellent software I’ve found, plus some other useful bits and pieces.

The learning is really something you’ll want to take notes about. There are 3 Key Learning Points, plus a couple of “bonus” points thrown in for good measure. 😉

The offer page will go up tomorrow at a greatly reduced price, which I’ll leave in place until Thursday / Friday when I have the chance of completing the full sign up route.

Once I’ve put the correct route in place, I’ll be putting the price of the offer up to $67.

Until Thursday, it will be a LOT cheaper than that.

How much? Wait and see tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood