It’s All In The Mailing List

Every so often, I get asked by someone who’s clearly frustrated how anyone can possibly make a living online. Yet lots of people do it. They know that, but they just can’t see how it’s at all possible for THEM to do it.

I understand the frustration, as at one time I found it difficult to grasp just how other people could it and not me. It wasn’t so very long ago either.

I try to answer their specific questions as best I can, but sometimes the questions are so general it’s too hard to give a good answer.

By the way did you know that 60% of newbies give up in the first 12 months? There’s almost certainly a direct correlation between those who succeed and those who give up before they’ve given it their best.

(That 60% statistic came from a survey Mike Filsaime did just over 2 years ago. I don’t think it’s any real surprise to regular readers of this blog, and I don’t expect that number to have changed significantly. And I don’t think Mike would kill me for revealing that…)

So that means that every 12 months a load of people throw in the towel. Which I guess in a way makes it easier for us that keep going. 🙂

But even more interesting is that most of the people in that survey had a mailing list of less than 1,000 with half of those not having any kind of mailing list at all.

That’s not just interesting, it’s preposterous. How on earth do you stand any chance of running an online business without a mailing list?

Think about it.

I’ll tell you now that your internet business is your mailing list. You probably think you already know that, but I just have to wonder sometimes at the importance that people put on having a mailing list at all, especially as it seems a lot of people don’t have one.

If you’re a newbie reading this, then start thinking about building a mailing list or several, right away. For instance, there’s a good chance you’re reading this because you had an email from me with a link to this site. You almost certainly would not be reading this if you hadn’t signed up to one of my mailing lists.

Now you might be feeling a little glum if you have a small list, or if you don’t have any list at all. But it’s not all doom and gloom – it never is when you look at things in the right way. If you accept the proposition that your mailing list is your business (Which it is. Don’t argue. Keep up.) then you know it’s time to get going.

What if you knew that even with a relatively small list of a few hundred people you could make a full time living online? 🙂

That’s a bit cheering on a cold January day isn’t it? Apologies for that comment if you live somewhere hot, but it’s freezing here in the UK.

If you knew for a fact you could build a mailing list and start making money from it right away, you’d make the effort wouldn’t you?


I’ll tell you tomorrow. 😉

-Frank Haywood

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, come take a look at the forum and say hello.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Again, you are right [read ‘spot’ for those in the UK] on, Frank.

After being in this business, getting a ‘bit’ of business, I am finally starting to build my list. Even though I have known I MUST build a list, I felt I didn’t want to be ‘responsible’ to those I have committed to. I didn’t feel ‘qualified’ to foster people into this business of internet marketing.

There is a lot of information out there about ‘how, when, where’ to build lists, so it will be refreshing to hear your take on it. Looking forward to reading/studying your information.

P.S. That’s a nice touch on the ‘Submit comment’ button. I’ll keep that in mind, for sure.

Clive Praed

Hi Frank,

I couldn’t agree with you more.

The trouble is, how do you get people on your mailing list to buy anything.

They only seem to want the freebies.

My list have bought nothing in 18 months.

It’s also nigh on impossible to get signups nowadays. People are too wary.

Last year I got a grand total of 2 signups and 600 unsubscribes.

No, I’m not giving up but my optimism has diminished somewhat.

Scott Allen Barker

Hi Frank,

I have a list of “91” subscribers at the moment. It has taken me along time to build it. It does get frustrating at times. Each day, I try to make more improvements with my list, website, marketing, etc. I am persistent, so I’m confident I’ll get there eventually.

Thanks for sharing today and will be looking forward to your post tomorrow.

Thank you.

Vance Sova

Hi Frank,

I enjoyed reading you post. It’s all in your mailing list is right. It’s hard to believe that there are lots of Internet Marketing courses that don’t even mention mailing list or list building.

To start from nothing is not easy if you have no idea what you’re doing. I’m still learning this and that is why I look at anything on the subject.

It is refreshing to find blogs like yours that emphasize the importance of mailing lists.

Best Regards,