Do you want to be taken seriously?

Then use a business email address. I sell business tools to business people. So why is it that so many of those business people use Yahoo or AOL or GMail for their email accounts?

I get more than I want proposals for joint ventures, and a decent proportion of those are from supposed business people who aren’t using email addresses off their business domain.

That one thing is so simple to do, and instantly enhances your credibility.

It also ensures that if a reply is made, then you’ll get it.

I’ve no idea of the number of bounces I’ve had replying to questions by my customers and potential customers. I also know there’s a high proportion of people who never get my first email, because I get plenty of “Second Request:” emails from people who didn’t get my initial reply.

Why didn’t they get it? Because they’re using either free or their ISP email addresses.

And the providers of those kinds of email addresses are notoriously bad at dealing with email.

Pretty much the only way you’re going to guarantee to receive an email is to use your own email address on your own domain.


How many emails have you sent out and never had a reply to?

All those emails missing, because they either didn’t make it outside of your mail providers network, or the reply didn’t make it back in.

And there’s no way of knowing whether you were snubbed or the email was just lost.

Now compound that problem by the fact that some of those emails were also sent to the same kinds of email addresses.

Yahoo to AOL?  – Almost no chance of you ever receiving a reply back you can count on, and vice versa.

You can stop this madness instantly by just using your web control panel to create a new email address for you, and then setting it up in your mail client.

Problem solved.

Go do it now.

Do it as part of taking action to improve your life and your internet business.

– Frank Haywood.