Info Product Killer Update #3

I’ve been waiting for this to happen and I knew it was only a matter of time. My first order has appeared in my Amazon affiliate panel for a Jumperoo, sold yesterday.


Yaaay! Thanks IPK. Thanks Craig.

It isn’t showing as a commission yet, and I’m not too sure what the difference is between an order and earnings, maybe it’s only after the item has been dispatched is it classed as earnings, as I guess whoever’s ordered it could cancel.

Or maybe it’s only calculated as earnings at the end of the month. If anybody knows the answer to that one, please let us all know.

At any rate, I’m extremely pleased.

When the order turns into earnings, it will be for 5% of £74.99 which works out to £3.75 or at todays exchange rate $5.64.

That one commission payment will pay for more than half the domain registration fee ($9.69 via NameCheap). One more commission and the site is in the black for the remainder of the 12 months. I class that as a success although I know some people may say it’s not worth it.

However, to put it into perspective, the site only went live last Sunday and 7 days later it’s more than half paid for itself. In the next 7 days I expect to get more commissions from that site, thereby paying for it to exist.

Over the next 12 months, I expect to get many more commissions from it for doing absolutely nothing at all. Within 3 months (following my linking strategy) I expect it to be in the number 1 slot on Google UK for the term Jumperoo. When it gets there I’ll see a huge jump in earnings from the site.

Now that’s what I call passive income!

I’ve been on page 2 of Google UK since late afternoon on Friday, and checking last night I was at the top of page 2, although today I’m the second one down. That’s okay, I expect it to move around a bit before getting onto page 1.

And I expect it to move up slowly, then in about a month it will disappear for a few days, and then hit number 1 or 2 position. This is a phenomenon of the linking strategy that I’ve seen before.

Certainly within 3 months I know it will get to number 1, and I then expect to make at least a sale a day.

Well. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. 🙂

This has caused me to make the decision to put up a site a day, and I’ve put aside 2 hours each day to do so. Yes, it sounds like a JOB doesn’t it? But I’m the only benefactor, I’m not making anybody else rich, and I know that “day in – day out” if I keep it up I’ll gradually increase my income in leaps and bounds.

I sat down with my wife for 30 minutes today, showed her how to do the market research and we mapped out the next few products we’re going to target.

Crazy as it sounds, while we were looking, I could see people competing over AdSense ads for some search terms, when the actual competition for free organic traffic is almost non-existent.

And just as crazy, some search terms for my target products are getting huge amounts of search (5,000 – 10,000 searches a month and upwards) and there are no AdSense ads running for them, and there are less than 200,000 competing pages. (Anything less than 500,000 is relatively easy to dominate.)

This entire market really is wide open, and all us lucky boys and girls that know about it now are going to make a killing over the next 12 months, and certainly next Christmas will be massive as we all should have lots and lots of #1 slots with our sites.

If you work at it of course.

Does anybody reading this still need proof that IPK works?

-Frank Haywood
P.S. If you haven’t already grabbed it, you can get IPK by going here and then entering promo code FHW777 to get it at $79 instead of $147.

Posted by Frank Haywood


Clive Praed


You’re a genius.

I’ve not sold an affiliate product in four years.

Well done.

Hi Frank,

With IPK, do you need to buy a new domain name for each product you promote? If so, which hosting service do you use to host the sites you are creating over time?


Frank Haywood


No I’m not a genius. YOU can do this despite what I know you might think. I know you know how to put up web sites.

All you have to do is work your way through the course, then (very carefully) using the supplied template follow the instructions on “On Page Search Engine Optimisation” (OPSEO).

That part is critical and needs all your attention.

Craig has had the foresight to put comments at the bits where you need to change it.

When your site’s done, link to it from somewhere you know gets search engine visits regularly such as your own blog, or even this blog and get the benefit of the KeyWord Luv plugin I’m using. After a day or so it will get indexed (I use SEO Quake, a FireFox add-on to check that) and then a few days later if you’ve picked carefully and done your OPSEO correctly, you’ll see your site appear on page 1 or 2 for your search term.

Then sit back and wait for your first commission to come in. Or better still, start work on your next site.


Yes, buy a new domain for every product using a keyword you know is getting lots of searches. The keyword as the domain name is very important, and as I expected and found, they’ll pay for themselves fairly quickly.

Although I wouldn’t normally recommend GoDaddy, they’re doing .info domains for 99c at the moment in the hope that you’ll stay with them for another 12 months afterwards. I’m going to buy a load of domains and if they pay (which they should), I’ll move them all to NameCheap – my favorite registrar.

As for hosting, I have my own dedicated server at The Planet data center in Texas, but the Jumperoo site is running off a shared hosting server in New York at the moment. There have been a couple of occasions where it’s dropped off the net and is uncontactable, so I’ll probably move it to my server in the next few days as that seems fairly stable.

But, you should be okay on a shared server using an add-on domain. Craig says he’s found it doesn’t make a scrap of difference in terms of SEO that all of his domains are on the same server, and most of them on the same IP address.

I always recommend Hostgator to everybody as they’re pretty good and have just about everything you might need pre-loaded on their servers, so 99%+ of scripts work with them.


Mark McWilliams

Way to go Frank! This Info Product Killer really does seem to be doing something for you, and it truely is amazing how excited you are about it! – I mean, 3 posts all on the same topic, are you alright? 😉 HEHE

As always, I wouldn’t mind some of this passive income, and especially while I’m busy working on other projects, I can still see some income coming in! The sad part is, I don’t even have the cash to purchase IPK, and it’s not something I like posting about either, so we’ll leave it at that!

Looking forward to more results Frank, and after just looking at the salesletter, and what you’ve been upto, has given me an idea on how to use up a couple of domains I was planning on throwing away! – But I’m going to look into that at the end of the year! LOL


Clive Praed

Thanks Frank.

It looks easy.

Except the part about linking the site.

My blog hasn’t ever had a visitor and neither has the website I put up in August.

Mind you, I don’t use any addons or plugins.

I wouldn’t know how to link to another site. LOL. I’ve never thought of “hitching a free ride”.

KeyWord Luv??? Sounds strange.

Again, thanks, but I can’t see anything I buy online returning me $77 in sales.

I haven’t made $4 this year.

Very clever how you get that Adspurt thing to appear.

The mysteries of the IT Pros. LOL

Frank Haywood


IPK is great because it’s an open market – there’s not much competition from other affiliates so you stand a chance of getting your foot in the door. In contrast, look at the IM niche. A new product comes out and the market is swamped with affiliates and their web sites all promoting it. *cough* IPK *cough*

I say GOOD! Let them fall over each other in the pit and completely overlook the physical goods affiliate market. This really is like the early days of the gold rush.

Just before I went to bed last night I did a bit of key word and market research after an idea occurred to me. I found a keyword that has 40,000 searches a month for a $350 item and all the main domains are free except one. The downside is there’s 1.1 million pages of competition, so it’s not ideal.

But I expect with a bit of OPSEO and my linking strategy, it shouldn’t make any difference.


Now that I’ve had a play with it, I think the most time consuming part is re-writing the content.

Linking within the site is easy – you just follow the prompts in the template and then go through the OPSEO check list. Linking TO the site is just as easy, you’ve done it right here to your Beach Comber site when you posted a comment. That’s all you need to do to get the site in the Google index.

You have a very defeatist attitude that can only be overcome by yourself.

Whether you think you can do it or whether you think you can’t – you’re probably right.


I notice that your Jumperoo site is a domain Frank. Are you saying you’re going to start using .info domains for your new IPK sites? At 99 cents it would make sense, but is it the right domain ending to use or would a .com be better (if you can get one that is)?

Frank Haywood


My intention *was* to buy domains for the UK market if I could get them.

Then I intended to buy .com domains for the US market if I could get them, and if I couldn’t, to go for .info domains.

If I couldn’t get what I was after as or .com, then I’d go for .info.

Having said that, I’ve changed my mind and I’m now not that worried about buying .info domains and using them for UK sites.

I think I might be able to present different information depending on where the visitor is from, so I might be able to run a single site with UK, US etc targetted pages. The simple answer is, I haven’t decided yet, but I can’t see any problem with using .info domains for the individual sites, but I think it’s important that the central Christmas site is on a domain.


Clive Praed

Thanks again Frank,

Believe it or not, the ONLY easy thing, that I find, is re-writing content. LOL.

I can’t even pit a popup on a site. LOL

The blog stays the way Fantastico installs it so that might account for no visitors.

I don’t have the confidence (or IT qualifications) to play with scripts etc. I leave that to the experts.

Plod on – I will.

I’ve finished that book – I’ll send it when I can find your email address. LOL



I haven’t bought IPK yet, but I may have to 🙂

You bring up a good point about marketing physical products instead of IM products – there is a ton of big competition for IM products.

I would be interested in seeing how the .info domains do for you. With the low price, I’m tempted to pick up a number for another project.

Clive, go where your strengths are. If you find rewriting content easy, sell your content re-writing skills. You can also trade your rewriting skills with someone who can do your tech work. I may even be interested in that.


Frank Haywood


I think you’re selling yourself short.

Mike’s point is a good one – go where your strengths are. I can write and rewrite content, but when it’s on a topic that’s foreign to me I find it difficult to get going to begin with.

If you find it easy to re-write content, then do that. I guarantee you there’s always going to be a demand for quality work at a fair price, and by fair I mean for you. And if you’re willing to trade that skill for tech stuff to be done for you, you’re onto a winner.

And finally, to put your mind at ease there are NO scripts in IPK. The sites and pages can all be put up by hand, and I’m sure you can do that because that looks like what you’ve done with your Beach Comber site.

Use the support desk to send me the ebook, just zip it up and attach it to a ticket.


The moment I read the IPK books (Christmas Strategy and Year Round Strategy), and watched the first couple of videos, I *knew* this method would work. It’s totally logical and consistent with everything I already know and take for granted.

It’s just a different slant on it.

That’s why I said it’s simple, obvious, brilliant.

I’ve now explained it all to my wife, showed her the principles and she’s hooked! She *made* me go register 8 .info domains today “before anyone else gets them”, that’s how strongly it’s taken a grip in our house.

I’m just about to write another blog post, a short one just to update on how my Jumperoo site is going, and I can tell you now before I do so, using a .info domain instead of the or .com isn’t going to make much difference as long as your content is good, and you’ve done your OPSEO properly too.

If you also use the linking strategy I’m using, then you should see your sites in slot 1 on most of the search engines, whatever the country, regardless of the top level domain (.info .com, etc). I’m certain that by getting lots of back links to your sites using your main keywords will hammer your sites into that number 1 slot so hard it’s going to be hard to shift.

Even if people using IPK go into competition with you.

But you know what? There’s absolutely no need for anyone to compete for the same products and keywords.

There are SO MANY physical products that are suitable for this that it’s going to take a loooong time just to grab all the existing ones, let alone the new ones that are being released every day. There are so many it’s ridiculous.

I guarantee that the IPK method would not have been released if the existing group of people that have been using it for two years thought that there was going to be any kind of competition for what they’re doing.

If you knew about something like this, would you create your own long term competition just for the short term benefit of a few dollars made on the sale of the IPK product?


Hi again Frank!

It seems that your blog posts about the IPK hit the bulls eye.
I too was one of the interested readers, and I have been reading and watching the many videos on the IPK site several times.

It’s not very often you find a product with such high quality, and the info on SEO alone is absolutely priceless and well worth every penny (or cent) of the price.

When I had a couple of questions I sent off an email, and I got a very friendly and helpful answer within 24 hours.

Now I’ve finished five “baby-sites” and their “mother”, and an working on my second cluster of sites.

Like you, Frank, I have high hopes for the consept, and if we follow the provided instructions to the letter I’m sure we’ll do very well.

Thanks for your several updates on “how-goes-it”, please keep them coming!


Frank Haywood

Hi Jan,

I’m hard at work putting some more sites together myself on a theme. We’ve done the research, we’ve bought the domains, now it’s just a matter of working to build the pages one at a time.

What we really need is some method of speeding it all up. Maybe a selection of themes, some keyword hints, fill in a few boxes, and hey presto, one fully built site… That kind of thing.




Mike Heckly


First of all thank you for all your information you provide us. And thanks again for helping me about a year ago with your smartdd product. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I tested the IPK strategy and in a week I made about $16 and hit page 3 of google for my test product. I am now ramping up to cast a huge net over a specific marketplace. $16 is not a lot to talk about, but many sites that make similar or larger returns is what I am after…Plus it is kinda fun! Keep us all posted on your progress (one of the main reasons I keep coming to your site!)…Cheers

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

16 repeatable dollars in such a short time is great. What I love about this whole method is you can set your sites up and forget about them.

Build it, move on, build it, move on. Over time your income increases in line with the number of sites you create.

My wife and I are in the progress of setting up a good few multi product sites in variosu product niches which is going to take us a few weeks. When we’re done, we’ll start creating the single product sites to drive traffic to them. Of course we’ll also build some single product sites as we go.

That’s a strategy we’ve discussed at length and decided to go for as it works for us. Someone else may find that the single sites are the better route and others will do both in equal amounts.

Certainly, the more time spent on these projects will pay dividends, and that certainty is the warm feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. 🙂

To build our sites we’re using a combination of my Price Comparison Site Builder service for single product sites, and WordPress for multi product sites using the WordPress plugin we’ve developed to display the Price Comparisons.

Even though one of the multi product sites has only been up for about 3-4 weeks, I can see that some people are bookmarking it as we’re getting “no referrer” from people who are second and third time visitors (we cookie people). So they must be using a bookmark to return to the site.



Ken@uk web hosting

I like how clive says he doe snot know how to get a link to his site. He just did commenting on your blog. Earnings show up when item is shipped i think.

Clive Praed

Hi Frank,

Mastered plugins, widgets, gadgets, whatsits and thingies.

Still no signups, comments or sales on the blogs, but that’s OK. It’s only 4 months.

Mystified how I have some article sites with 50+ articles (niche) on them and they attract no attention at all. Even though they are supposed to be “hot” niches.

I think I fell for the hype when I bought a $67 article site maker. LOL

They get me every time!

Got to go and watch the rain – it hasn’t rained for 6 months!