Continuing with the excitement over IPK, here’s my next update.

Around 5 hours ago, I checked to see where my Jumperoo site was on Google, and I found it half way down page 6 for the term “jumperoo”. I thought to myself “yeah, it’s early days” and then I opened up the IPK ‘On Page Search Engine Optimisation’ (OPSEO) critical check list just in case.

I noticed that, as careful as I’d been I’d missed a couple of things in my hurry to get the site up. (And I thought I’d been painstaking…) So I now VERY carefully checked it again, added a sitemap (d’oh! – how did I miss that), and added a bit more copy.

I’m still not totally satisfied I’ve got it all right, and I’ll check it again before I’m completely happy. And purely from an aesthetics point of view, I’d like to change the default banner, although I know it’s unimportant to make your site rank.

I’ve just checked Google again after dinner, and I’m now halfway down page 2.

Okay, I’m convinced. As Craig has said, the OPSEO is critical and can make the difference between a site that pays and a site that doesn’t.

But lets also not forget the back links using the correct anchor text, and I’m working on those too. That’s part of a longer term strategy to rank well for the site.

The way I see it, even though the big sites like Amazon and ToysRUs do well in the rankings, I don’t think they’ll do so well against the specific search terms that these IPK sites are being optimised for. Couple that with a raft of about 150 back links with anchor text that all say jumperoo, and I reckon I’ll get top spot in about 3-4 months, hopefully sooner. And of course my two secondary set of back links for my other search terms will help too.

Throughout the year residual income from the site will make it well worth it, as the Jumperoo seems to be a very popular product (getting 90,500 searches a month for the term jumperoo in the UK according to Google) and has had rave reviews on Amazon. I intend that all the toy sites I build through this coming year will be on page 1 position 1 for next Christmas. Especially as I’ll be carefully interlinking the related ones, and have them all pointing to a central site.

As well as the toy sites, I’ll also be using the all year round strategy and releasing sites for other products such as HD TVs etc.

So, no money made yet, but with me now sitting on page 2, I must be getting close.

One last thing. I’ve now installed a StatCounter traffic monitor on it so that I can see where traffic is coming from, what it’s doing once it’s on my site, and how quickly it gets funnelled off to Amazon.

If you don’t test, how can you make it better?

-Frank Haywood

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