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The price comparison service I launched just before Christmas has been steadily getting better.

It’s worth mentioning that the Link Share API seemed to be broken and was returning intermittent data, but they’ve now fixed it. I bet their merchants were none too pleased with that happening just before Christmas…

As an example of how very useful the price comparison service is, since Amazon ran out of Jumperoos (my example product), I’ve still been making money through the site.

This is because people have been able to pursue and purchase their Jumperoos from different sites which is just what I wanted. When Amazon get some more stock back in, I’ll benefit from their very nice 7.5% commission, but for now I can live with 2% to 5% commission from other online stores without any effort as the prices are updated automatically each day.

Great stuff! 🙂

We’ve now also added a few more affiliate networks to the price comparison service and are planning on adding even more. The current networks we have in the system are Affiliate Window, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Commission Junction, Tradedoubler, and of course Link Share mentioned above.

The next network we have targetted for inclusion at users request is the Pepperjam Network – we’re just waiting approval ourselves before looking at their API.

Even better than this though is that Paul and I have been discussing in more detail the topic of adding a site builder as part of the service.

This means you’ll be able to start a project, select from a range of pre-done site templates, upload your graphics and add some text, enter your FTP details, click a button and your site will be published directly to your domain.

We’re also going to include some “boiler plate” text that you can use to pad out a site so it doesn’t hurt your brain too much by having to write everything from scratch. And also have a “notepad” area where you can copy and paste all your notes while creating a site.

That means you’ll be able to do the bulk of your site creation within the site builder to begin with, and our plan is you’ll be able to eventually do everything including graphics.

We know that the graphics part of it might be a bit difficult to envision, but we think that with a bit of forethought and some clever programming, we can allow you to resize images and add text in a range of fonts and position it, and then apply some simple styling to it such as drop shadow and glow etc. by using GD and ImageMagick.

A bit of a tall order we know, but that’s our final aim.

What we thought was the best route was to go for it ASAP and then build it up from there. Paul tells me we have a lot of the code already written, and he thinks he can have a prototype up and running in a couple of days…


As soon as we’ve had a play with it ourselves and we can see it’s working okay, we’ll release it to everyone that’s currently enjoying the price comparison service.

Anyone joining at a later date will be charged for it as a separate service, price TBA.

Everyone that was smart enough to pick up on the price comparison service will get it included at the current low rate.

I say current because there are still some places left for this first phase. Once all 80 slots are taken then the price goes up, but for now at least all prices are 50% off.

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about taking up the service, well my advice is grab it now before it goes up and you end up also having to pay for the site builder too.

Yes, I’m still including access to the site builder when we release it.

Go take a look at the details at the link below, it’s a one dollar one month trial.

-Frank Haywood

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Chris Arhot

Hi Frank,
Thanks, PriceComparison is a good Tool and I subscribed.
I would like to propose you to add the links for:

-eBay New Partner Network

to affiliates.

These sites are very good (for me..)and have visitors from all continents(eBay with 11 country !!!)

Chris Arhot