After a little over a week of not feeling so good, and after having to withdraw a little from the hurly burly that’s become my life, I’m back.

I’ve not been out of it altogether, I’ve been answering a few support questions using my new support desk software (Ticket Desk Pro) just to keep my mind active and my finger on the pulse.

I’m not yet quite raring to go, but instead I’m slowly picking through the all the stuff I’ve let slip, including Ticket Desk Pro.  And there are a few important emails I’ve let slide that I just felt I couldn’t give decent answers to there and then.

You know what I mean?  Sometimes when you’re not feeling so good, you say to yourself, “I can’t deal with this properly right now, I’ll just make a pig’s ear out of it.”  Long experience has taught me not to even try as I will make a mess.
So if you’re one of those a reply is imminent.  Thanks for your patience and the more than kind words I’ve received.

-Frank Haywood