I’ve just made a snap decision.

Sort of.

It’s been building up for a while now, and something I’ve just read has made me say “Right, time to blow the lid on this.”

So here’s the deal. I’m going to teach a SMALL group of people to recognise when a product will do what it says it does and to understand when they’re being manipulated and how.

In the process, you’ll also learn how to do a product launch yourself. And you’ll learn how to sell your own products with the right actions and words.

This is SCARY stuff, and it cost me thousands of dollars and countless hours to learn.

I’m not going to charge you anything.

But, I AM going to ask you to do a few tasks for me as we go along.

They’re not difficult, and everything I ask you to do will also be a good learning experience in itself. You’ll be able to perform these same tasks for yourself and apply them to your own business.


There’s also a proviso or two. I need to know that you have the right skill set to begin with.

I need to know you:-

o Are proficient in the English language.
o Can write. Both harder and easier than it sounds.
o Are independent and have a “can do” attitude. If I give you a task, you will get a good description of the task, but you will get NO help from me and I WON’T answer your questions – I don’t have the time to hand hold. You have to do this on your own.

In addition and ideally, but not necessary:-

o You would know basic HTML. No CSS required, just an understanding of basic formatting of web pages. This would include the use of FTP.
o Be able to do simple graphics editing using either Photoshop or GIMP.
o Know how to install WordPress, and add plugins and themes.

That’s it.

You can treat this as a “Super Internship” where the payoff is you learn various vital new skills and also how to do a product launch.

In summary, you’ll learn stuff and you’ll be given tasks to do by both written instruction and video.

What this isn’t in any way, is coaching. If you want me to coach you then you’ll have to pay me, and I’m not taking coaching students at the moment.

This is free, and some of the stuff you’ll learn from me no one else will tell you let alone discuss. It’s a bit shady, and it’s a bit on the dark side.

But it works.

There can only be a limited number of spaces. Let’s say 30. That’s all I’m going to take.

I’ll give you more details in a few days when I’ve thought it out some more.

In the meantime if you want to show your interest and get a “foot in the door” or ask any questions (while you can) then you can do so by leaving a comment.

-Frank Haywood