I Knew Him When He Was Broke

Trust me.

I know most people who know me do anyway, but really… I’m asking you to trust me with this. If you don’t like what you see, feel free to unsubscribe from my mailing lists and you’ll never have to put up with me again.

If you’re a regular reader I think you probably know I generally don’t like videos, and that I prefer to read about something as I can very quickly skim through copy to see what it’s all about – we’re all busy right?

And we don’t all have the time to spend watching online video because time is money.

And we all have our preferred learning styles.

There are exceptions though…

Sometimes it’s worth putting aside time and preferences to check something out. This is one of those times.

I’ve just finished watching the video and I straight away called the guy who made it (yes I know him – he was the one who told me to watch it in the first place), and asked him straight what he was doing and was he going to have the time to do what he claims he’s going to do.

While he was giving me more detail about it, I could hear his instant messenger going off in the background. He kept apologising and drifting for a few moments as he furiously pounded the keyboard to answer the new message that had come in.

He’s like that though. He’s both dynamic and a dynamite person to know. I always feel a bit breathless after talking to him. And there’s no denying the success he’s been having.

And I absolutely trust him 100% to deliver what he says he’s going to.

But before you click the link I have to tell you that…

#1 – It took me 5 attempts before I could get a connection to the server to watch the video, it just kept hanging.
#2 – I found out it was because the server is getting hammered. A bit of a cliche I know, but true.
#3 – There’s no sign up or squeeze page, you’ll just get straight to see the video (if you’re lucky).

The reason for #1 and #2 above is because a lot of people have been waiting for this…

I know that’s true because I’ve watched it all unfold since March this year, and I’ve seen him almost pushed into doing this by his customers. But I didn’t know how many people until a few minutes ago when I had the call with him.

I won’t waste any more of your time, I apologise if you can’t get to see it, it might have already been taken down by the time you get to it. That can’t be helped, but I think you’ll understand why once (if) you get there.

I’m still a bit incredulous at what he’s doing, but like I said, I trust him.

Here’s the link and you need to go there straight away, before it stops working altogether.


I really AM sorry if it doesn’t work for you. You could try later I suppose, but by then it might be gone altogether.

Look, don’t ask okay? Just give it a shot and see if you can get to see it too.

It’s well worth your time.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


James Davies


You can add me to the broke list. Now I have to get on the other list!

Jim Davie – The Web Professor

Mike Russen

Hi Frank,

Yep Alex is one of the good guys, have known him for a few years and he is always helpful.

Thanks for the headsup – I would say to readers “Take Action” don’t sit on the fence.

All the best


Stan Craigie


I’ve had quite a few videos from Alex before and whilst I have no doubt that he is genuine and good at what he does, it was his recommendation that got me on your mentoring course, I really find it hard to sit through them, they’re so long! I complained on my blog about the current trend in video, it’s such a time waster. Even people like Alex and Lee McIntyre, both of whom I respect, have turned me off because of the length of these videos. I suspect I may have missed some great deals but really, time’s valuable. I keep asking myself ‘why do they feel they have to drone on for so long’? Surely if what they are offering is good it can be introduced more succinctly. I will watch this one of Alex’s, on your recommendation, but in the background whilst I do other things! Apologies for the rant but I really feel the use of some videos has gone down the wrong path.



Please ad me to your list of testers for the comparison software.

Sounds cool.