In a previous post I made – How To Fail Without Trying – I pointed out how time can disappear without proper focus and a plan.

It’s particularly relevant to me, as I reckon I must have spent hundreds of hours last year just answering email from customers. This is one of the key reasons my business “freewheeled” for a good chunk of 2007.

It’s also why one of my next products to be released is a full support desk, knowledge base, and live support system. Yes, I’ll be handing day to day support over to an assistant.

The bulk of the issues and questions I get asked are the same ones over and over, simply because people won’t or don’t read the more than adequate documentation. Many of the questions I get asked have nothing to do with the products I sell, and up until now I’ve even tried to help people out with things that have nothing to do with my core business or products.

Clearly that can’t continue.

In order for my business to grow, I must cut back on email. To do that, I’ve decided that a support desk manned with people who can handle the day to day questions for me is the way to go.

I realise that for the many people I’ve helped over the last year, this will be a disappointment as I will no longer be communicating in that way. Instead, this blog will be a good place to contact me, as you’ll be able to leave comments on posts like this one.


Because I know that some people who take their businesses seriously will continue to want to discuss their business with me, I’ve decided to take a limited number of email only coaching students.

That number will be ten.

For your money, you’ll get access to me by email Monday – Friday, and I’ll answer your questions within 48 hours. You’ll also receive all of my new business tools as I release them, and in some cases before they go on general release.

I intend to release a lot of new software this year (I have three new tools now complete and in countdown to launch), as well as many business processes which you’ll be able to put in place to automate your own business as it grows.

The 10 places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and will open in April.

To highlight the extreme value for money you’ll be getting from this programme, I’ll first tell you about the coaching I’m currently running.

At the beginning of 2008, ten people signed up for 60 days coaching where they get my full attention, my Skype ID, and my phone number. I’ve essentially given up 60 days of my life to dedicate to them, and to be available whenever they want me, as long as I’m online, which is most of the time at the moment.

They can contact me to talk any time they like, and even after the 60 days is complete and they have their products complete and on sale, they’ll still be able to contact me any time they want as they’re now my friends.

They also get almost all my business tools that I release, forever. That was their unadvertised bonus that they learned about after they signed up.

They got that package at the bargain basement price of just $997. I said when I launched it that I would likely never repeat it, and I certainly wouldn’t do the same thing again at that price.

After just 3 weeks, I’ve had most of them say to me privately that it’s already worth every penny they spent. Put simply, they would not have achieved the accelerated level of learning without my coaching programme.

At the end of this next 12 months, they will all be earning at least as much as they are today in their day time jobs. I expect it of them.

If you want that same deal, well I’m sorry, it’s too late and you can no longer purchase it.

The coaching package for the next 10 people will be by email only, and it will be at $300 per month. You will get almost all of my business tools as they are released for as long as you remain on the programme. You will also receive all of my business processes as they become available.

This may well be worth several thousand dollars to you over the coming 12 months.

When those ten places are gone, I may release a further coaching package.

That later coaching package will be priced at $10,000 / year, again by email only, and probably only answered a couple of times a week. I may not include my business tools, or at least only include a smaller selection of them. I will include all my business processes.

Under my guidance, you may well be earning your full time income from home in 12 months or less. I can’t guarantee that as I don’t know you or your capabilities, but I know it’s achievable for most people who apply themselves, once they know what to do.

If you’re even remotely serious about working from home and running your own internet business, then please fill in the contact form below to be notified as soon as places are available.

They will be on a first come first served basis, and when all ten places at $300 / month are filled, coaching from me will only be available at $10,000 / year.

-Frank Haywood.

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