Help Desk Software For Less Than $2

Going on from my post this morning, one of the things I’ve been pursuing to stop the problem of my replies to customer support questions not being received is to install some help desk software.

Well, I’ve gone a step further than that. I’ve actually created my own help desk software.

I know this is me that’s saying this, but it really is very good.

Tip: If you want your software to be really good, use it yourself.

So, I’ve increased my range of business tools with my new support desk software. It goes into active use today, with support questions being looked after by Donna Maher (with a little help from me).

It’s very stable, very easy to use, and has been a long time in development, but I thought I’d give it a good testing out with my own business before unleashing it on the world.

So why have I gone down the support desk route rather then continue with email?

In a post I made the other day, I said that it was becoming increasingly difficult to use email for support. I thought it would be okay for a while when I started doing it, but when I look back at 2007, I must have spent hundreds of hours doing support by email

I could have cut that down dramatically if I’d started with a support desk from the beginning.

The annoying thing is, I was told this by one of my mentors and I ignored it.


But the primary reason I’m moving to a support desk is that email is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver.

As I said in my post this morning, I’m getting an increasing number of “second request:” emails from people. This is nearly always because they haven’t received my reply to their first email.

So with my new support desk software, that should knock that problem on the head.

So, once a ticket is raised, all a customer has to do is go check to see if it’s been answered.

The system sends out emails, but even if the customer doesn’t receive the emails and wonders what’s going on, the answer will still be there in the support thread.

So the line of communication between me and my customer (or you and your customer) isn’t cut off.

I say you and your customer, because I’ll shortly be putting my new help desk software up for sale.

As a subscriber to my blog, I’ll offer you the best deal I can come up with other than give it away.

What I’ve decided to do is price my support desk software starting at $1.07, and raise the price by 5 cents every time there’s a sale.

Yes, it’s a nickel sale…

I’ll run this for a short time before setting the final price, probably somewhere between $67 and $97. (When I do, I’ll be looking for affiliates, and I’ll be paying 50% of the sale price. Hint hint…)

The first person there gets it for a dollar and some change, in fact the first 18 people get it for under 2 dollars, but even if you’re the 400th person to get it, it’s still only going to be around $20 for software that will be at least 3 times as much when the sale is over.

Only those people on my blog notify list will get first warning of that nickel sale.

I think that’s good enough reason to be on the list, don’t you?

And that’s my way of saying “thank you” for being there.

Watch out for another post about this in a few days time, and when I’m ready, I’ll launch this sale with little or no notice.

I’ll put up a password protected post, and inside there will be the details.

If you’re reading this and you’re not on my blog notify list, then go to the home page, and look over on the top right. There you’ll see a box for your name and email address.

Fill it in, and click the button.

-Frank Haywood

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  1. I’ve been looking for a help desk system better than the one I’m using just now. Do your system have the capacity to eliminate people who spam by submitting stupid tickets about viagra and what not ? Ip filter system or so ?

  2. Frank Haywood says:

    Hi Ed,

    Yes it has a ban system. = Bans specific IP address
    *127.0 = Bans all IP addresses containing 127.0 = Bans specific e-mail address
    * = Bans all e-mail addresses for a domain range
    finance = Bans any comments with this word
    *financ = Bans comments with any word containing this word. ie: financial, finances

    Plus lots of other really cool features like:-

    o Standard 1- Click Responses
    o Knowledgebase / FAQ
    o Multiple departments (topics) and users (staff)
    o Multiple users per department
    o Multiple departments per user

    Let me put it like this. I’ll be using it for my own business, so it’s just going to get better over time.

    -Frank Haywood

  3. Karl Timmermans says:

    At the risk of asking a dumb question – what is the link to the HelpDesk nickel sale. Am on the notify list as far as I know and haven’t rec’d anything about it> would be interested in seeing some more info on it (i.e. demo or screenshots etc)



  4. Well I for one will be implementing this for my online service:

    Promo Code Software

    Since you are making this (and I know you are a perfectionist) I’ll trust this.

    Plus…you couldn’t have said it better in your response above:

    “Let me put it like this. I’ll be using it for my own business, so it’s just going to get better over time.”

    Good enough for me.

    - Jason Anderson
    Promo Code

  5. Amin says:

    Frank, spare a thought for those of us travelling when you post this – I’ll be waiting to pounce on your software, having bought from you before.

    Hopefully you won’t have the post up before the weekend, but if you do I’ll have to take my chances.

    I especially like the idea of 1 click responses – for the very large number of ‘standard’ queries that always come through on helpdesk that will be invaluable. It also helps to ensure that the ‘best’ answer is always given, without missing anything out.

  6. Frank Haywood says:


    I’ll give as much warning as I’m able, but when it’s ready to go, I want to get it out there as fast as I can.

    24 hours notice for the nickel sale okay?

    When I officially launch it, there will be pre-announces and a drum roll, but that will be for the full price.


    If you’re on my blog notify list, you’ll get pre-warned before anyone else, followed by an email when it goes live.


    It’s likely you’ll get it for under $20. Well worth it at that price, but if you’re quick, you could get it for a couple of dollars.

    You’ll be the first to know, with notifications to my other mailing lists 24 hours afterwards.

  7. I would be interested in Screen shots also

  8. Edson says:

    Hi Frank

    Man, I cant wait until you launch this software. its funny, I was just thinking about paying 500 bucks for a support system/software. I can take the chance of 20 bucks :)

    Thanks Frank


  9. Frank Haywood says:


    I think I know the one you mean…


  10. Hi Frank,

    Could you please clarify: when you say…

    >> = Bans specific IP address
    >> *127.0 = Bans all IP addresses containing 127.0

    …does this mean it bans:
    – 127.0.xx.xx and
    – xx.127.0.xx and
    – xx.xx.127.0?

    Thanks for the clarification, and I’m looking forward to try it out! :-)


  11. Frank Haywood says:

    Boston Dentist:

    * works like the usual * wild card, so in the case of *127.0 it would ban the last one in your example, but not the first two.

    To ban all of them, you would have to use *127.0*

    Thanks for asking for a clarification of that.

    -Frank Haywood

  12. Andrew P. says:

    Has the nickel sale been announced for this yet? I haven’t seen a notification from the blog list yet. Just curious. Thanks.

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