Just a short note to wish you a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it – I know not everyone does – and to give you a download link to a freebie plugin.

This is actually my own PG branded version of the PLR plugin I released as part of October’s PLAhh.com membership (re-opening in January).

It allows you to create GENUINE One Time Offers on your WordPress blogs.

Let me explain.

Many people misunderstand the power of a One Time Offer (OTO), and over time it’s become an interchangeable word with upsell. But a genuine OTO is very different from an upsell.

With an upsell you can usually bookmark it and go back to the upsell page and take it later. But with a genuine OTO you get ONE chance to take the offer and then it’s gone forever.

This makes a genuine offer well worth taking and vendors that understand the principle also understand the power it wields:-

“Get it now or it’s gone forever.”

Offer Closed

-Frank Haywood