The guys over at Portal Feeder have just recently released two free traffic tools.

The first is Comment Kahuna (CK) and is a tool for finding blogs based on key words you enter. CK will then pull back the results for you in Google page rank order. You can then enter relevant comments that add value to the blog post, together with a link back to your site.

This is NOT a spam tool, all it will do is find the blogs for you, you still then need to enter your comments manually. However, it will auto fill in the name, email and web site fields for you which can be saved as one of many profiles.

If you use this responsibly, it will save you a lot of time and will result in back links from highly visited sites. Just be real with your comments so that the blog owner approves them, otherwise you’ll rapidly be marked as a spammer.

I used this for a few minutes yesterday and got two links back from PR5 sites. Cool!

The second tool they’ve released is AdSense Finder (AF). What this does is allow you to search for sites based on your keywords that use AdSense, and it displays them in the order it finds them from Google, ie position 1, 2, 3, etc. It also pulls the Alexa ranking data for these sites, so you can find which ones are getting lots of traffic.

What you can then do is set up a Google AdWords campaign targetting these high PR, high traffic sites. If you do this properly, you can generate a huge return on your investment, as up to now, using AdWords on the content network has been pretty much a waste of money except for a few niches.

As Google now allow you to say exactly which sites you want your ads to appear, you can be sure of receiving highly targetted traffic.

I really don’t know which of these tools is the better.

Complementary to these two tools I also have a free keyword tool for you called Keyword Inspector which allows you to generate a set of key words from a seed key word and then finds the number of searches per month. It then shows you the number of competing pages on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Now you have absolutely no excuse for not being able to do market research, and drive traffic to your sites.

These three free tools between them have the capability of generating thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for you.